"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog


"Be honest now. Haven't you secretly wished you could take part in a Flash Mob? well, my answer IS: Most Definitely! So after my 40 Days and Holy Week, I'll be sharing more ... I can't wait!
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

40 Days "Recovering GRACE"~ DAY 9

40 Day Journey 
"Recovering Grace"
with another book by
Pauline Creeden

"Found Adrift: 40 Days of Recovering Grace"

Day 9

Bible Reading
Matthew 10:29-31

Prayer Thought

"What are you worried about? Do you believe that God cares for you? Take your heart’s struggle and fears to Him right now and voice them.Pauline Creeden

After being awakened and refreshed in my "walk" yesterday carrying the burden of "offended" or offense; drifting a bit off the path for me ... not having shared too much in this past week, I chose today's WORRY ... one to stop once again and share some of what Pauline writes about on this verse very briefly and concisely in 3 points:

1st: that Jesus calls the Father, your Father, so He's our Father not just His!

2nd: about the number of hairs on our heads, pointing on that each day, we loose hair so that means that each day our Father God cares about us, to notice the different amount from day to day ... (lol) with the loss

Which brings us to her final point (3rd) telling us not to fear {I noticed that I have to change to green instead of teal so you can better notice Pauline's quoted part}:
"... Jesus wants us to understand that worry is fear. It is fear that God doesn't care, and that we are responsible for our own lives. If we are not to worry or fear, than Jesus is telling us that God does care and that we are not responsible for our lives, but are not to take the responsibilities of our lives to God." Pauline Creeden "... God is not some distant, far away, absentee father. No, He is present and He cares and He doesn't want you to worry."

Brian Doerksen
captured this so beautifully
in this song with
Christine Dente
If we really believe and listen to these words, we know we must come to that place of TRUST; not fear, not worry ... easier said than done. However, this is where we must kick our faith into action, not just words that we know, but words that show we are confident in what we believe and say we believe as we not only believe in God, and His Word or promises to us, but that we BELIEVE Him, beyond a shadow of a doubt, when the rubber hits the road, we must be found to trust Him at His Word and lay down our cares, our fears, our insecurities and yes, even our worries {founded or unfounded}, we must give them ALL to Him and trust Him completely with the outcome and even through
our weakness ... our trial and tribulation, which indeed is when we need to NOT worry or allow the enemy to get us or trip us up again but remain constant in our pact with Jesus, this new covenant given to us, to guarantee and take us through the "drifts" right into placing it in His arms, our hearts, our lives, our faith, our thoughts, those fears and doubts and lies and worries, every insecurity laid at His feet, at that Cross, where we have come many times and now we must leave it there {not sneak it back or hang on by this last thread} lay it down, confess our struggle, but leave that place and care with Him. Stronger and ready to face our foe with Jesus' strength and the Holy Spirit's power because of that solid relationship we have invested our time and lives into saying we believe, now we must confidently show we believe and what we believe and IN WHOM we pledge that love bond that holds out His hand in our storm and walks with us in the calm intimately knowing we can trust Him, no matter what! I know I do and I have seen the glory of His care and love for me
{and I know He gives and offers YOU the same, so let's just TRUST Him! He is ever so worthy! He is ever so trustworthy! Let us thank Him and praise Him even in our weakness that He is more than enough and His GRACE is sufficient!}

Enjoy a
Fabulous Friday
a wonderful weekend
in the Grace and Peace
of Jesus Christ,

Whew! Just in time ... 5  minutes to publishing, good thing I did not type my prayer that followed this ... know that I prayed for you as you receive this.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

40 Days "Recovering GRACE"~ DAY 8

40 Day Journey 
"Recovering Grace"
with another book by
Pauline Creeden

"Found Adrift: 40 Days of Recovering Grace"

Day 8

Bible Reading
Psalm 119:165
Matthew 24:11
1 Corinthians 13:7

Prayer Thought

"As Christians, are we willing to take on the offense of another and bear them up? Our first calling is to love, to endure, and to believe the best. God knows we cannot do this on our own. Think about what you need help for in this regard." Pauline Creeden

[image credit:Pauline Creeden]

A new path in the Garden today

Stumbling along my "Garden of Grace" path for my "Walk this Weds." with Pauline's thoughts on these verses and "offense" especially in the church. However, when she mentions dandelions (not an important detail, except in a garden), my thoughts drifted off her topic at hand, to walking in the garden and wishing that's where I was ... picking dandelions ... reciting "He loves me, He loves me not" ... sidetracked, because I did not want to face how church people can be (in)sensitive (both) or offended; and I just wanted to avoid about church break ups occurring until she spoke about how "... one person can become easily offended ..." leave the church and turn their back on Jesus then my turning point was when Pauline took the time to define "offended" (which goes with these Bible verses but somehow I was overlooking that word) and asked "how do we get offended?"

