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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Especially Heather: SOBREVIVERÉ dedicated to YOU

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My song choice for THEN SINGS MY SOUL SATURDAYS is SOBREVIVIRÉ by Lilly Goodman and I am dedicating it to Heather from Especially Heather Mi selección para hoy, SABÁDOS DE "ENTONCES CANTA MI ALMA", es SOBREVIVIRÉ por Lilly Goodman y estoy dedicando a Heather de ESPECIALLY HEATHER!!!

Though the song is in Spanish, I know you will receive it in your spirit! Just LISTEN! or follow the words below and stay tuned... Sobreviviré-I Will Survive by Lilly Goodman Imagina cuanto podría perder si decidiera retroceder si después de haber luchado tanto tiempo escogiera negar mi fe en mi vida he sido testigo de los milagros que Él puede hacer y que aun en los malos tiempos Él siempre ha sido fiel Coro /Sobreviviré/ no creas que desmayaré no me rendiré yo me atreveré a la promesa de aquel que le dijo ayer yo te guardaré no temas que a tu lado iré y me dio la fe y me dio el poder para golpear para vencer Han venido tormentas fuertes intentando mi confianza derribar pero ha sido en vano porque aquí parada estoy en el mismo lugar como búfalo tengo la fuerza que el poderoso de Israel me da preparada con todas las armas lista para la victoria alcanzar Sobreviviré porque me da la fuerza sobreviviré Él es quien me sustenta sobreviviré en medio de las pruebas sobreviviré aquí estoy despierta sobreviviré uuuuuuuu sobreviviré Él rompe las cadenas /sobreviviré/sobreviviré Coro (Puente) /Puede ser derribado mas destruido no seré Él que está a mi lado es mucho más fuerte que aquel/ /Coro/ Puente I won't translate the song literally word for word. I will just give you the best idea of what it is saying in Spanish in English. Imagine how much you would loose if you would go back (backslide) or just go back, if after you have struggled so much time, You may choose to deny your faith.

In my life, I have witnessed MIRACLES that HE can do and even in the worse/bad times, HE has been faithful!

I will survive! Don't believe that I will faint. I will not surrender myself, I will dare myself...to the promise of that He said to you yesterday. I will guard it! "Do not fear, at your side I will go/be"

He gave me the faith and He gave me the power to beat it, to overcome/conquer!!!

I have come through strong storms, intended to break/destroy my confidence. But it has been in vain...because here I am standing in the same place with the strength like a buffalo, the powerful One of Israel gave me, prepared with arms(like weapons)ready to reach the VICTORY!

I will survive because of the force/strength He gives me I will survive, it is He that sustains me I will survive in the middle of the trials, I will survive-here I am awake I will Survive, I will survive, He breaks the chains I will survive I will survive

One can be weakened, but one will not be destroyed, He that is at my side is much stronger than that.....

1 JOHN 4:4 You dear Heather are from God and have overcome cancer and its spirits, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world!

If you don't know Heather, you'd better go on over to her site and be blessed! Click on Especially Heather in my FAVORITES with a Purpose!


I dedicated this Saturday to fasting and prayer for Heather in thanksgiving for her recent victory and one year of survival since her brain surgery, but her story started long before that! God is using Heather in a mighty way! Heather is real in how she communicates daily her ups and downs. I just met her through the internet and I feel like I know her. I clicked on a little photo of her daughter, Emma, for prayers needed, on someone else's blog in the beginning of April 2008. I was so moved by her story of Emma, I kept reading all her archives.

Because of Heather, I started my own blog..not as moving or with such profound depth or purpose, yet...but one day, I hope to touch lives as she does and move people towards greater faith or their first venture with JESUS! I count it a blessing to have crossed my journey with Heather's and Emma's.

I have a sister, who is so precious to me, who is a cancer survivor for more than 20 years (it's more but I don't want to age her) and I have a beautiful daughter(adopted), that survived through many struggles with Lupus and side effects of the medicines, who has a wonderful son that was diagnosed at 2 with autism...and I am so thankful that my sister, my daughter and my grandson are survivors and fighters!

'Cause every day is a battle yet I know because of JESUS, they are still with us!

THANK YOU HEATHER for being a witness to the rest of us of Jesus' grace, Jesus' power and strength and what it takes to STAND FOR CHRIST when we feel miserable, weak, defeated, in pain, hopeless, abandoned, vulnerable, persecuted, LOST....that we will SURVIVE and "mount up with WINGS like EAGLE's ... we will run and not grow weary... we will walk and not grow faint..."

WE must "walk the walk not just talk the talk"...thank you for your example!!!

PLEASE CLICK ON GANAC in my list of FAVORITES WITH A PURPOSE!http://www.ganac.org.mx


  1. That was so beautiful! I have been blessed.

    Thanks too for your prayers and comments on my blog.
    Much love,

  2. Peggy, I will be in prayer for Heather- that God continues to use her in mighty ways and heal her body.

    I read your comments on Psalm Friday on your blog. First, of all let me say how humbled I am that you would include this on your site. It is only by His grace that I am what I am today. God has brought me such a long way. I enjoyed reading how the Lord spoke to you through His Word. Thanks for sharing.

    Many blessings sweet friend,


Bless you for your visit and encouraging words! I thank you and I am humbly blessed by YOU and the time you spend with me... Peace, "Mazmagi" Peggy

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