"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair."~from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

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On July 18, 2017, I drafted almost 3000 blog posts that I had published since 2008 when I began blogging, rather than edit each one. So if you clicked here from somewhere else and ended up with the post unavailable or error, I am sorry but this is why. It'd be too much work for me to go back and fix them. There's an explanation on 7/19/17 as I'm still learning.

Sunday, March 31, 2024


(explained March 24, 2021 by Lia Martin at iBelieve )

 “Christ is risen!”  “He is risen, indeed!”
or “Truly, He is risen!” 

[in case the link does not work it's because it's from iBelieve Plus]

Yet the book I've been using for Lent's FOCUS of a 40 Day Journey:

by Trevor Hudson

writes in the devotional for today that "THIS ...

"...  greeting reminds us that God's action in raising Jesus is the bottom line of our faith. On the third day, after His crucifixion, Mary Magdalene, Mary, mother of James, and Salmone find Jesus' tomb empty. The love that Jesus proclaims, the love He lives, the love He is, is not defeated by the powers of evil and death. This is breathtakingly good news! No faith could be more tragic, no belief more futile than Christianity without its Risen Lord. ..."

Trevor Hudson goes on to tell us that:

 "The strongest evidence for the Resurrection is the transformed lives of Jesus' disciples."

Truthfully, this entire devotional is worth reading, but I dare not violate copyright by sharing more of his 2 page wonderfully triumphant devotional. This entire book is!


I could not find this devotional but was able to find a few excerpts from his book:

Pauses for Lent: Overcoming Evil

Pauses for Lent: Mountaintop Experiences

Pauses for Lent: Taking a Stand

Of course, Renovaré, shared a few more of these and others.

[by the way, Renovaré is Latin for Renewal; to renew, to restore]

Consider this my "easter" basket gift for you!







Christ Jesus!



Oh, and my Weekly FOCUS One Word continues all year: so this week, it's 
(1 Corinthians 16:13 BSB)


Kim Walker-Smith "Let Revival In"

I'm sure that there are plenty of wonderful choices for today
but when this one opened for me when I opened 
You Tube (YT)
I decided this would be it, without searching for any, because
it seems like a perfect ending to my days offline since 2024 began in prayer
with my hope & prayers for
{and either God chose this for me, or it was just YT's algorithm}

It is still my 

Monday, March 25, 2024

The HARD Part to WRITE; and to READ but IT Must be SAID

unlike any other blog post by me
(please see *my note at the very end)

* [image credit: Bruce Reyes-Chow]

This is one of those blog posts that I'd never have thought I'd write and even as I write it, I have to wonder IF I should or IF I will be bold enough to publish it or even IF I will be able to express what's on my heart and in my mind as I sense such an urgency at this point in my life and at this point in our nation's history that I must speak up. I'd like to say that I'm writing the following with no judgment, criticism or condemnation but that isn't or wouldn't be entirely true.

Since I have been in prayer for our nation fervently for quite some time but never so consistently daily; and for our leaders - our President & Vice President, as well as the "Church" (Christian, or those who believe that they are) and for the war torn countries that wear heavily upon my heart, I can no longer hold back from saying something stronger than I have ever done in my writings here. As I come back online after being mostly absent; I figure that this might be the best time to do so. [This is a very serious and drastic issue in this blog post and so I do not take writing this lightly. It is meant for me and for you - for such a time as this - in our lives, in our nation and in this world.]

I will start out slowly and hope that my words do not drive anyone reading this away from finishing this blog or my future blog posts. I pause every so often to try and allow God's Spirit to direct and guide my words. My first thoughts were not any of the words that I began thinking I would write when I started (actually when I felt compelled to write this blog post and sat down to begin it) but I felt I needed to preface this with some sort of explanation. I found that what I've written does not and it seems I can't. So please allow me to sort out my thoughts as I write this.

In these recent years, I have felt stronger than ever before - about being born "white" (Caucasian) - quite frankly, as I write this, I can recall different times when somehow this has surfaced. I will refrain from detailing those times right now. The reason I write this, is because for the first time I am giving voice to almost feeling shame that I was born "white". Don't take this wrong (especially if you too are white) but God made us all in His image, a beautiful mosaic of various shades and yet for some unknown reason, we (as whites) have a misconception that we are superior. Based on being white? or that others think we are (or perhaps, you might). I'm not judging. Yet this "white supremacy" deal has really weighed heavily upon my heart and now even more this "white male" superiority and also this "white Christian nationalism" has broken and devastated me because of what it's doing in the name of Christ (which it isn't at all following Jesus Christ or His teachings). Besides praying, I have also been reading at different times and familiarizing myself with a better understanding as I try to work through this. 

