"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

Saturday, December 31, 2016


{last day to get a post in for this past year & one that will usher in the new year}

This book review is establishing my direction for
{mine and others, I pray}

Image result for the one year book of healing - Tyndale
Dr. Reggie Anderson
Jennifer Schuchmann

... it's the rest of this book's title that captures my attention and interest to read it ...

"...Daily Appointments with God for Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional Wholeness"

Thanks to Tyndale, this is a real book, not a virtual ebook that I can
actually hold in my hands, day after day, like the beautiful one
I so enjoyed this past year by Chris Tiegreen
(also from Tyndale)
"The One Year: Hearing His Voice"
"Book of Healing"
{was waiting for me when I arrived home from MX}
is one I intend to read more meticulously for 2017

" Dr. Reggie Anderson, author of the acclaimed memoir "Appointments with Heaven," knows it can’t be predicted how God’s healing work will come to pass in our lives and hearts . . . only that it will. As a country doctor who has had remarkable experiences attending people in pain, Reggie wants you to see what he sees every day—that whatever your sickness, whatever your hurt, God is alive and active in your life. He wants you to be truly well, even if that looks different than you might expect. Rich in story and inspiration, The One Year Book of Healing will reveal the many ways our Savior heals and intervenes in the lives of the sick and the hurting—giving you the faith, hope, and patience to believe that God can do the same in your life."

Although "The One Year Book of Healing..." is the first book that I have read by Dr. Reggie Anderson, I was familiar with his previous book, "Appointments with Heaven," and had heard much about it, so I was intrigued and so ready for this book. "The One Year Book of Healing" is an inspirational book to read daily God's "prescription" for the day with encouraging, heartfelt messages that on many days give personal stories of healing or a message from Dr. Reggie Anderson. 

I enjoy the set-up of this devotional especially. Each month starts out with a monthly "Checkup" and a "Booster Shot" - God knows I need the 'check-up' part more than the 'shot'. So the book is clearly divided into the twelve months, with a devotion and reading from God's Word each day. The monthly checkup is an overview of common experiences: such as October, where I started, sharing gifts of kindness and setting goals; whereas January realistically speaks of our interior life, because January can be gloomy but gives us a time to prepare our hearts for renewal; or what we might expect that month physically or emotionally.

Each monthly "Checkup" introduction gives us a spiritual monthly challenge "to enhance our relationship with God." I really like this motivation and the various sound ideas given. Dr. Reggie Anderson clearly does give us what his objective is: "to help us see God through fresh eyes". I look forward to giving these a try but he also leaves us free to adapt or replace his suggestions if they don't work for us. The "booster shot" is meant to encourage us to better and healthier lifestyle - "greater health and wellness" (are his words).

Each day before the devotion, the book gives us a Scripture and we are encouraged to have our Bibles to go further and read in context to get more understanding. The personal stories from his own life and  medical practice are all true but, of course, the identity and privacy of the patients are protected. I appreciate that Dr. Reggie hopes that these stories demonstrate that "God is always present in our pain and suffering" and that his patients will amaze us with their "stories of how their faith has grown, even when their prayers weren't answered the way they hoped."

After each day's devotion, Dr. Reggie writes a daily Rx ... offering us a "suggestion for something we can do or consider" to feel better, grow stronger, or draw closer to our Father. Then as I love, he closes in prayer. {you know that's my favorite part in any daily devotional, it serves to focus my prayer and I use them usually as a prayer starter} ... 

I am sure that reading this daily will inspire me and encourage me; after reading this for an entire year page by page, that these rich stories will bring testimony to God, hope in healing, and most definitely "reveal the many ways our Savior heals and intervenes in the lives of the sick and hurting" - this most certainly will give my faith a boost, stir up my hope and teach me a bit more patience to believe that God can do the same for me and my loved ones as HE has done for the others in this book. 

