"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

Thursday, January 31, 2013


For more about this, go back here and follow any of these

I'm GRATEFUL to God 

It has taken me most of my adult life, to get use to calling and coming to know Our Heavenly Father as Abba or Papa. I had a difficult time feeling it was OK to call Him "Papa" as if I was showing a bit of disrespect, but my, oh my, how I have come to delight in letting go and laying my head in Papa's lap and really knowing Him and respecting Him even more. I am glad that I have let the walls come down yet still stand, lay or sit in awe of how we have such a privilege to know Our Father so intimately that we can call Him Abba or Papa. I still have a reverent fear and respect of Our Heavenly Father yet I enjoy the endearment of Papa. I believe this has only come about in the last decade of my life, perhaps since my earthly father's passing, which gave me the grace and familiar embrace of needing my Papa, to fill and be the ultimate Father God as my Abba, Papa.


"'Abba, Father,' he said, 'everything is possible for you. Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will.'" (Mark 14:36)
"For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, 'Abba, Father.'" (Romans 8:15)
"Because you are sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, 'Abba, Father.'" (Galatians 4:6)


Abba, Father, How great it is to know You and be comfortable with You as my Papa. How I long for our special times together when I can talk with You as my Papa. I need those moments to realize that You love me even in the times that You have had to discipline me. You discipline me in love. You allow me to climb up in Your lap and learn from You. You give me rest, comfort and security. Thank You for sending Your Son so that we may come to know You this way.

"Just as it is sometimes hard for "adult children" to really know their fathers as they long to, there is something in our spirit that longs to know You more intimately. Come and heal us. Come and make us whole as only the knowledge and love of a father can. 

Abba, Father, I love You. Reveal Yourself to each of us with the intensely individual and personal love that we long for. In Jesus' name, we pray."

I am so grateful to be able and comfortable to call You
Holy Father
Everlasting Father
Heavenly Father
My Father
How have you
experienced God this week?
(or would like to)

F: Focus on a name of God
A: Ask God in prayer to reveal Himself as that name
S: Stillness. Be still and listen to God Speak to you in His Word or as you Soak in His Presence
T: Thank Him and Tell. Say it out loud, give a Testimony for how He is this to you or you need Him to be this now.

[in Feb. I will be continuing with these but will use FOCUS instead of FAST and I will give you a new acrostic for that]

Just write on being grateful 2 God 4 who He is!
(in a prayer of gratitude)

Please tell us in the comments your response for the week to ...

"I'm grateful to God as my  ... because ...  or  "I'm grateful for God's  ... (quality) because ... (a Scripture would be nice if ya' got one in your head, or just come back, the blog's always here even when I'm not) or better yet you can write a prayer to Him right in my comments of how you experience God as that Name or quality of God

IF YOU NEED SOME HELP (I came across a study I had) so

Names and Titles of God, by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
Here is a comprehensive list of the names, titles, descriptors, and metaphors of God included in the 234-page book Names and Titles of God, by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson. You can learn more about the book here. [Of course, the actual number depends on what your criteria for counting a metaphor or a descriptor as well as what translation or translations you are using. Dr. Ralph Wilson came up with 219 variations on probably 120 or so core names.]

I saw many repeats (?) (this is from way back in my emails and when I first started blogging, probably used it when I did my 100th post).

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Yesterday I added this LIVE WEBCAST announcement so you would not miss this; but in case you did, here it is in full! This way I can see it too! 
(when I have a full hour available at the cyber-lol-for 10 pesos)

"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10:23

However, the BEST parts for me were the first part by Lysa and then the testimony of Sheila that struck an internal cord. There was such a connection to part of what Sheila shared from my past, tears flooded my soul. 
I could so relate! I pray that this means that some healing was taking place that I did not realize I still needed.
Praise God for how the Spirit moves!