Maybe you have heard the term "white privileged" as I have throughout my life. I guess that I never really thought of myself this way but it probably was because I never took the time to consider or understand what that really means or how others might look at me thinking that. In the last decade, there is a person in my life that frequently makes a comment to me that I don't have to worry about this or that because "you're white", which has made me reflect and look at this from a different perspective. Then I read this article and began to "recognize ... that "white privilege begins with truly understanding the term." That well-written article was the beginning of having my eyes opened in a new way. Yet God has been speaking this in me and to me for quite some time, so that I might truly understand from His perspective and others. You know that expression "walk a mile in their shoes" ... used generally when you criticize someone else to think about before you do that you should "walk a mile in their shoes" so that if we did, we might better understand. This expression was used as a kind warning to us before we judge someone else (regardless), we would be better off to take the time to understand their experiences, challenges, thought processes, etc. and show more empathy. To me, this was also what Jesus would do, say and hope we would do with others before ... lashing out, judging, criticizing, etc. and temper what we say and do so with love, kindness and a clearer understanding, which is really what I hope to do when explaining this, but I have noticed the complete opposite in society; so much of our world has taken on to bullying, violence, counter-productive ways in our words and actions. It's very disheartening and certainly lacks the respect, compassion and empathy that Jesus Christ taught/teaches us.

I've read in the Scriptures about "to whom much is given, much will be required" (Luke 12:48) but never ever associated this to race but to richness (wealth) however I'm beginning to wonder if it might refer to more than distribution of what we have and sharing with others less fortunate. Please remember that there are also "whites" who are poor or less fortunate, as well as others from other races that are very blessed and fortunate. But this has caused me to pause and reflect on how much I have been given; even knowing that I am and came from middle class, and that my father worked very hard to provide that lifestyle for me, but so has my non-white spouse worked very hard & he continues to do so into his 90s. 

I do not desire to write about racism, nor prejudices and biases. I am far from being qualified to do this. Nor do I want to write about "white supremacy" or "white Christian Nationalism" because I am just beginning to learn, and again far from able to write on this, yet I know that the root of this in our nation is causing much division and issues, as well as developing to be a source of so many problems so I have many thoughts and opinions about all of this and from what I'm reading. I cannot even fully wrap my mind around all of what I clearly see better now than ever before in my life, even from where I have come and how I was raised. I'm not even quite sure why God has allowed me to be so burdened by this, but I know it is very important and I must speak out. 

Before I will write anymore, or you read any more of my blog post, I strongly suggest that you take the time to open your mind, eyes and heart - as you go and thoughtfully read "What is White Privilege, Really?" by Cory Collins, Issue 60, Fall of 2018 (that I linked above) for now. 

[I know I probably am asking much from you to go and read that article (written for educators and professional development) but I believe it's important and that each of us need to broaden our perspectives and continue learning throughout all of our lives to reach our full potential as human beings as we learn and seek "justice for all". I hope you take the time and evaluate (or re-evaluate) your life, purpose and direction. I know that I am. The future of this nation depends on each of us.]

... "God, help me not to be indifferent when I am confronted by pain, by poverty, by malice, by addiction, by marginalization, by struggle, by despair. Grant my heart all feeling, grant my mind all understanding, and grant my soul all compassion. Let my response be the response you intend. Amen." [words on the following*image] breyeschow

*[image credit: Bruce Reyes-Chow (day 33, p.66)]