I truly believe that this book - "The One Year Book of Healing" - holds the hope and the healing that I desperately need, even still and now in my life journey, of God's healing touch on my life. I'm only giving it 4 out of 5 stars on my recommendation, yet by the end of 2017, I should probably give a post review to see how this book has served its purpose of inspiration and healing that I can share with others, who also need a touch of God in their circumstances ... and the increase of my faith and hope in God, our Healer, Jehovah Rapha, for HE is alive and active in our lives (even if and when we don't feel or see healing) God is undeniably at work, for He most certainly wants us to be "truly well, even if that wellness looks different from what we expect". As I pick up this book, look at the beautiful cover of flowing, healing water and in colors that invite me to turn the pages and find the testimony, scripture and prescription that promises to do a deep work in me as I'm challenged to allow God's healing. 

In fact ... I have decided that this


is the




{but we'll see more about this WORD, after I start my year with
40 Days of Prayers}

with LifeWay Women

40 Days of Prayer
[image credit and link]

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through their Tyndale Blogger's Network. 

Disclosure: I received this book free from Tyndale Blog Network blogger's review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

... and the ending of this blog post is in no way a part of Tyndale nor is this book part of LifeWay Women. They are not connected except by me.

Friday, December 30, 2016

"Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely"

Lysa TerKeurst

Back in August, Lysa TerKeurst released and launched her newest book "Uninvited..." and Proverbs 31 Ministry announced that this was going to be their fall Online Bible Study, so more than anything I wanted to be a part of this and read yet another one of one of my favorite author's amazing books, knowing full well "Uninvited" would be another best selling book of hers. I chose this book based on how Lysa, the author, seems to speak personally to me and touches me deeply in every one of her books that I've read, because she writes so honestly and her vulnerability tends to help me glean from her life experiences, struggles and ways she finds answers in God's Word that will point me in the right direction, giving me tools to grow. This book does not fail. In fact, that is part of the reason it has taken me this long to write my review, added to my transition of returning to home after 20 yrs. in Mexico and all the situations I've encountered since choosing to read this book. 

From the title, "Uninvited..", I did not think this book would be one for me, although "...living loved..." and the rest, seemed more like it might interest me. I really did not understand why "uninvited" was her title until I caught that this was dealing with the roots of rejection. Her personal stories, as always, shows how Lysa deals or dealt with this in her own life or others close to her and overcame, giving me a reason to pay closer attention and look more deeply into my own life. 

It could not have come at a better time for me, but also an inopportune time for me to have time to read. {not an excuse, just the truth} So I was unable to read right away as I normally do and participate along with the Online Bible Study. I was less than half way when I made the move home from Mexico and finally I have been able to sit down and read the Kindle version. I certainly have dealt with my share of rejection, being a people pleaser. 

Book Description:
"The enemy wants us to feel rejected . . . left out, lonely, and less than. When we allow him to speak lies through our rejection, he pickpockets our purpose. Cripples our courage. Dismantles our dreams. And blinds us to the beauty of Christ’s powerful love.

In Uninvited, Lysa shares her own deeply personal experiences with rejection—from the incredibly painful childhood abandonment by her father to the perceived judgment of the perfectly toned woman one elliptical over.
With biblical depth, gut-honest vulnerability, and refreshing wit, Lysa helps readers:
  • Release the desire to fall apart or control the actions of others by embracing God-honoring ways to process their hurt.
  • Know exactly what to pray for the next ten days to steady their soul and restore their confidence.
  • Overcome the two core fears that feed our insecurities by understanding the secret of belonging.
  • Stop feeling left out and start believing that "set apart" does not mean "set aside."
  • End the cycle of perceived rejection by refusing to turn a small incident into a full blown issue.