I added the Vimeo here as a keepsake, so I could come back to listen to it, but from what I read *below it does not look like it will be available for long. I have no other ideas of how I can quickly save it. Yet I do believe that "this is where the healing begins" once again for me. I'd love to share it but it's too raw and I'm not even sure how to write about it or explain this early crisis of my life at 20. If Sheila wrote about this part of her testimony in her new book, "God Loves Broken People and Those Who Pretend They're Not" then maybe I need to get a copy (lol). [You can't imagine how many books I have on 4 wish lists.] I have never pretended I'm not broken, I know that I was and my brokenness is on the mend as God puts the pieces of my life back together. My negative chatter is pretty constant, though you may not think so, because I do try to hide or cover that and shame has rendered me powerless at times. So Sheila's point between shame and guilt really hit home, and I got it good!

Dare I forget, I am also loving my devotional of "UNGLUED" as I wait for my real book to be sent from MN that I won from Wendy Blight last year. I began her 60 days on Jan.1st ... and each day is so pertinent to my life and my imperfect progress.

I read this and thought it is important to add from Lysa's blog

"Grab a friend, a cup of coffee and possibly a notebook to write down nuggets of truth to help you combat negative inside chatter. Don’t wait too long though — * the replay will only be available through this weekend!

Several of you have asked about some suggested “anchor verses” based on my teaching last night.  My new Unglued Devotional book has 60 of these Bible verses — one for each day with a devotion to help you fight the negative inside chatter that often accompanies unglued times. ... for more go to Lysa's blog

Lysa’s Unglued book site
Unglued Devotional: 60 Days of Imperfect Progress
"God Loves Broken People and Those Who Pretend They're Not"
[audio/video of Chapter One]link did not work

Book at Amazon
God Loves Broken People: And Those Who Pretend They're Not
Women of Faith website
Sheila Walsh

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Before I continue with 
~Experiencing God ~ 4
Here's a little more tangible way for us

Women of Faith Inside Chatter Live Webcast
to experience God and chat with

It’s noisy inside our heads, isn’t it?
“Who are you to think you could do that?” “Why did you say that? Everyone thinks you’re annoying.” “Your kids just illustrated every inadequacy you have as a mom.” “Nobody likes you.”
Negative inside chatter can quickly turn from misguided perception into dangerous reality. But you CAN find victory in this battle! In Women of Faith’s first-ever LIVE webcast teaching event, Sheila Walsh and Lysa TerKeurst tackle how to overcome the negative voices that chatter away inside.

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Revised and ExpandedOn Mon. Jan. 7th, 2013, Bible Cafe for Women began their study on "Experiencing God". I'm not sharing anything here from their study, more than pointing you to these resources and experiencing God more fully in your life in 2013, which is the purpose of my "Grateful 2/4 God" on Thursdays also.

Since I found this series with Blackaby, I will be sharing or linking to them here as I watch, learn and "experience God". Each week I will add the next REALITY and video.

I've  already shared:
Reality 1"God is working around us" 
Reality 2: "God Pursues a loving Relationship"
Reality 3: "God wants us involved"

"God speaks to us"

The 7 Realities of Experiencing God

Reality 1. God is always at work around us. (Ch.6)
Reality 2. God pursues a continuing love relationship with you that is real and personal. (Ch.7)
Reality 3. God invites you to become involved with Him in His work. (Ch. 8 and 9)
Reality 4. God speaks by the Holy Spirit through the Bible, prayer, circumstances, and the church to reveal Himself, His purposes and His ways. (Ch.10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)


Reality Reflection from me
God, Help me to listen carefully as
You speak through all of these.
Give me Your discernment and wisdom.