I'd like to say that I use to be "proud" of being from the 4 nationalities that are part of who I am. {I don't often use the word "proud" but I don't have another word to use. Although I have no real pride about my ethnicity, I do like that I have 1/4 of each of these "nationalities", which is the term we use to use to ask "what nationality are you?" for our ancestry or ethnic backgrounds. I knew that each of mine was from each of my maternal and paternal grandparents. So I am Swedish and Irish from my father's side; my paternal grandfather and grandmother. And I am French and English from my mother's parents, my maternal grandparents. I never really ever thought of any of those as superior "nationalities" nor the whiteness in my skin color (the amount of melanin) as superior. In the same way, I might also say that I was "proud" to be a "Christian" but the truth is I am thankful that I am a Christian. However in these recent years, I am much more hesitant to use the label of Christian. In fact, when I was in Mexico, I would clarify this by saying I follow the teaching and beliefs of Jesus Christ and reading the Bible. There is no pride in me of either my nationalities nor being Christian. I am just very grateful that I believe that Jesus saves me and I'm not so sure about the blend of my nationalities (lol) but I am what I am. I guess I am very thankful that I was born within the boundaries of this country in North America but these are far from being the United States of America that I once knew. And while I am at it, the 'Church' in this country - the Christian Church, is also further and further from uniting, or being united; and in fact, in my opinion, it is more divided in this recent decade than I have ever seen. Yet, there are still pockets of Christians that still follow Jesus Christ and His teachings. But we must never believe we are "superior" (nor boast) that we have the grace of God in our lives, because it is Jesus, who has saved us; not of ourselves or our own making - only by our choice and surrendering our will to His will daily that we have His aMazing grace, not based on race - for we are brothers and sisters "in Christ" (not a God-given right, race, religion, gender, etc). 

We must STOP believing that we are GOD and supreme in any way over any other human being and START being humane toward one another. We must refuse to think we have the right to take away any other's rights and the free will that God Almighty (Jehovah) has given to each person to choose. We can share our beliefs but not at the expense of taking away some else's choice. And we must put away these "childish ways" that have replaced God's LOVE with selfishness and self-determined thinking that we can rule over others and their beliefs at the cost of their lives and right to choose freely; and through hate, discord, disharmony, lies, etc. we see so much evil that is on the rise of people deciding their way is the right way or the only way. 

[There is much to still write on this topic, but I will end this here. But in case, you did not go read the article I linked or make it through that article, I probably will come back to this topic again and the main points in that article, especially the "boxed area" near the end ... perhaps if you didn't read it, you can scroll down at least to that gray "boxed area" to read:

"So, what can I do once I recognize my white privilege?"

[assuming that you (and I) are willing to admit that white privilege does exist & has for far too long]

I already have begun and believe that


might be one way of showing our commitment 
to benefit others

I'll begin to end by sharing this:

Whiteness is not just an ideology; it is also an idol. For people of faith, this is not just a political issue but a religious one as well. Idols separate us from God, and the idolatry of “whiteness” has separated white people from God. It gives us an identity that is false, one filled with wrongful pride, one that perpetuates both injustice and oppression. Whiteness is an idol of lies, arrogance, and violence. This idol blinds us to our true identity as the children of God, because, of course, God’s children are of every color that God has made them to be. To believe otherwise is to separate ourselves from God and the majority of God’s children on this planet who are people of color.”Jim Wallis, pastor and author

“Religion is often used as a sword to divide, rather than as a balm to heal.” ― Jim Wallis

Something to consider during this


Week of our LORD Jesus Christ

who showed endless


for us


picked up a



show us

how much









This might be the beginning to a true, contrite REPENTANCE, RESTORATION & REVIVAL for each one of us this week. 

Perhaps we can learn, unlearn, re-learn or begin again to see one another as God sees us and loves us and has asked each one of us "to humble ourselves ..." (2 Chronicles 7:13-14). It's an IF and THEN condition by God. Sadly, we think that it means the other person or someone else needs to "humble themselves" but we need to look inwardly and see if WE truly have ... "with an attitude of repentance and insignificance" in the presence of the Lord (James 4:10, Amplified). 

I began praying with the verse from 2 Chronicles 7 last December (2023) "IF WE WILL ... THEN HE WILL ..." with a grassroots prayer project and this verse from the Old Testament of 2 Chronicles 7 took on a deeper meaning for me. So as we began 2024 in a 50 state-wide prayer over our nation for revival (each on our own, but together in one accord) "standing in the gap", I began to sense more and more, greater and greater, that not only does revival come by starting in each individual heart, but also through each state (in every community), I began to see how important it is for each person's heart to change and be willing to change. As I was taking in each part of that verse I found myself personally needing to change & humble myself first, before I could pray & expect a revival in & for our whole nation. It was THEN that my heart also began to weep (like Jesus for Jerusalem) so I carried the burden of our nation daily before God - broken and appalled at the way we (I) have taken our privileges for granted; whether it's "white privilege" or the privilege of being children of God, or living in a democracy and republic called the United States of America. 

