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Sunday, January 26, 2014


{update: I now have reposted this back to 1/26/14, the day it was given}

I listened to the message of this teaching by Pastor Pete Wilson at least 3 times and read the chapters that go along with CHOICE #3. I finally decided that there is no way that I can sum it up or share this adequately because I am convinced that Pastor Pete Wilson's message is a great one of salvation, his ending prayer is so moving and the content of this material for this 3rd Choice needs to be heard directly from him. I know that this message truly touched me as tears flowed as he closed so beautifully in his talk (prayer) with God ... on God's aMazing Grace and Unconditional Love! So I am just sharing the video this time, not my notes (and perhaps some of the quotes I highlighted that stand out)!

Week 3
Ephesians 1:18

Choosing to Trust rather than Please

"Let Hope In: 4 Choices That Will Change Your Life Forever" 
by Pete Wilson
Cross Point Church

CHOICE #1 (Jan. 12) Choosing to TRANSFORM instead of TRANSFER

CHOICE #2: (Jan. 19) Choosing to be OK with not being OK


January 26th, 2014

CHOICE # 3: Choosing to Trust rather than Please

{this is well worth your time to watch, whether you are a new or a seasoned disciple of Jesus Christ}

Galatians 2:15-18

"Living for acceptance and love is SLAVERY; living from acceptance and love is FREEDOM."~Pete Wilson

{really difficult for me to limit my choices of his great statements from each chapter on Choice #3: TRUST vs. PLEASING when everything seemed to speak to me}

Chapters for Choice #3

7. Trusting vs. Pleasing
a. "The Spiritual Treadmill"; 
b. "The Most Important Thing about You"; 
c. "Two Distinct Paths"; 
d. "Solving My Issues"; 
e. "He Loves Me, 
f.  "He Loves Me Not";
  • 8. Surprised by God: a. "What is God Like?"; b."A God Who Runs"; c. "The Joy of Restoration" Luke 15:22-24;"
  • 9. Fork in the Road: a. "A Big Question Mark?"; b."Moving Forward"; c. "Living Out the Future Before it Arrives"; d. "This Moment"
  • 10. Showing Gratitude: a.1. "Gratitude is silenced by assumptions." b.2.*"Gratitude begins where your sense of entitlement ends"* c.3. "Gratitude is most often about perspective."; d. "What do you say?"

"Many of us wrestle with trying to please God with our good deeds."~Pete Wilson, (7) "The Spiritual Treadmill"

"Remember, we’ve been hardwired for Attention, Acceptance, Appreciation, and Affection, and since we’ve spent our life trying to earn these 4 A’s, it seems natural to project that on God and fall into the routine of trying to please Him."~Pete Wilson(7)"Two Distinct Paths"

Pleasing God = working on my sin issues 
Trusting God = believing I am who God says I am

Hebrews 11:6

"The intention not to sin is not the same as the power not to sin."~Pete Wilson

"Jesus introduces us to a God who will let us make our own mistakes."~Pete Wilson~"Jesus reminds us that there is a heavenly Father who is running us down." 


"Many of us wonder if we’ve made decisions in our past that were outside of God’s will that are wreaking havoc on the present."~Pete Wilson(9)

"Path One: This is the path of pleasing God or “working on my sin” so I can achieve an intimate relationship with God."~Pete Wilson(7)~
"Path Two: This is the path of trusting God with my sin instead of trying to please him by not sinning, which is the goal of the first."

"God’s will is your growth in Christlikeness."~Pete Wilson

"Gratitude is also one of the most important and most underrated aspects of our walk with God."~Pete Wilson

"We bypass the joy of today when we center all our focus on yesterday or tomorrow."~Pete Wilson

* On Jan. 12th, Pastor Pete Wilson with Cross Point Church tv began the series from his recent book that I reviewed last fall "Let Hope In". 

1st message January 12th, 2014
2nd message January 19, 2014

I covered CHOICE #1 (YouTube link) here (my blog link) and CHOICE #2 (YT link) here (mine). It looks like Pastor Pete will be/is doing a CHOICE each week (which is 3-4 chapters in his book) in a little over a half hour message that you can watch here (at iTunes or Cross Point tv YouTube Channel /video)

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