*Comments are closed. However, I have been adding to the comments in "PEACE" as I am able, because I have to go and check periodically to see if my permit to temporarily live here has been updated for me to make another visit to INM. Long drawn out process, but thankfully God has shown me favor in each step.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


English Standard Version (©2001)
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

by f. elaine olsen

1. Peace in the pardon
2. Peace in the mirror
3. Peace in the desert
4. Peace in the waters
5. Peace in the suffering
6. Peace in the mountains
7. Peace at church
8. Peace around the table with the ancients
9. Peace at home
10. Peace on the road

Intro verse: a promised peace
Micah 5:4-5

"Peace in the waters"

Mark 6:48

a Bible passage for each day this week

Exodus 15:22-24
Psalm 46:10
Genesis 8:20-21
Matthew 27:50-51, 54
Mark 4:35-37, 39

[source:crosscards (dot) com]

REFLECTIONS or INSIGHTS (more in comments)

My first before even reading any of these devotions of "PEACE in the WATERS" is to let you know that in all the places to find peace, for me the water would be it ... except for the frequent flooding and so many phenomenal natural disasters that come about in the waters, and the enormous sufferings that can happen because of this, I use to find much peace along any body of water, or site that water flows
... babbling brooks, rolling rivers, meandering streams, lakes, or even ponds but none compare to the peace of a sunset along the PACIFIC. With this said, I'm looking forward to PEACE this week!

In fact, I have various blog posts (see some below) that include a bit of the nostalgia of my view of the Pacific (though I have to walk or bus to view it now), it is much closer than it ever was for the many years I lived in the state known for 10,000 lakes. Gotta admit, I'm a water loving gal especially the waters of baptism or cleansing.

Aug 27, 2008
October 24, 2012

Let's see which one of Elaine's PEACE in the waters, I like best:

1. "From Bitter to Better"
2. "The Beauty of a Backward Glance"
3. "A Sacred Reduction"
4. "The Glorious Renaissance of a Flooded Fury"
5. "A Sea's Deliverance"

I am continuing to add in the comments now as I am able on these.

How about you?

How do you find
in the waters?
(or why don't you?)

Picture yourself 
walking on the water
Describe what you feel.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


"A Prayer for Peace"
Thomas Kinkade

" My newest work, A Prayer for Peace, is a poignant reminder that peace in our world is always possible for those who believe and pray.

The dramatic figure of a prophet occupies the rocky heights above the city. To my mind, he is a Christ figure, but I have treated him with a deep spirituality that could well be embraced by people of other beliefs. Illuminated by a radiant moon, this holy person prays with all the fervor of his faith, that the warm glow of moonlight can wrap the walled city in a spiritual blanket of serenity.

The hope that pervades A Prayer for Peace is a profound reminder that through fervent prayer each of us might find peace - for our soul first and perhaps for our world as well. -Thomas Kinkade

Jesus told His disciples and that includes us:

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27

Wendy Blight suggested on her blog as we entered 2013:

"No More New Year’s Resolutions! Instead Choose a New Year’s Prayer

but since I have blogged and longer than I can remember, I was not the one to make or keep new year's resolutions when I did. If you know this blog and me, however, you know that I have picked up on doing MY ONE WORD and you also know by now that my One Word is PEACE
Wendy suggested we start our year with a Prayer this way:
"To begin writing your prayer, examine your New Year’s Resolution and prayerfully ask the Lord for to reveal the heart issue behind your resolution. Ask Him to lead you through His Word to verses that directly address what you hear."
The verse above is the one that spoke My One Word into my being first from God's Word last year and whispered to me that this should be my one word. Then I wait for God to show me a verse, now throughout the year, I will collect more verses.

But the fact is, as I've indicated here already, it's not really a new word for me at all. In fact, it was one of the first themes or word that came to me when I started blogging in April of 2008. 
Not knowing where to start or where God would take me, nor really knowing anything about "blogging", adding photos or songs, and whatever else you might think makes blogging a blog ... I had a purpose of sharing GOD through whatever way He directed me or led me to go. And I began writing. Still not making plans, or determining the how long, the where's, the what's, the who's who or which direction, I stepped out in faith, trusting God to blog, I mean lead me, guide me, inspire me, show me, teach me and after all these years, I have realized that is exactly what He has been doing! I'm back full circle to where I started only with more than this one blog (see right side bar under my "about me" because it's really not about me, I hope, but Him in me, and the progress that He's making with me, in the section I call "about my blog" under the same image I have had there since I started). 