Through nothing that I have done on my own merit but just because I was born here by God's Grace. I might have been born in Central America or South America or Ukraine or Russia or the Gaza strip, but I was blessed to be born in this country, which has been given many freedoms and liberties that we can no longer take for granted; and based on this upcoming election, we may loose these so called "inalienable rights" because we are on that precipice - on the very verge of falling into an abyss much greater than we can imagine. We have arrived at this place in time and are pitted on opposing sides, where we believe as we hear from our own side (from our own beliefs and perspective) but react based mostly from our own fears that have now been unleashed by the enemy and it's raising its ugly head by deceiving us into believing falsehoods that will rob, steal and destroy from within ... yes, WE, the PEOPLE have not humbled ourselves, etc. nor turned from our wicked ways. 

So this Holy Week, this Week of the Passion of Jesus Christ; we can submit ourselves to God, by starting with acknowledging that we need to REPENT (which means CHANGE) and HUMBLE ourselves; THEN ... or so that



{oh, and I'm not saying that 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 was written or has anything specifically to deal with either our elections in 2024 (or previous ones) or that God's promising to heal our land here in America} 

but it does start in our own heart!

*[image credit: Bruce Reyes Chow; p.60]

*All images are from:
 "40 Days 40 Prayers 40 Words: 
Lenten Reflections for Everyday Life"
by Bruce Reyes-Chow
(last 2 of the Words from this past week)


Sunday, March 24, 2024


[Semana Santa]



[image credit: 40 Days 40 Words]

On this Palm Sunday, the appropriate One Word
would be "Hosanna" but that One Word is postponed
until Monday, March 25th, day 35
since Sunday is a day of rest

However, the reading for today is:
Mark 11:1-11
Mark 11:9

DAYS 35 - 40 (M-Sa) Holy Week

35. HOSANNA - Mark 11:9; John 12:13
36. STRANGER - Matthew 25:35
37. BETRAY - Matthew 26:21
38. WEPT - John 11:35
39. DIE - John 12:24
40. CRUCIFIED & RAISED - Mark 16:6

Powerful One Words!

In the book, "Pauses for Lent", Day 35 is actually JUDGE (Matthew 7:1) and HOSANNA was shared in the videos with Father Laguerta for Day 40 and BELONG was for Day 35. Yet because Sundays are not included in the 40 Days, I thought it was an important One Word from Mark 11:9 and chose to share it as the One Word for Mon. Day 35 instead of JUDGE.

The other changes that I made for this week: Day 38 (Maundy Thursday) in the book is PRUNE (John 15:2), not WEPT (which was on Day 23) and Day 39 (Good Friday) is GETHSAMANE (Matthew 26:36) and DIE is on Day 40. I should have chosen TOMB for Day 40, but I chose CRUCIFIED & RAISED, because those 2 words are in the verse for Resurrection SONday (Easter) from the reading of Mark 16:1-8, specifically Mark 16:6. Raised or RISEN is the best One Word ever (Luke 24:34). He is RISEN indeed! Halleluiah! Aleluya!

I love the image that I shared above from the other book "40 Days, 40 Words" by Ken & Randy Petersen (that I found on Amazon page of the book from the Publisher). If you can read the small print, you will see that HOSANNA, found there in John 12:13, means "Help now!" or "Save us, please!" in Hebrew but in the Greek translation it means "a relief that our hope has come". 

"On Palm Sunday, we celebrate that Jesus has rescued us from our brokenness." For me, in 2024, these meanings speak volumes in the current situation in our nation and the world. My prayers throughout these months have been crying out "Lord, save us, please! Have mercy on us. Help us now." Mostly because our nation and this world desperately needs Jesus, who is and brings our relief that our Hope has come. My continuous prayers during 2024 I'm sure will be this and not just for those who do not yet know, receive or believe; but for the Church, who professes that they do know Jesus and even to me, it hardly looks like it. The other One Word for this day is JUDGE and because that verse echoes in my heart "...do not judge, so that you may not be judged..." I will with hold from any or all judgments on anyone, but I will continue to cry out for mercy. "Lent (according to the devotion that day) can be a time to confront the logs in our own eyes, to name them, and to call on the Lord for help removing them." ...

