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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Painting-a Practical Point:From the Inside Out

HAVE YOU EVER STARTED A PROJECT (JOB, TASK OR CLEANING) and wish you never started it because now you have to finish it? This is the wall of the house I rent in Mazatlan, Mexico. Graffiti is a regular sore sight in Mexico! These "letters" without a message or purpose or protest are sprawled and scribbled on private residential homes or businesses in the early morning hours. I was frustrated with their mess, had asked the owner about painting it, then just decided to "DO IT MYSELF". This project began as a therapeutic attempt to soothe my frustration! The color blue chosen specifically and especially by yours truly to convey PEACE and tranquility. Perhaps that's what started my theme in my blog with God on PEACE!!! I didn't realize that God would be turning this project into a practical, spiritual lesson for me. My frustration was that the "graffiti" was just destruction of personal property, no real substance or message. At Christmas time, I even went outside with my spray can I bought to paint some wicker chairs and used the remains to try and cover the letters, then decided to write my own Seasonal message: Jesus is the reason for this season. He gave His life and brought Light. Read John 3:16. Spray paint can ran out. Since then, I asked the owner to do something but he reluctantly states: "they'll just do it again." I get it...a clean slate for them to paint anew! Than I looked around at other homes that had been freshly painted. And I saw that for the most part, they were in tact still...so "Why not give it a try?" Let me tell you, I'm NOT a PAINTER! I knew the process involves scraping off the old paint. I started with that! I didn't like seeing it scraped and tattered looking, so I began to paint! I decided, since I had to buy the paint myself, that it only makes sense that I should start with the inside part of the wall first, and use the leftover or bottom of the barrel for the outside graffiti wall. So I quickly tried to just cover up the letters and see if anyone dares to make their mark. GREAT! No new letters...first night done...into the second and third day...so far so good! But as I tried to scrape the walls as the days and time wore on, THIS PROJECT became bigger than I anticipated or dreamed. I noticed that it was more difficult to scrape the old off of the outer walls, the cement was brittle and my knuckles were showing it. The cement was crumbling also. So I gave up following the tedious way of scraping before painting and just tried painting over it. If you've ever painted with a roller, you know what happened! The paint that didn't scrape off before, now rolled off, wrapping itself around the roller. What a mess! So there I was peeling off the roller and beginning to tire more quickly in frustration. Than being short as I am, I needed to reach the top but couldn't. I don't have all the equipment most well-equipped painters would have or homes that store these necessities like ladders, etc. I thought I bought the basic kit that included it all. From the inside, I could reach, but out here....hmmmmmmmm! It became a necessity to get the outside looking right because, "well, that's what everyone sees". But now I wanted to be sure that I had enough paint to do my house also because that looked bad also! "I knew I should not have started this. Now, I was stuck." I also found out the hard way that the paint peels if you don't get off all the old stuff and later you will see spots and cracks, places that need to be done over. It comes off easier when it has been "soaked" with the new paint but there are now patches to be done over. A lot of wasted paint and time!!! By now, you can probably see the comparisons to ones' spiritual life. Just in case, let me share! Many times, we go about our lives with a good exterior paint job, especially at church. We don't want anyone to see what we are trying to cover-up or hide. For years, we allow layer and layer to cover up our hurts, our pains, our problems (our "sins"), our past, our bad habits....and we go about life as normal until a "crack begins to peel". We try to patch it up quickly and carry on but we don't allow the "job" to be done correctly. This only surfaces later! We go about trying to get the exterior fixed but fail to get it done from the inside...we just "paint over". Scraping off the old stuff is too difficult and can be painful! Covering over what we don't want anyone to see! Hoping it won't show! Hoping we don't "crack". Hoping the layers don't have to be peeled off! Hoping we don't have to start over! So we waste more time, and more paint, covering all the little imperfections until we step back and take a good hard look. Perhaps we decide we finally need help to get the job done right! We look for an "expert" in the field. It's going to cost a little more now! Of course, we still need to take the extra time for the "trim" handled ever so delicately with a fine brush. If we had only cleaned it up right to start with...instead of covering over it. We need to put the right "Light" on the subject and give Our Creator, a clean slate! The Greatest Painter of them all knows how to do the job from start to finish, with just the right touch of the Holy Spirit! Gently and carefully, He creates a Masterpiece of His creation...YOU! ...drop by drop...stroke by stroke...with love and care He completes the project, if You let Him and stop trying to run ahead, doing it on your own...His timing is PERFECT! This is my song for this: From The Inside Out by Hillsong United

A thousand times I've failed Still your mercy remains and should I stumble again I'm caught in your grace Everlasting Your light will shine when all else fades Never ending Your glory goes beyond all fame Your will above all else My purpose remains The art of losing myself In bringing you praise Everlasting Your light will shine when all else fades Never ending Your glory goes beyond all fame In my heart and my soul Lord I give you control Consume me from the inside out Lord let justice and praise Become my embrace To love you from the inside out Everlasting Your light will shine when all else fades Never ending Your glory goes beyond all fame And the cry of my heart Is to bring You praise from the inside out Lord my soul cries out

Desde Mi Interior Hillsong United

Mil veces te fallé, más Tú fuiste fiel, Tu gracia me levantó, me basta Tu amor, Dios eterno,

Tu luz por siempre brillará Y Tu gloria, incomparable sin final. (intro) Señor, tu voluntad permanecerá, En ti me quiero perder en adoración, Dios eterno, Tu luz por siempre brillará Y Tu gloria, incomparable sin final. De mi corazón Te doy el control, Consume todo mi interior, Dios. Justicia y amor me abrazan, Señor, Te amo desde mi interior. Dios eterno, Tu luz por siempre brillará, Y Tu gloria, incomparable sin final. El clamor de mi ser es contigo estar Desde mi interior (mi alma) clamará


  1. Peggy, I like your "new" wall--a very pretty blue too! Haven't read all of your days of blogs, but did go down to your first one and it was great. (Even learned more about YOU.) Keep up the good "Word"! --Pam

  2. Peg, I just checked out all your blogs. VERY VERY GOOD! I told you are such a wonderful writer. The painted wall, just a wonderful comparison!!!! pross


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