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Friday, January 3, 2014


Day 3
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Focus: Faithfulness
"Psalm 145:13"

Thank You Lord for Your great faithfulness!
Faithfulness is one attribute of Yours that I am learning more about each day of my life and the precious value of remaining
Faithful as You are to us when we don't deserve it, You are.
Thank You Faithful LORD!

* For more information, I explained these on Day 1 here.


  1. Father, Often I have lacked the quality of faithfulness, but if there is one thing I have learned in my life, it is how every faithful You are and how I have come to value that highly. You always keep Your Word. That was not my problem completely, usually I keep my word or promises. How I long to be known as a faithful follower of Yours, of Jesus, how I want the attributes of Him in me. I choose to love You more in 2014, serve You better in how I serve others, follow Your commands and listen closer for Your voice, Your "whisper of hope" (it's no accident that this is the title of Beth Moore's new study that I've chosen to do). Lord, with Your help, I choose faithfulness as an integral part of my life to live out in 2014 so that I may be faithful to You and like You to others daily. I love You ... make me faithful in my words and actions. May our reflection of Jesus' image show more of these attributes ...

    (had to divide my comment cuz it exceeded the limit) Part 1

    1. Part 2:

      (in Rebecca's other book, she also shares on "faithfulness", the following is from the heart of the Father with this verse from Proverbs 28:20) ... comments in between () are mine and those in " are from Rebecca's "Daily In Your Image", day 333, faithfulness:

      "My Child --- Peggy (you can put your name in here), I do not require that you observe a set of rules to gain my approval."

      (whew, I have tried that route with humans, Lord, always seeking approval or attention, although I hardly stuck to many of the rules there either)

      "It is not your performance that I judge but your acceptance of My salvation-the gift of my Son as payment for what you could never do."

      (Thank You Lord Jesus and thank You Father for this precious gift. I am so thankful that I have accepted and daily do accept the salvation of the Cross. And boy, am I thankful about that performance deal 'cause I know I really fall short there.Well, You see and know that already. Yet that Judge deal, still has me concerned and I easily get caught up with how I may be judged by You and others. Yeah, I know. I thought I was free of that too! I wonder if this means I am not free or my salvation is hanging in the "not there yet" category. I sure hope not. I really mean it when I say that I accept You as You accept me but even more that I believe that You alone could have paid my debt. I have asked You to be my Lord and Savior many times (my initial and then every time that others are given an opportunity. I want You to see my heart broken and open to You and the work of the Holy Spirit, it's just that I'm not doing so well with maturity and fruit after all these years. You'd think I'd be the most full and blossomed fruit bearing Christian this side of eternity with all these years of practice and church. I guess that's not enough. It never will be. It's only because of Jesus. And I'm so very grateful.)

      continued again (sorry) I don't know where to cut it ...

    2. Part 3...

      "It is a relationship that I desire."

      (Me too! At least, it's one relationship I depend on and have needed my whole life. I really hope that is what I have with You as I want my loved ones and so many others to have: to know You and love You as I deeply desire. Yet saying it and doing it, showing it, is where the rubber meets the road, don't You agree. I desire and long for intimacy with You but if I don't do my part, well, You've done it all and now it's up to me, right? I have failed so often. Mess up big time, fail to just obey simple commands or requests You make. Yet Your loving kindness and mercy is new every morning, as is my confession each night and morning.
      Thank You for Your Faithfulness and Forgiveness!!! Maybe from my actions or lacl of change it doesn't look like I desire, but I really do. Help me in my weaknesses, for there are many still, I'm sorry to say.)

      "However I desire and expect your faithfulness because of your devotion to Me. Faithfulness means giving Me 100% of your time and energy and choosing to serve Me diligently because of My love for you. That's the least you can do."

      (yeah, I know, Oh, Father, thank You! I desire to give You 100% because of my love for You and my great indebtedness for all I've done that I could never pay. You have given all, and so should I. I try to serve You with all I am. My aim is high, is that I fall so short.)

      "I take pleasure in blessing faithfulness"

      (May I be counted as faithful and receive a plenitude of pleasure in Your eyes and favor following Your blessing. I will work on my Faithfulness. Thank You! Thanks for the multitude of tries to get this right. Show me all that this requires and guide me by Your Holy Spirit to flow in faithfulness. Thank You for Your great Faithfulness. I am not worthy yet only by Your Son, I will be.)

      [this just struck me today because it's a "quality" that has been lacking in my marriage and I need to deal with it in 2014 or pray that the Holy Spirit does on both sides of the relationship, much to be done, so I had to partake in this one, this way]


    3. I recently saw an excellent movie on alzheimers that broke my heart (in Spanish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi8uTPUrsXc ) and then in English (A Vow to Cherish) ... here's a link... for English http://www.livestream.com/vowtocherish

  2. Choosing to love someone who is drifting away into dementia is a helpless, often thankless journey. Letting go of someone who is letting go of rationality, memories, kindness is painful. It is only by asking the Lord to fill us with HIS mind, and HIS heart, that we can negotiate the swirling waters.



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