I could not have been more wrong about this book not being for me. Each chapter became my new favorite. Each one of the 16 Chapters spoke louder and louder to my heart and my spiritual condition. And the Bonus chapter "What's It Like to do Life with Me" assessment along with "Corrective Experience Chart" as well as the rest of the last portion of this book, go far beyond in speaking to the reader like no other book of hers has with me. I appreciate her personal "Note" to us but each chapter is like a personal note or time spent with a dear soul friend working through our "stuff" together. No, it's not meant to replace a professional counselor, yet this self-help book digs deep into God's Word and helps us apply much to our own life and situations. One of the biggest bonuses for me was seeing how to change our experiences in our life and our past, whether it's rejection or something else that hurt us, that damaged us, that left us "feeling" left out, less than and lonely"; which can inflict more on our relationships today if left unresolved, so we can come to fully grasp what it looks like to "Live Loved" - turning our rejection into redemption; our messes into His miracle in the Masterpiece He is refining us to be. Lysa has gone a step beyond in this book for me! So much so, I am doing her DVDs of this book, which are so beautifully done in the Holy Land and I love this added touch and also I purchased for Christmas her Study Guide to do this entire book all over again with these added resources. I have felt, as Lysa even writes, that indeed she has come along side me, "taken my hand as a trusted friend" to help me "enter a place of powerful healing and a new perspective."

"Uninvited is the beautiful reminder you need to believe you are destined for a love that can never be diminished, tarnished, shaken or taken - a love that does not reject or uninvite. With Jesus you are always invited in."

I held off writing this review because, honestly, I was not sure how I could express the impact of this book in the way that it changed me and will change me still. "Uninvited..." is a challenging book filled with scriptural and personal wisdom. I thought when I arrived at Chapter 10 "Ten Things You Must Remember When Rejected" --- which alone makes the book worth getting, that it couldn't get any better, but as I've written each one spoke more and more to me like these: "The Enemy's Plan Against You", "Miracles in the Mess", "I Want to Run Away" (as I have done so often) to "Moving through the Desperate In-Between" and the final chapter (you think) 16 "What I Thought Would Fix Me Didn't" ... and then after the book supposedly has ended all the extras at the end, especially a summation of the Scriptures and "All the Things I Don't Want You to Forget" (which you know is all the highlights and notes you've made or needed)! Excellent!!! 

I cannot recommend this book enough.
(even if you don't think "rejection" is your problem)

"Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely"
provokes much thought and reflection
- not at all a light read -
challenges, encourages, uplifts
and above all
draws you into digging deep
into God's Word
and your life.


Thank you Lysa TerKeurst
for being brave and bold enough
to write this book and help others once again
in truth, love, honesty, wit and understanding with gentle words
inviting us
to be like the
"Olive Tree"
(what a beautiful analogy)
Image result for olive tree in gethsemane
[image credit: Bible Places]

May we grow through each season we walk through
as you have and share.
Bless you Lysa!
{and sorry to you, your publisher, and BookLook Bloggers for my late review}

So there you have one of my two reviews  
(working on my other one)

I received this book through the BookLookBloggers Program

Disclosure: I received this book free from Book Look Blogger's Review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

W.O.W. - Wrap it Up for 2016

Last Weds. I started this "walk" through the

"Story of CHRISTmas"
[image credit: The Passion Translation TPT]

in The Passion Translation

Day 8
Image may contain: candles and fire

DAY 9 Image may contain: text

Day 10
Image may contain: text

Image may contain: text

And Mary sang this song:
“My soul is ecstatic, overflowing with praises to God!
⁴⁷My spirit bursts with joy over my life-giving God!d
⁴⁸For he set his tender gaze upon me, his lowly servant girl.
And from here on, everyone will know
that I have been favored and blessed.
⁴⁹The Mighty One has worked a mighty miracle for me;
holy is his name!
⁵⁰Mercy kisses all his godly lovers,
from one generation to the next.
⁵¹Mighty power flows from him
to scatter all those who walk in pride.
⁵²Powerful princes he tears from their thrones
and he lifts up the lowly to take their place.
⁵³Those who hunger for him will always be filled,
but the smug and self-satisfied he will send away empty.
Luke 1:46-53 TPT