Too often when I take my walks in the "Garden of Grace" (especially GRACE), I overlook applying some words to me, like "offend" or "repell" and I tend to look at other words like "peace", "trust and obey", "love", "believe the best" ... etc. as if to say, I don't have any problem with "offended" or offense ... then I read the definition and really reflect on those irritations that get the best of me, or sets off my explosive reaction ... of others, of course ... like weeds in the garden or gnats, and other insects that bother us on our walk, realizing that yes, this is how I end up "offended" by other's actions or lack, and stumble off the path of GRACE, His Grace toward them just as God gives to me every time I trip up and need to confess. As I examine myself and those irritations more closely in the light of the definition and synonyms Pauline shares:
"Synonyms for "offended" are: insulted, snubbed, affronted." ...
"OK, Lord, I don't have problems with those, with others, yet I recall memories of feeling that way from others toward me, but I think I've gotten over that..."
..."One definition of "offend" is" to break a commonly accepted rule or principle, causing insult, annoyance or resent. And there we have the problem. When we come to God, we are to dispel all our pre-conceived notions of what is commonly accepted and believe the best of everyone."
"Alright, Lord, you're right, I want that for me, but I forget way too often to extend that same Grace to others along my daily walk, whether they're strangers or loved ones ... [turning now to 1 Corinthians 13:7 and hearing The Voice ... then Pauline]

"Love puts up with anything and everything that comes along; it trusts, hopes, and endures no matter what." The Voice (VOICE)
"... If we I truly believe the best and endure without weakening in all circumstances then we I would become hard to offend. ... not let Satan have this foothold in our my life. ... Today we live in a society where being offended punishes the offender with an accusation of intolerance. ... makes no difference if they had malicious intent or not or whether the offended had the right to feel that way. This is a backward way of thinking."~Pauline Creeden*

" That is so true, Lord. Way too much in our world is "backward" and You know it does apply to me in the small ways because eventually those little things add up and something perhaps totally unrelated or inconsequential may set me off. Forgive me Lord. I certainly don't like it when I see it in the world, in the headlines of the news, like the recent "road rages" etc. so it must stop with me. In my life, in my ways, in my lack of love and understanding of others but mostly in not extending the same GRACE to others that You have given me. I don't deserve Your Grace, I've done nothing to earn or merit Your great mercy and amazing Grace, the way You accept and tolerate my offenses, and hold back Your anger or wrath or even Your irritation of me still not getting it right; but You open Your arms of love and invite me to take a break, rest, recover in Your GRACE. Thank You so much that I can enter into the "Gardens of Grace" and lay this all at Your feet: Taking no offense, forgiving other's offenses, and never holding an offense against someone with looking toward the Cross and giving, releasing them to You. Help me to love others as You love me and according to the principles of 1 Corinthians 13. I love having this Agape love from You but steer me to realize that I am called to show that same kind of love to others that I want for myself especially when the battle rages or times are tough or strenuous or difficult to see beyond the moment. Hold back my tongue and my thoughts (wrong or right) from judging or expecting more of others or even me, knowing that we all fall short of Your glory. Show me how to accept this and restore brokenness or people from turning away from You, Your Truth and Your Way and run to You and the Cross. Thank You Jesus!

I needed this "walk" along the path of "offended" in the "Garden of Grace" today so that I might understand and apply as much as I can as I recover Grace and no longer allow myself to withhold God's aMazing GRACE from others and so easily getting offended and responding not with God's gracious love and mercy. I am learning to surrender this control or lack of control to God little by little and also want to see how in our church family this may inhibit or drive away many before God has a chance to get a hold of them. We cannot hold God responsible for a church or the people's failings, yet often others will and leave ... so what should we do? How should we respond? How can we better respond especially to unbelievers that most likely may not realize this or others that may be immature? As a church body, we need to embrace people not drive a wedge between them and God. We need to give God a chance to reach or touch them, not set up road blocks or detours that prevent them from seeking, and coming to know Him as we do. We must not drive people away. I must not drive loved ones away, but bring reconciliation and restoration through God's love and GRACE! These are the last days and God does not want any to perish, but they will...

"The love that they had for one another will grow cold because few will obey the law. False prophets will appear, many will be taken in by them, and the only thing that will grow is wickedness. There will be no end to the increase of wickedness." The Voice, Matthew 24:11
Those who love Your law have an abundance of peace, and nothing along their paths can cause them to stumble." The Voice, Psalm 119:165

*I needed to personalize this and share most of this last paragraph from today's devotional so that you, as a reader, would better understand what I had written in my conversation.

Lent Challenge with "The VOICE"

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