Mold me, Make me, Fill me, Use Me! Isaiah64:8

You may wonder why I am sharing all of this (or not). Yet before I leave the first month of 2013, I wanted to do as Wendy has suggested since I so loved the PRAYERS that she writes and shares. Like Stormie Omartian and now Beth MooreWendy Blight and Cherie Hill have become examples to me of praying God's Word. Not just reading God's Word, but turning it into prayer and more importantly applying it personally in my life and turning God's Word into my prayers. 

Clearly, since Jehovah Shalom and the theme of PEACE were the first ideas that I began this journey of blogging, I am right back to where I started, which means to me, that in my own life, if you put me back in my regular life back in the United States, am I better able to exemplify PEACE and all that entails for me than when I left there so very long ago? Or even here, I've lived mostly alone, so it's a little bit different, but is the harvest of God's Peace and the way I live, an example of this fruit of PEACE?

Sadly, that's why I am back to this word, or God has spoken this one to me again because the answer is "no". To tell you the honest to God truth, I see myself as lacking more of the fruit of His Spirit, more than before. Of course, I cannot do each fruit as My One Word but clearly I need to pray more to walk in the fruit of the Spirit, each one of them. Which brings me to a book, and prayers that I have practically memorized by now after years of praying them and I recall bits and pieces often as I pray because they come from verses in God's Word.

All of this was just to say that I am starting my journey of PEACE for 2013 with a prayer, not written by me, but through God's Word, a believer's manual to prayer and hoping that this will guide me or set my feet "walking in PEACE" (one fruit at a time) step by step to being more fruitful, or better yet seed by seed, planted in me, to bear fruit so others may see God's image more clearly in me as I walk, talk and live as I breathe the Word of God, inspired by this beautiful painting once again by Thomas Kinkade (who would have thought) ... 

Thomas Kinkade


Dear God, My Jehovah Shalom ... how I thank You for Your Peace, which passes all understanding and keeps my heart and mind through Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7) You keep me in Perfect Peace when my mind is stayed on You because I trust in You. (Isaiah 26:3,4) Your Peace is so precious to me. Help me to trust You always. Let the peace of God rule in my heart, guiding me in what's right and wrong. I ask You, Lord, to help me follow the guidance of Your peace in my heart. (Col. 3:15) When I make a decision and I have peace, I know it's from You, if not, I know that it isn't. 

Help me, in so far as it is possible, to live in peace with those outside the Body of Christ, as well as with my brothers and sisters in Christ. (Romans 12:18) Don't let me make excuses for strife and unforgiveness. Help me remember, it takes two to quarrel and a soft answer turns away wrath. (Prov. 15:1)

Keep my tongue and my talk from evil. Keep my lips from speaking guile, gossip, untruths, and ungodly words not befitting a child of God. I seek and pursue peace with all my heart. (Psalm 34:13, 14) Take the "fight" out of my words and tone me down and my volume. Let anger and harsh words not be a part of me or escape from my mouth like venom. 
Lord Jesus, You are the Prince of Peace! (Isaiah 9:6) I want to be Your follower, and emulate You as Your daughter, sister, friend. Not just say I follow You but actually follow You, making my ways like Yours. 

Help me to be a fruit bearing Christian, Lord, one who shows forth the fruit of peace in all my relationships. (James 3:18) As I learn to live in the 
Spirit, help me to walk in peace, (Galatians 5:25) with You, God, with others and with myself. (Hebrews 12:14)
Peace is such a precious possession and I want to guard it carefully as I treasure it up in my heart and life. Teach me to never do anything that may disturb Your precious Peace. I learn each day to value peace so much more.