"Good night Kiss from Heaven: I hear Him whisper..."I am your identity."
I am the One who has formed you and defined you. Others will gaze on your weakness and faults, I gaze on your beauty as you are seated with Me in the heavenly realm. I have shaped you with My hands - twice I have perfected you. Once in eternity past and once when you came to know Me. You are twice purified in My eyes for you are Mine.
Your difficulties have shaped you, but they will not define you. I am the One who made you and I alone have the right to define you. I say over you, "You are Mine!" By creation and by redemption, you are Mine! I have set My seal over your heart and now I display you to the world as My very own, My masterpiece of love. Can you not see what My love has done throughout your life? Do not look upon your failures and your pain, for in My presence they do not exist. I have placed My glory over your life and call you, My Radiant One!
We move together as one. When you surrender to Me it is not you that guides your life, but I am the Shepherd that leads us. We work together on earth as holy partners, friends committed to serve one another. I have served you my grace even as you have yielded to Me your heart. As you pray to Me we are one, two spirits that breathe as one. Your voice is sweet and your face is lovely in My eyes as you come before Me. Never hesitate to give Me the desires of your heart and I will bring them to pass.
I have placed the Spirit of grace upon you. The strength to endure pressure and trial flows from My life within you. Do not say, "I can't handle this test," but say, "I can do all things in the strength of the One who lives in Me." When you speak out of your identity in Me, the surging power of My Spirit will lift you high and you will soar above the pain of the moment and the pressure of the test.
I am your true Identity. Find your pleasure in My and I will pour My power into you. The more you delight your heart in Me the more free I become to unleash My glory in your situation. Others will find your flaw, I have found your virtue, for you have trusted Me when you had nothing and no one to support you. I know your heart, for I have shaped it with My hands to contain My glory. Never doubt the love that I have placed burning within your soul. In that flame you will find Me and you will hear My voice whisper to you, for I am your true Identity in time and eternity.
Song of Songs 1:5 TPT
Jerusalem maidens, In this twilight darkness--
I know I am so unworthy—so in need!

[The Shepherd-King]
Yet you are so lovely!

[The Shulamite]
I feel as dark and dry as the desert tents Of the wandering nomads!

[The Shepherd-King]
Yet you are so lovely— 
Like the fine linen tapestry 
Hanging in the Holy Place!"

DAY 12
Image may contain: text

I should have been publishing two book reviews by now or at least finishing them before this year ends and preferably before Christmas so you might have ordered yourself a copy of either or both ... both have been books that are speaking to me and causing me to "pause" in my "walk" - and work through some "issues".

In one of them, I am finishing a chapter entitled "the enemy's plan against you" as I read and re-read and begin the next one "Miracles in the Mess" which most definitely fits this blog and sister in Christ in the midst of believing for MIRACLES - mostly for someone else very near and dear that really, really needs some miracles and answers to many needs and MESSES, yet her messes and miracles affect me too ... Clearly, my blog title is coming to BE more than just the words Mazes, Messes and Miracles, as God knew long ago and gave me that title back when I began this blog in 2008 how they actually were going to play out in my life and those around me as I "Walk On Weds." and recall the CHANGES of 2016 and those yet to come. CHANGES I need, and CHANGES that would happen ... how the "Story of Christmas" would continue and weave my heart closer to Him, depending on Him, and knowing how Jesus changes us if we remain clay (putty) in His hands. Yes, truly, "God isn't finished with me yet"; I'm a Masterpiece in Progress" - taken from my right hand side bar since I began blogging. truly HE is Amazing and His Grace is aMazing! I keep on discovering and delighting in this Grace.

Hopefully, I'll still get these book reviews done so these excellent books may surprise you and be added to your list of "must reads". The publishers probably will never allow me the privilege of reading and reviewing for them again. One book is definitely my 365 book for this coming year ... and the other one is one that I did not think I personally needed but wanted to read, yet I have encountered so much "unfinished" work that God still is doing in me, changing me, healing me ... drawing me beyond in new ways and wrapping up ones that definitely need(ed) His touch.

Rather the One Word for this year was BE, LISTEN (HEARING HIS VOICE) or CHANGE ... God is not surprised and kept me guessing and hopefully growing as I made CHANGES and He worked on the CHANGES that I need. I've seen all of these One Word(s) in 2016 ... woven throughout every day and season as I ponder and lean into ALL He makes possible through our story in His Story (whether it's the "Story of Christmas" or the entire story of Jesus Christ) - it is never ending and everlasting if you have chosen to hear His Voice, follow and abide in His Word and in Him. HE is ALL I need (we need) - the choice today is to ACCEPT, BELIEVE and CONFESS Jesus Christ as Lord!

