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Sunday, January 12, 2014


I had hoped to start this last week when Pastor Pete Wilson started this with Cross Point Church from his book "Let Hope In" as I mentioned in my review of his book last year that I was looking forward to doing the study with them at the start of the year which was Jan. 12, 2014. However, I found out that in order to view it, you would need iTunes, so that delayed how I might be able to share it, but later this week, I finally saw it posted at Cross Point Church  tv YouTube channel. (even though that is where I had checked after not being able to see it online last Sonday afternoon) Yeah!!! [it's about a half hour long] So, I guess, I WILL be able to share, but a week behind. You can always go to their site and watch for yourself anytime throughout the week on iTunes or at YT.

{update: I now have reposted this back to 1/12/14}

Ephesians 1:18

Week 1
"Transfer or Transform"

 "Let Hope In: 4 Choices That Will Change Your Life Forever" 
by Pete Wilson.

{I did not find an outline or message notes available so here are some of mine. Of course, having a copy of his book will give you all the main points. I believe that there is also a study guide available and small groups. I'd love to give you all the highlights and fantastic quotes but I'm just sharing enough to wet your whistle to want to listen or read.}

Choosing to TRANSFORM instead of TRANSFER

1st message
January 12th, 2014

"What we have done in the past is probably what we will do in the future, unless there have been some big changes, some monumental transformation."

[I'm beginning to think that My One Word should have been TRANSFORM, because perhaps many of you reading that My One Word is HOPE, think that I am without "hope" and searching for that and more, but that just isn't the case, even if I have times when situations or circumstances prevent me from appearing altogether "HOPE-ful", I am --- in fact, I believe it is my HOPE that keeps me going. I do plan to do (apply) what I'm learning, reading and hearing through these messages of "Let Hope In". Because I want to offer others the HOPE I cling to and long to live in.]

"Is your past your past?"

"What happened in our past, if not dealt with properly, is more than likely crippling us from becoming who we were created to become."

"And your past is not your past if it’s still impacting your present. "

Many of you, like I, have wondered why we repeat mistakes over and over from the past or why we don't have healthy relationships, or why we don't seem disciplined enough or want to change bad enough, or why we never see lasting change, or why am I still carrying that with me from my past ... and on and on the battle goes whether our pain is fresh and right there on the surface or we've buried it deep within ... if it's not dealt with properly (which I am guilty of time and time again) it will continue to impair us or as Pastor Pete Wilson says "cripple us from becoming who we were created to become" which is exactly why I have chosen to do this series and focus on my journey toward HOPE. Everyone of us need healing. And as Pastor Pete continues "the problem isn't with the "want to" it's with not having the wholeness" and "if we haven't dealt with the hurt from our past, it will continue to impact everything we touch" ... wow!

"If we don’t learn to transform the pain, we’ll just transfer it."

Genesis 37-50
Story of Joseph
Genesis 50:20

"...BUT GOD..."
Psalm 73:26
(this one is for you, S.)
Matthew 19:26

Acts 13:29-30
"The goal here is not to become a person who doesn’t have a history—that’s impossible and useless. The goal is to find a new way of working with the past so it does not continue to impact our future. The goal is to fight the inner urge we all have to return to the past."

"Anything is Possible"

"God's bigger than your history and more concerned about your destiny"

"This act of grace, this act of forgiveness, this act of restoration God wants to give. It cannot be forced. ... it has to be received like a gift freely, willfully, and intentionally."

I really love that one! and believe it whole heartedly!

That's why it's so aMazing!!! God's Grace!!! This is what "Let Hope In ..." is about "how to receive this gift God so willingly desires to give us". I desire to dream again, to learn to transform my pain so I no longer transfer it. Through Pastor Pete Wilson's book and messages (the following I have personalized from what he has written): I will be exploring how many of my choices are tied to my past, but my goal is to break the hold the past has over me, keep what is useful, and also confront the things that limit my ability to live the life God created me to live and serve Him better than I have by living the life I believe He has planned and hopes

Jeremiah 29:11
(another one of my verses on HOPE)
other chapters that follow in this first choice of 
"four choices that will change my life forever"
as I "Let Hope In"

2. "Leaving Shame Behind"
3. "No Regrets"

[not sure if Pastor Pete will be covering each of these but his book does --- and I need both 2. and 3.  in my journey toward HOPE and making HOPE more than just MY ONE WORD, but a life changed and lived to the fullest SO THAT I can bring HOPE to others better.]

January 19th (today) is the 2nd message of this series at Cross Point Church and the above was from last week's 1st message on Jan. 12th, so we'll see where Pastor Pete goes for my "Study On Sonday" (SOS) that I'm doing along with them ... 

which, by the way, I'm moving to "Study On Saturday" instead (but still an SOS) but it will precede my usual SOS for Soaking On SONday

because of my study with "Moore on Mon." (another one that I've been doing daily for these beginning 10 weeks of 2014). 

i apologize, I had a major error to correct in the original post and some writing to fix ... so I drafted this and reposted it. Sorry, for anyone who gets my blog via email!  Be sure you throw out previous postings when you see a repost. 

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  1. Christ in us, our hope of glory. :) Thank you, God.


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