I will trust in You forever because in You, there is everlasting peace and strength. I find my peace in You.

When I follow Your commandments Lord, You promise to give peace like a river and Your righteousness like the waves of the sea. (Isaiah 48:8) Help me to obey You in all things more and more. Because I have been justified by faith, I will always have peace with You, Father, through my Lord Jesus Christ. (Romans 5:1)

Thank You Jesus, for leaving Your Peace with me, too. You have imparted Your peace to me through Your Holy Spirit and I receive it now and each time I pray. Because You don't give as the world gives, I know the peace that You have instilled in my heart will keep me from ever again being troubled or afraid or even a little shaken in whatever circumstance because Your Rod and Your Staff lead me to Still Waters. (John 14:27)(Psalm 23) Your Peace makes me certain of all the truth of Your Word so that I can breathe deeply in the freedom You give as I live intentionally according to Your Word, Your will and Your way, not mine, I ask in Jesus' precious name ... I pray

Psalm 29:11 and Galatians 5:22

Aren't you glad that I don't write out my prayers that often 
for all the world to see?
Our poor dear Lord, has to listen to me like this, 
only a bit more scattered from one thought to another,
so this is why I need to write and focus as well as
to allow God to speak
I must


as we do when we 

after all, this is 

I find
in this time

I seek
from the storms

I want

Pacific waves like tiny ripples to
Erase all the ones that topple me.
Access to my Father's lap of refuge to
Cease from all the turmoil of unrest
Everlastingly and Eternally in Him

only comes

So now, on to WHY God has chosen PEACE for my one word, how He will reveal Himself to me as my Peace, and how my character will change to reflect His Peace more throughout this walk and journey for PEACE! Stay tuned each SOS as He helps me. After all that's what a real SOS is: a call for help. I'm back on my knees seeking His Peace and to be more peaceful, unafraid, untroubled, and calm, collected and cool ... all I know is I would love for that image of Jesus to be hanging on my bedroom wall as large  as the wall itself for when I wake up in the morning or lay my head to rest at night. Isn't that beautiful? Now, that's PEACE!
Thanks, if you made it all the way through this BLOG post!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Lessons from Bob Welch in 
"52 Little Lessons from "It's a Wonderful Life"
1   God honors our "childlike faith"
2   Underdogs matter
3   Sometimes you just gotta dance
4   You matter to the world

"You Matter to the World"

"Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives, and when he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?"-Clarence in "It's a Wonderful Life"
Lesson 4
"You Matter to the World"

Do you remember from the movie
"It's a Wonderful Life"
Clarence shows George
that he matters?

What would your life change if you had never been born?
Put yourself in George's shoes.
Do a replay on your life without you in it.

Who in your own life has impacted you positively 
in such a way
had they not been in your life
how would it have been changed?

"The bigger idea here is that in God’s vast universe we matter, that our actions change the actions of others. And that when we’re not around, we’re missed. In a world where it’s easy to feel small and insignificant, could there be a more profound message in a movie?"
from Bob Welch in 
"52 Little Lessons from "Its a Wonderful Life

John 3:16
1 John 3:16

to the
You matter to my world

Thursday, January 24, 2013




Jeremiah 10:23; Jeremiah 32:17;  Isaiah 51:6; 
Isaiah 55:8-9; Colossians 2:15
"You are the voice of hope. 
The anchor of my soul.
Where there seems to be no way. 
You make it possible. 
You are the Prince of Peace. 
Amidst adversity 
My lips will shout for joy. To You the Most High!"

For more about "Grateful 2/4 God" go HERE
~ In this world, where there are many voices calling people to follow them, it is imperative to know that there is One True Voice, who calls us to follow Him. And we must know that voice and be alert to listen to Only His Voice: "Jesus - the voice of hope". That voice of hope; that brings healing, that brings restoration, that brings forgiveness, that brings acceptance, that brings our Abba Father's love and the compassion of God to all of us.