The Whisper from TPT reminds me
of such sweet truths like

{these words are in another special song}

however since I'm no longer near an "Ocean" I chose the one linked above

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


My final "Walk On Wednesday" for 2016 (as has been my tradition this year up until the last few months as I transition into returning and being back in MN with an entirely different course than I ever would have anticipated) will begin this Weds. and continue to next Weds. the last one of 2016, Dec. 28, as I continue to "walk" with the One we celebrate this season-the true meaning and reason- Jesus Christ and how He weaves the "story of Christmas" into each of our life journeys so we might linger awhile and listen to His Whisper to "Come and Behold" the True Light, the True Peace ... the True Way - the Only Way to Life everlasting ...

[image credit: The Passion Translation TPT]

I was inspired by TPT's "Come and Behold" (Advent book) and this
  free download made available by them of this book with these

No automatic alt text available.

"God promised a Child-King who would establish his kingdom realm, bring light to the darkness, establish justice on earth, and suffer to heal us all. Thankfully God made good on His promise!"

Image may contain: text

"A child has been born for us! A son has been given to us! The responsibility of total dominion rests on His shoulders. And He will be known as: The Wonderful One! The Marvelous Counselor! The Mighty God! The Father of Eternity! And the Prince of Peace!"

Image may contain: text

"You will become pregnant with a baby boy, and you are to name Him Jesus. He will be supreme and will be known as the Son of the Highest. And the Lord God will enthrone Him as King on his ancestor David’s throne."

Image may contain: text

"An angel from the Lord appeared to him in clear light and said, “Joseph, descendant of David, don’t hesitate to take Miriam into your home as your wife, because the power of the Holy Spirit has conceived a child in her womb."

Image may contain: text

"Listen! A virgin will be pregnant, she will give birth to a Son, and he will be known as “Emmanuel,” which means in Hebrew, “God became one of us.”"

Image may contain: text

"In Bethlehem, Miriam went into labor, and there she gave birth to her firstborn son. After wrapping the newborn baby in strips of cloth, they laid him in a feeding trough since there was no available upstairs room in the village."

Image may contain: text

"Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appeared in radiant splendor before them, lighting up the field with the blazing glory of God, and the shepherds were terrified! “Don’t be afraid. I have come to bring you good news, the most joyous news the world has ever heard! Glory to God in the highest realms of heaven! For there is peace and a good hope given to the sons of men."

{to be continued next WOW}
Read the Christmas story with Passion as you celebrate the birth of Christ!

* ALL the Images belong to The Passion Translation


Love and Peace

Be sure to get your FREE gift of "The Story of Christmas" from The Passion Translation and Enjoy reading with Passion for you and yours as we walk through this Christmas and New Year season closing out 2016 closer to Christ.

Sunday, November 27, 2016



Because of Bethlehem

[image credit]
Be sure to check out this 

Online Bible Study




Faith Gateway

because of bethlehem max lucado study

November 28:  Kick-off interview with Max Lucado at 9 pm EST (6 pm PST) at Faith Gateway!
Week One (November 27 – December 3)               "God Has a Face"
Week Two (December 4 – 10)                   "Worship Works Wonders"
Week Three (December 11 – 17)                     "God Guides the Wise"
Week Four (December 18 – 24)                    "Every Heart Has a Manger"



with more of






"Because God became human, we can see and know God in the person of Jesus. We can also rely on the fact that God knows us. He understands how we feel because he has faced what we face, including weakness, testing, and suffering." - Max Lucado




making room each day

to BE with



to a world that needs



His Light

in their darkness

John 8:12

[available through crosswalk (dot) com]

There is so much to do in our days 

yet we must take the time to

prepare our hearts

and others



*all images belong to Faith Gateway (except the last one)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


True confession time
(maybe if I was really doing these now daily)
instead of having them 
prepared ahead

I would be BLESSED

even though I am finally back in MN
I am not seeing the "blessings" and giving God enough daily "praise"
I seem to be in an onslaught of battles -
if not my own, or with someone near and dear,
 it is with the battles that my other loved ones are facing

Back before I left MX, I really should have done my Book Look Blogger review of a really fabulous book, that I at least shared the start of the study, with good intent to finish the book, but I still haven't ... and when I arrived home, I had another excellent real book awaiting me, which I still have not been able to turn the pages on "...Healing..." (a full year's worth of great devotions of real healing testimonies). I'm sure many of you can relate to not being able to sit down and read with intent those many books waiting for you to crack open ... or scroll through your Kindle. 

