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Monday, November 7, 2011


I miss my MOORE 4 MONDAY (where I feature Beth Moore's teachings) so I had to do this. My GIVING THANKS and SOS are below.

She has started a new series on Life Today and also available at Lightsource.com: "WRECKED BUT NOT RUINED". It's as if she's peeked into my life to capture this title. Since it's recent, I can't post any video here but follow the previous links if you want to view Part 1. But I do have a couple of clips below.
As I listened to this on "Wednesdays with Beth", I was sure that there may be others besides me that could use this teaching for the next 6 weeks or so from the Book of Acts, the 27th Chapter. This series is part of a book, The Life That Overcomes. Beth offers hope to weather the storms in your life.

She begins with some background of Paul's journey here and starts with Acts 27: 13-20.

"There are times even the most spiritual ones among us perhaps are giving up all hope of being saved." ~ Beth Moore

Beth will be making "Six points" throughout this series and she starts with this one:

1. "Sometimes we are standing in the exact spot where several storms collide. "~ Beth Moore

When she mentioned this, I thought... this is one I've got to take notice and share this series with others:
"You take a moment to jot that down and I want you to think it through and I want you to just peruse your own personal life right now and I wonder if you could tell me, just on one little hand, how many storms you have going right now. I mean, just like, can’t we just go through one thing at a time. "
(check out what this stands for)

Beth goes on to share about the movie "The Perfect Storm" and then teaches us this:
"Now the word “perfect” is a very interesting word in the scriptures. 
In the New Testament it doesn’t always mean in its context to be flawless or sinless although that’s what we know of when it means the perfection of Christ, in a perfection of his plan for us. We know those things mean completely sinless and flawless in every way but there is another meaning to the word “teleios” in the Greek language that means to bring something to its goal or to its fulfillment. And what I want to present to you as we start this series together is that sometimes God allows some storms to come together in such a way that they fulfill something ultimately that would never have happened otherwise; that there is a plan. As hard as it is to see in the wind, as hard as it is to see in the waves, there really is a plan going on and somehow in it that whatever we’re going through we really do get to be a part of whether or not it will be a destructive storm or a perfect storm. " ~ Beth Moore

She goes on to quote a powerful statement out of the national weather forecasting from this movie about this being a perfect example of nature taking advantage with everything it's got, then she reminds us of our spiritual foe:

"Well, I want to tell you something, we have something a whole lot worse than mother nature to deal with. We really do have an unseen enemy and powerful foes in invisible place and this is a war. It’s a war! And somehow we think that surely the enemy would have scruples enough not to hit us when we’re down. But that’s exactly where he looks. Exactly the spot where he goes to kick as hard as he can. So why on earth would God allow something like that to happen? " ~ Beth Moore

Beth takes us back to read verse 13 again... Acts 27:13

"I just want to present to you that sometimes we really do think we have obtained what we wanted and God still has something for us we have yet to discover. Yes, he will let some winds blow and collide right where we’re standing to bring us to a place where we are no longer satisfied with what we had in him. But we know that there is a whole world of relationship to be had in Christ Jesus, far beyond anything this human realm could give us. We’ll think we just obtained what we wanted. " ~ Beth Moore

"And it occurred it to me that so much in our material society we’ll talk about having a desire for too much when spiritually and scripturally speaking sometimes we are satisfied with way too little!

And a storm comes along to blow everything that can be blown. As the book of Hebrews says, to shake everything that can be shaken so that which cannot be shaken will stand. It will stand!" ~ Beth Moore

Then James Robison says this:
"God is very emphatic in the word about everything that can be shaken being shaken in order that that which cannot be will remain. Our lives are shaken by messages, by not only wrecks or accidents or some catastrophic event but relationships that sometimes fail or falter in some way and the doubts come. It is very real. But please understand that God is anxious to lift us up out of a ditch, out of a pit, out of the pain and literally establish our lives. "

...and then he prays:
"Father, I pray for everyone that feels like I've hit a wall. And I pray dear God that they will sense Your loving arms around them. Not only in truth they hear but in presence, that you're holding them. You want them to live in your shadow and shelter. God, help them to receive that reality. In Jesus' name. "

Are you weathering storms in your life right now?

How do you weather the storms of life?

Maybe this will be enough, to encourage you to watch this series with Beth Moore, Wednesdays with Beth... or make a mental note to catch the videos
available online as you are able. I pray that you not only weather these storms but that you know that God has a purpose and a plan for your good, lean on Him and listen as you be still in Him. 

Cherie Hill, author of Journal of Faith has written a wonderful post that goes along with this also,"Just Don't Move" as well as her books:  "Be Still: Let Jesus Calm Your Storms" and  "Beginning at The End: Finding God When Your World Falls Apart", and "Waiting On God".


  1. Thanks again, Peggy. This teaching is amazing. I'm going to see if I can get the book/Bible study somewhere. I prefer to have something in hand to study, rather than over the computer. For some reason I get too distracted on the computer.

    Love ya!

  2. I enjoy everything you share, love you.

  3. Wow, it sounds great! I think everyone can relate to being in this position...these words resonated with me especially...
    "As hard as it is to see in the wind, as hard as it is to see in the waves, there really is a plan going on and somehow in it that whatever we’re going through we really do get to be a part of whether or not it will be a destructive storm or a perfect storm."

  4. I really enjoyed the way Beth talked about the word "perfect" - how it doesn't just mean absence of difficulty or struggle, for instance.

    This is what spoke to me:

    "God is very emphatic in the word about everything that can be shaken being shaken in order that that which cannot be will remain."


    In concept, it sounds like a wonderful thing, doesn't it? To have the Lord sift through us to get to what really counts. But, in real life, it's often very painful to be *sifted*.

    When we ask the Lord for more faith, we must be prepared. Sometimes it takes a storm to have the faith it takes to walk on water to His side.


    (Peggy, having some trouble loading pages. So, if I miss commenting on a few of the last posts, I apologize...)


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