When we hear  "The voice of hope” speaking to us, we can know that comfort and reassurance, that peace that can only come from knowing Jesus. His voice of hope, brings us direction, it brings us under His covering and His provision. His voice of hope brings us confidence in His powerful unchanging word. ~ [Sorry, no source to give, although I read this on a WordPress blog, but did not add the LINK or author or even the blog name when I copied it, not thinking I'd be using it and reworded it to save for my ONE WORD:PEACE. My apologies to the author, to credit this person for the perfect words for this song. Maybe it was when I checked for the lyrics of this song. I think I saved it with this song and that's all I remember. No copyright infringement intended. I usually give credit to my sources. Sorry.]

Oh, yes LORD, YOU are the VOICE of HOPE! My Hope, Almighty One, You are the Living Hope! You are all of this in the song to me. Today, and this week, You are revealing Yourself to me, as my Prince of Peace, the Anchor of my Soul!(Hebrews 6:19) I thank You Lord for anchoring me whenever I face a storm or a fire, and I give You praise for seeing me through it all. You anchor me and keep me steady. You are my confidence and security, in nothing else will I depend. "Anchor my soul, don't let me drift away. And if /when I want peace, I'll come to the King. And if I want release then you'll have to be The anchor of my soul, don't let me drift away!" It's been quite a bit colder here and there's a definite wind in the air that I've not felt before here, so let this be from You, my Lord, a fresh breath of Your Spirit in me. 

Let my ears be attentive to Your Voice! Help me to listen only to Your Voice, that I may know You more and more, following only You and attuned to Your Voice and Hope in You! "My Hope is built on nothing less ..." Jesus, Prince of Peace, I exalt You! I come to You to know Your Peace. You are my peace ! Thank You Jehovah Shalom! Pour out Your Peace on Jerusalem and Your children O Father, let us hear Your Voice and draw near to us. May Your Kingdom come! May Your will be done, Almighty God! 
How have you
experienced God this week?
(or would like to)

F: Focus on a name of God
A: Ask God in prayer to reveal Himself as that name
S: Stillness. Be still, listen to God Speak to you in His Word or as you Soak in His Presence
T: Thank Him and Tell. Say it out loud, give a Testimony for how He is this to you or you need Him to be this now.

Since my 21 day FAST is over
I will be changing this word to

Just write on being grateful 2 God 4 who He is!
(as a prayer of gratitude)

Please tell us in the comments your response for the week to ...
"I'm grateful to God as my ... " because ... or "I'm grateful for God's ... (quality) because ... (Scripture would be nice if ya' got one in your head, or just come back, the blog's always here even when I'm not) or better yet you can write a prayer to Him right in my comments of how you experience God as that Name or quality of God

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


My ONE Word
for 2013
and now
My Song for 

by Lara Martin
"I have a treasure
this world cannot offer"

This song is from Lara Martin's
newest CD and YT channel
which caught my attention and if you read this
on my blog then you know why

So the researcher in me, decides without even knowing this sweet artist, until this beautiful song (I'm sure I probably should know her) but as for now I just want to know why she entitled this "PEARL", when not one of the songs is about pearls or given that as a title. So with a few clicks at her site here and there, I encounter a digital booklet pdf of the songs on "PEARL" (I love artists that do this or explain the background of their songs). Lo and behold, it is significant and she explains it beautifully. Helps me to realize how priceless each "pearl" on this really is to Lara, making me want to hear each one and perhaps make a playlist of Lara Martin (but she already has one). 

Lara explains the reason for PEARL in these words written to us as her ... 

DEAR LISTENER ... (in my case, dear readers)

"Thank you for allowing me the privilege of taking you on a journey for these next few moments as you listen to this album. In life we all go through seasons of joy, sadness, advance, delay, disappointment, elation and soon. Just like a ‘pearl’ which is created through irritation and years of process, these songs have been born in the same way.