"... Something beautiful happens when we do this: We become less judgmental, more gentle, and more understanding of the struggles others face. In a word, we become compassionate."

Oh Lord, let it be ... !

{so much relevance found in these One Words and The Word, His Word}

I pray that this week will be HOLY and filled by Him!


*NOTE: The FOCUS One Word (if I've kept up correctly) for RESURRECTION SONday should be ALERT (1 Corinthians 16:13) and today for this week starting with Palm Sunday ADVANCE (Hebrews 5:14 ESV) and the "Focus Tip" from the author, Cleere Cherry Reeves, seems to be perfect for this Holy Week: "This week, ask God to help you release everything that is holding you back from ADVANCING, learning, and growing in your faith. Focus on what it might look like to go deeper."








Save us Lord Jesus!

I love PALM SONday!

Palms up & Praise to the King of kings!

{... but then I remember the days & the events that follow}


Sharing More:

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starting March 25th to

Follow Jesus through the Holy Land

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I have always wanted to go & visit the Holy Land

but I have enjoyed in previous years

going through videos of others!

I am thankful that this is being offered with my favorite teachers/authors!

It just seems like the safest way to "travel" is through this way

so I appreciate that I(we) can do this - this way




I will imagine us being there alongside each other in awe!


with you.

What a privilege!

through this 



[new unreleased song from Elevation Worship; watch for it]





I encourage you to listen to Holly Furtick
"God Has Given Me Everything I Need for the Season I'm In"
Exodus 12:29-36 +

I was ready to Title it myself because 
I couldn't find her title with: 
Pack Your Bags Well Now for Future Seasons

but her message is the last mindset in 
Pastor Steven Furtick's 
"Do the New You"

Sunday, March 17, 2024


A fabulous Focus One Word for this Week:


["... a change of their very nature or a
change at the heart of who they (we) are"]

" ... those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.” John 4:14 NLT
" ... I offer water that will become a wellspring within you that gives life throughout eternity. You will never be thirsty again. John 4:14 (The Voice)

["Spiritual Transformation refers primarily to a 
fundamental change
in the place of the sacred
the character of the sacred
as an object of significance in life. ..." 

This article covers the definition & more:
What is Transformation in the Bible?

To me, I find this to be a "fabulous" One Word as we approach the end of our 
Lent journey and then Passion Week
leading us to the ultimate

in the
from the Cross to the Tomb to the
Glorious Day

But I'm getting ahead of myself as I look forward to this SONday in
(2 weeks)
March 31, 2024

Once again the Focus One Word was not in the verse given, 
yet most of us are familiar with
2 Corinthians 3:18;
and Romans 12:2
that use


On this 5th Sunday in Lent

the reading's from 

Mark 10:32-45


Mark 10:44-45

29. SERVE-Matthew 20:28
30. JUSTIFIED-*Luke 18:14
31. DIVIDED- *Luke 11:17
32. TEMPTATION-Hebrews 4:15
33. PRAY-Luke 11:1
34. WILL-Matthew 26:39

{the 2 with * are not from the book, but from the videos}

Word 23 "Divided" (Luke 11:14-23) discussion around 3:01-

as most realize, there is much "division" happening in our midst

Word 25 "Justified" (Luke 18:9-14) begins around 2:29-

I'm being "transformed" (this week in comparison to last) and with holding

my personal remarks (which I have many) about 


and instead I continue to


and justice for all



try not to fall into the


to spill my guts on how many of us are

clearly not following Jesus' Word(s)

yet as we all try to SERVE not be served

may we continue to PRAY at least in one accord:

"Your Kingdom come, Your WILL be done"

and really stop praying to God that

our will be done


that's not His will.

We are to SERVE with the

Compassion of


since we are to be 

Jesus' hands and feet as we


with the heart of God/Jesus

as JESUS served


May God have mercy!

May His Spirit 

help & convict us!

May we humble ourselves

as the vessels we are meant to be

to love one another

(not fear or be superior)

We are ALL made in God's Image!