Perhaps by now, you noticed that some days or posts are missing {still in draft} ... from these 30 Days of Blessings or Praise.

This post is merely being shared, or mostly being shared, to let you know that I am canceling the rest of these 30 days -online. As good and as necessary as it is to give thanks in all things, it's difficult for me to have time online, with all else that's going on plus I'm sick. I'm surprised I waited until this post to let you all know. I guess I was trying to be hopeful ... 

Hopefully, I can still give much thanks on "Thanksgiving Day" {like for a safe arrival despite all odds-"Thank You Lord for so much!" as a 5 -7 day trip that lasted half the month of Oct., with vehicle problem after vehicle problem, yet still God safely got me and 3 fur babies back-not sure I can say "home", but at least I am here alive.

Trust me I am thankful to God for so MUCH!!! And in our time together, He receives my praise and thanks (just not formally like these were met to focus on). He is so worthy of ALL our praise and thanks! We can never give Him enough [as you will read, this certainly was the appropriate day to let you in on the truth]

So the

Books that I'm was using during November to give thanks to God for His many "Blessings" and a Challenge to give God "Praise" with
The 30-Day Praise Challenge by [Harling, Becky]

30 Day Devotionals
based on Laura Story's song                         from Becky Harling
[images are of the book covers]

* "What If Your Blessings Come through Raindrops?" by Laura Story

** "The 30 Day Praise Challenge" by Becky Harling

DAY 15

* "Giving Endurance a Chance to Grow"

James 1:2-4 HCSB
James 1:2-8; 16, 18 NLT

"Who among us wants to endure trials and troubles in order to develop the endurance that’s described in the second chapter of James? I don’t know about you, but if I could find an easier way to become “perfect and complete,” I’d certainly be tempted to take it. Nonetheless, God has plans for me— and for you— plans that are often difficult to understand. Why, we ask ourselves, must we endure suffering? Why all the pain and heartache? Why, we wonder, doesn’t God simply give us all the good and none of the bad?"

 Laura Story, 'What If Your Blessings Come Through Raindrops: A 30 Day Devotional" (Kindle Locations 761-765). Worthy Publishing. 

... Beth Moore quoted...
by Laura Story
"We had plenty of challenges, some of which were tremendously serious, yet God has enabled us to walk, crawl, limp, or leap—leap— whatever way we could progress— toward wholeness." —Beth Moore

Spiritual Growth

{yeah, good ole endurance, perseverance-plenty of practice with this one and "spiritual growth" ... ahem}

Laura shares 6 other really great quotes, but my favorite on Spiritual Growth is the one by
Eugene Peterson

"Growth takes place in quietness, in hidden ways, in silence and solitude. The process is not accessible to observation."

Colossians 1:9 HCSB; Colossians 2:2 HCSB;
2 Peter 3:18 HCSB

Summing Things Up:

"In good times and hard times, through every trial and every setback, God is molding you. He is the Potter and you are His clay."

 Laura Story, "What If Your Blessings Come Through Raindrops: A 30 Day Devotional"

John 20:2

The Invitation
{just opening snippets}

"You have significance simply because I love you. You are My beloved child. That is your identity. Don’t measure your value in terms of how successful you are or what roles you play. You are valuable because I have declared you precious and honored. When life feels mundane and you are caught up in laundry, work, or cooking, it’s easy to doubt your importance in My kingdom. Nothing could be further from the truth. When feelings of insignificance torment you, come and praise Me. As you worship Me, your identity becomes more firmly rooted in Me, rather than in who you know or what you do. Thank Me for the price I paid for you. You are worth everything to Me. When you praise Me, you are more able to let go of worries about your worth and efforts to try to prove yourself. Always remember that you are a royal priest or priestess with a divine calling in My kingdom. It doesn’t get any better than that!from (1 John 3: 1; Isa. 43: 4; Eph. 1: 4; 1 Cor. 6: 20; 1 Peter 2: 9) Becking Harling, "...Praise..."

