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Monday, April 21, 2008

Maze, Mess or Miracle Monday

Let's see what kind of day is it: Maze, Mess or Miracle?!? Since it's Monday, it should be mmmmmmmmm..... marvelous magnificent mystifying ........miraculous! Gorgeous sunshine... Clouds passing by... Birds chirping.... Beautiful day...filled with aMazing Grace! Time to go about my early morning chores: 1st: put out garbage...Remember, Monday, Wednesday and Friday-Garbage day? 2nd:put out 5 dogs in shifts and then bring them all in....did I mention, it's Garbage day? 3rd: pick up "poop" and get it out with...you got it...the Garbage! 4th: hose down patio and give water to the plants and trees... 5th:...lastly, the dreaded "sweeping" thing. Around my patio and inside my fence, it's OK. But here in Mexico, each place has the responsibility for maintaining the sidewalk and the street around your premises, even the dirt streets...which they usually throw water on from a bucket, to prevent the dust from coming inside. In the early hours of the day, you see people leaving to exercise, leaving to work or school, and the rest "sweeping"! But "sweeping" the street with my broom...well, let me tell you, I believe in CLEANLINESS (keeps those miserable "cucarachas" away, especially on Garbage days) and I may agree with EVERYONE doing their part to be responsible in "keeping our community" clean and environmentally friendly seems marvelous, but using my broom outside on the dirty street -DAILY- not for me! You go through so many brooms here! I have inside brooms and outside broom and one that's down to the last bristles and its stick, (which I use to push the pile-up in the street so the water can flow freely to the corner...clean water-dirty water, black water, YUCK! all of it gets blocked right in front of my place if I don't keep the street clean of litter and leaves)! This just isn't the delight of my day and I do not venture out my gate daily like the others. I'm on the corner, so I have two streets, double duty. Sometimes, I do sweep in front on my sidewalk, like once a week or when it's all blocked up, I do the street with the semi-stick broom. But I hardly ever, go around the corner! (maybe once a month) TODAY...I'm feeling civic minded! I'm going to do the monthly around the corner "sweep". I put on my praise music and head out. After all, if you remember from previous blog, I spent hours painting over the graffiti on the walls...and this week I pay rent and want the owner to see how beautiful it looks...well worth my invested time!!! Looks so much better and I really want to impress him that it was worth it (with hopes that he will agree and reimburse me for the paint, since it's not my house). It's been about two weeks now, that it's been complete, except for the details of the trim...bit by bit. So, I get my broom and my broomstick, my "recojidor" (which is a dustpan that you don't have to stoop over to gather the dirt) and let the dogs out once again to enjoy the warm, beautiful sun and chirping birds because the garbage truck has now gone by...and I head out around my corner, tools in hand to "SWEEP" when I see this:

SO, what kind of a day is it?.........."MESS"........

and my MONDAY just became a blue, blue Monday with BLACK LETTERS again!

But, to whomever may be responsible for this, I have a MESSage for you:

...what you intended for "evil" or so called "fun" at someone elses' expense...

God will use for good...

God loves you! and because of Jesus, you are forgiven and YOU need HIM,

you need His guidance and direction for your life to have a PURPOSE bigger than this!

Romans 8:28 tells me,

..."and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love HIM, who have been called according to HIS PURPOSE"...

And I Love GOD! I have been called! I have a PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE!

Though you may have altered my exterior wall, you can not touch my interior foundation, for it is built on the ROCK...Jesus Christ!

Though my Monday is a MESS, and became a Blue Monday... I am not defeated!

BLUE is my favorite color! And I do my best when I'm blue.

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