Thank You


May we REPENT and REJOICE in our




as if we are








There is no other name above JESUS!

No one ... not one!

Stop bowing down & please stand up for the

King of Kings

the Lord of lords



"...The heart of our journeys as Christ-followers lies 
in learning how to surrender our wills to
God's WILL.
Jesus models this surrender..."

(from day 34 in "Pauses for Lent")



[Traditional IRISH Blessings]

my Prayer for you

from my 1/4 side of Irish - my paternal grandma


whatever roots you are/have

May God Bless you!


Sunday, March 10, 2024


My One Word for this Week is:

2 Corinthians 10:5

{although that Scripture verse does not have the One Word AUTHORITY in it}

but 2 Corinthians 10:8 does

However, there are two verses that come to my mind & the third one, I don't like much:

Matthew 28:18
(spoken by Jesus to His disciples)

Luke 10:19
(again Jesus speaking)

Romans 13:1-2
(written by Paul to Gentile believers in Rome)

I guess I don't really like "snakes and scorpions" either, nor what the represent.

And I agree what Paul has written, I just think too many are misusing this in recent times.

Yet, it is meant to describe that we, as Christians live under the 

AUTHORITY of our government authorities.

Here in our country, that used to make more sense. 

But think about if you live in another country, not governed fairly.

A dictatorship, for example. A corrupt governing body.

I guess this is when we use Luke 10:19. (lol)

This is not so far fetched right now in our own country 

- our democracy is in great peril -

I am greatly saddened by the direction of our governing bodies 

or lack of direction and the AUTHORITY that they think they now have or will;

I can't even begin to get into this, but I really should.

Believe me, I am praying relentlessly to God

and for God's AUTHORITY over these governing authorities

here and in other countries, especially those persecuting Christians.

I am sure that we never even imagined ourselves living under persecution.

Too many of us have taken for granted the freedoms we have been afforded; 

so blessed to be given and have, just because of where we were born.

I beg God to have mercy on us!


This was not the topic of the devotion, but I can't stop myself from those above thoughts.

I love this statement at the end of this devotion on


"... The way to operate in our God-given AUTHORITY is to reframe our perspective based on Him, not on us. Hand in hand, bringing heaven to earth."

If those in AUTHORITY did this, we'd have much less to be concerned about in our

 government leaders, that are more and more less like God or Jesus' teaching.

And not even close to being leaders!

Thank God for His AUTHORITY!

I do realize that this verse says that God establishes our leaders

but the purpose is not for their own purposes or power


taking control or controlling or refusing to submit to God

seems to be the current dilemma 

"Generally speaking,

human government serves to rein in & punish evil."

I'm seeing too much evil, out of control, because of power thirsty governmental leaders.

As I've stated, we are in an impending and disastrous spiral of evil & peril -

out of fear, and need to be in power over others & their freedoms.

There are too many lies being projected repeatedly so they're believed,

we are being deceived sadly and duped by

"snakes & scorpions"

indoctrinated in false statements.

May God save us & wake up His Church to His Truth!

As you can tell, I care deeply and am passionate about the perilous direction of our country. It is hard for me to not say something. And I have spoken (written) too much and not enough. I am finding it difficult to write further on this blog post without alerting as many as I can to the times in which we live and the importance of God's AUTHORITY, our obedience and our responsibility as true believers of Jesus Christ ... not ones who are bowing to human entities, or supremacies of any human. We are all created in God's image equally, no one is supreme over another, no race or ethnic group is supreme. We are surrendering the power given to us in Jesus, for a false human power, not one by the Spirit - not of might nor of the Spirit's power. Please open your spiritual eyes and hearts to what the teaching of Jesus says and His Word warning us to beware; even of those in the Church. Too many lack the character of Jesus in these days and are leading us to save their own skins, at a high cost to us. 