"Focus your praise time on the truth that you have value and worth as God’s beloved child. Praise God that He calls you precious and honored. Because of Jesus Christ, your significance is ensured for all eternity. Praise Him that you have a divine calling as a royal priest or priestess."

 Becky Harling, "The 30-Day Praise Challenge " Isaiah 43:4

"All the Poor and Powerless"
with Sons and Daughters

PRAY {in full}

"Lord Jesus, thank You that my identity and worth is firmly rooted in You. My job doesn’t define me, my relationships don’t define me, and my various roles don’t define me. I praise You for declaring me holy and dearly loved. You paid the highest price for my soul. How I thank You that I have value and significance in You. I am Your masterpiece, and You have gifted me uniquely for the roles You desire for me to play in Your kingdom. Thank You that I don’t need to compare my gifts to the gifts of others in order to feel special. In Your kingdom, I am a royal priest/ priestess. I praise You that I am a coheir with Christ and have inherited every blessing through Him."
(Col. 3: 12; 1 Cor. 6: 12; Eph. 2: 10; Isa. 43: 4; Rom. 8: 17)

Becky Harling,The 30-Day Praise Challenge, David C. Cook


"Think through your different roles (child, friend, spouse, parent, teacher, musician, and so on). Why might it be harmful for you to define yourself in terms of these roles? How would your life be different if you defined yourself as “the one Jesus loves”? What did you experience today in your time of praise?

No Copyright infringement intended. I do not take credit for anything boxed or in quotes, they belong to the books and authors listed. Both these devotionals are really worthwhile any time of the year!

Monday, November 7, 2016


Books that I'm using during November to give thanks to God for 
His many "Blessings" and a Challenge to give God "Praise" with
The 30-Day Praise Challenge by [Harling, Becky]

30 Day Devotionals

based on Laura Story's song                         from Becky Harling
[images are of the book covers]


"The Blessing of God's Pursuing Love"
* "What If Your Blessings Come through Raindrops?" by Laura Story

** "The 30 Day Praise Challenge" by Becky Harling
Psalm 148:2-5

After just making this "switch" to PRAISE along with BLESSING, I will not be posting as planned ... although each Day is still in my drafts ... instead I am directing you (a little late, but today is the starting date for the next 2 weeks, over to ...)



Bible Study: David

a community sharing

based on

Ephesians 5:20

Of course, I will be trying to continue in both of my devotional books above ... just not sharing them online on this blog for now ... yet as always, I will praise and give thanks to God for blessings and the "everything" (which means both good and bad) trying to look at it all with such an attitude of gratitude. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful and great these 2 books are in focusing our praise and thanks for "everything" (blessings in disguise and all) ... 

Becky's Journal thought for today: "How does the beauty of God's creation speak to your soul? How does it meet your need for beauty? How does taking a praise time outside and observing God's creation affect you emotionally?"

a side note from me on this last question fresh on my mind - as I came into familiar MN territory (almost home, at least in the vicinity, actually it was on the Interstate right off from where my sister lives) on my trip home from MX, thinking from the previous southern states I had crosses that I had totally missed the color changes of fall ... both sides of the I35 were filled with all the gorgeous colors of fall from oranges, to yellows, to reds and a beautiful blue sky with scants of white wisps of clouds here and there, forming almost the wings of an angel or bird, hearing our Christian radio station with a familiar praise song ... I just burst into tears of such inexplicable joy!!! I have photos in my cellphone but cannot transfer them or get them from it. 

I was overwhelmed with God's beauty, timing and love! 

Immediately I prayed for my sister and gave thanks for her life, then it just flowed from one person to another, sisters in Christ and family members. Later that week I found out my real sister was feeling sick when I prayed. It truly was aMazing and quite emotional combination of everything!

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To my faithful visitors;
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