These songs take a semi-biographical look at my life and sing of valuable lessons I’ve learned during times of transition and the highs and lows of life.

The greatest lesson of all being, that worshiping your way through every season and engaging in true intimacy with God is a key to inner tranquility  When you are at peace with God, you are at peace with yourself and the world around you.

God is always ‘sovereign’ and His ways and His timings are perfect. Collectively I see these songs like a string of pearls, each one containing a small piece of wisdom. Life is never smooth and we all have ‘grit’ to deal with but could it just be that the irritations we face are the very things God will use to cause greatness to emerge. All the while an 
oyster is experiencing discomfort, something of great value is growing inside." ~ Lara Martin

I don't know about you, but after I read this, I wish I knew Lara and the same intimate relationship in worship before our King, that she knows and sings about ... PEARL is her testimony also as much as she calls it "semi-biographical" because she shares many of her personal experiences like in the song "Soothe" (dealing with the loss of a miscarriage) ... yet the words touch me.

Her words just struck a chord in me. I know that if you read them, you saw it also ... tranquility and PEACE! I just need you to realize that this blogging is a definite God experience for me, because I did not know her, or this song or about her PEARL CD when I wrote the previous post (which already had far too much and way too many videos and this deserved its own blog post) when I discovered this at a totally different time as I sat down once again at the public cyber, God reveals more as He leads me to open up to this song, artist and background words.

As I've tried to relay to you as my readers many times, that I go with the flow, and it's ONLY GOD, only by God's Spirit do I chance upon such amazing finds ... treasures, if you will, that He strings together for me, yes, just like "pearls", right before my very eyes via this vehicle of internet and an electronic device known as a computer. HE ALWAYS AMAZES ME! The Perfect Song! The Perfect Peace!

"Your Gift to me, is Perfect Peace"

Thank You, Lord
Lara Martin!

This is what I call

Worship on Weds.

My first one for

I listened over and over to this

I pray that you receive the 
message of this


I have an inner peace that only God can give

Worry has no place in me

All my cares I lay them at Your feet

You’ve given me peace that defies explanation

And Your peace it goes beyond comprehension

Therefore I can rest

With a heart that is content

Your gift to me is perfect peace

Jesus Prince of peace (Repeat)

Mark Stevens & Lara Martin 

Copyright © 2003 Thankyou Music

Thinking that I have to declare this SONG as my 2013 Song for MY ONE WORD, until or unless God leads me to another ... meanwhile it will be this! or just a PEARL along this journey of PEACE!

And then today I read this from Tracie Miles (for Facebook or Twitter, which you know I still don't do either) who I have been following and would like to read her book or do a study with her book, but I entered the links here for YOU, because I truly believe that we all long for more PEACE!!! and this was a great post. I'd love her book! Meanwhile, I want to be part of this wave, how about you?

for Twitter:
Are you longing to replace stress with peace? Visit @traciewmiles book website  to enter to win her new book and CD http://tinyurl.com/9zyulxm

Enter to win a signed copy of @traciewmiles new book & CD & help start a national wave of peace today. Find details at http://tinyurl.com/9zyulxm

for Facebook:
Tracie Miles is starting a wave of peace today, and I am helping get that wave started!  Visit Tracie’s blog to enter to win a signed copy of her new book, and one of her CD’s, and find out how you can help spread the wave too! http://tinyurl.com/9zyulxm

Wouldn’t it be great if a wave of peace washed over our country today?
Join me in keeping the wave going by entering to win a copy of Tracie Mile's new book Stressed-Less Living. Visit her blog to find out how to get involved at http://tinyurl.com/9zyulxm

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This blog is ALL about HIM, for HIM, not about me!
I hope that is what you see
this is why I am

To my faithful visitors;
all of you who spend your valuable time here with me
I do appreciate you so much!

Thank you for taking your time to visit!

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