Trust me when I began this post, I had no idea that I would head off in this direction from this One Word. Before I loose too many of you, and some of you might have stopped reading this even before now, I will continue with the other One Words for each day this week - rather than continue, but I won't delete what I have poured out, or expound any further. I'm hoping my words were/are Spirit led as I do pray before I begin for exactly this - that the Holy Spirit would take control of what I am about to share in this blog post. Sometimes we never know where this may lead us. I pray that I have not offended you, but I do hope that I have jolted you into seriously coming to Jesus about all decisions especially in regards to the direction of our nation and the importance of your diligence to turn your heart to Jesus only; surrender is only to Jesus, and Jesus' AUTHORITY in you is more powerful than anything this world is offering. Use with godly caution & principles. I must leave this thread but it's very hard for me

Onward to
The One Word "Pauses for Lent" for this 4th week:

23. UNFAIR - Ezekiel 18:25-29 CSB (video)
24. BLESSING - Genesis 12:2 (video)
25. MERCIFUL - Joel 2:13
26. FREE - John 8:31-32
27. SIN - 1 John 1:8
28. ENEMIES - Matthew 5:44-45 {not the Enemy}

[More below the <><><> on these]

{I linked this to the beginning blog post of all the One Words, so you know I did not change or choose these One Words to go along with my previous thoughts - nor did I look ahead to these before adding them here or writing as I did above.}

In case you do see a correlation, it was not designed by me. If you don't see one, you might  look closer at how these One Words connect to my thoughts above about the One Word for this week. As forewarned, I'm having a hard time leaving my thoughts behind on AUTHORITY . 
We must stand in Jesus' AUTHORITY, not to overpower people with violent rhetoric & actions, but according to the author of "FOCUS" in the devotion where she states so powerfully that ... 

"Jesus is pleading with us to stand in His AUTHORITY, and really get it this time" ... 

"The enemy has had way too much say when it comes to how we reflect, view and dream for our lives. His goal in self-evaluation is always shame; he's terrified of our potential. He doesn't want us to realize the AUTHORITY that we have in the Name of Jesus." from Cleere Cherry Reaves, FOCUS ...

AMEN! Great message and words that I just had to quote because as she points out before this how God is for us and that we never fight a battle without Him; whereas the enemy of our souls "has had way too much say"! WOW, how I agree! Or possibly I'm reading this wrong, but I believe strongly that we fight "not by power, nor by might, but by His Spirit" says the Lord of Hosts (Zephaniah 4:6). Too many are fighting in their own power & not at all through God's Spirit; using words with actions that do not represent Jesus at all. In fact, there are people, who are far from representing what I believe is Jesus' character or principles, leading others to their way of thinking, blinding them from the truth and repeating lies so many times that the people believe them, without testing the spirit of truth in their words. I am appalled at all this.


Further explanation of the daily One Word Pauses (days 23-24)

I chose UNFAIR (Word 10) and BLESSING (Word 12) from the videos of "40 Words for the Journey of Lent" without knowing that Father Laguerta was from the Philippines (& speaks both English & their language in these videos). Regardless, I wish that I had stayed with just one set of One Words and not tried to compile from the various ones that I encountered, all of which are good One Words for Lent and the list & sources are good, but now going back & trying to find where I got the different Words, makes this a hard task. And watching the videos to catch the scripture chosen is not so easy. I found the One Word UNFAIR in the Christian Standard Bible, other versions used other similar words like not fair and not right, but also unjust. The Catholic priest, Father Laguerta chose this from the second reading and he speaks in both English and the dialect of the Philippines. The video on the One Word BLESSING is at Mount Sinai. There are many verses available to us of the One Word "BLESSING" but of course, the Beatitudes are filled with "Blessings" or "Blessed ..." more specifically "Happy ..." and the first Scripture that comes to my mind is where we got the song "The Blessing" (Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes) Numbers 6:24-26. The other One Words are found in the book "Pauses for Lent" (for days 25-28). 

"...One of the most difficult challenges for a Christ-follower is loving" our enemies. And our first step in loving them is to pray for them. Not only did Jesus do this but He wants us to do this also. So if I've made any new (or old) enemies today by what I've written (or said) please forgive me and pray for me. I thank you. May our prayers help us to grow spiritually and change our attitudes, discouraging any one of us (especially in the social media sites, in our comments) from saying or doing anything disrespectful and often, just down right nasty to those we dislike or consider to be opposing our own views to treat others as we would like God (and others) to treat us. {Thankfully, I don't participate in other social media sites.} but... C'mon people now, smile ... , be a lot more friendly and kind AND frankly be human, which is also humane toward one another. Jesus calls this LOVE! God is LOVE and let me tell you, too many have forgotten this measure that Jesus has given His very life to give us ... just show a little love - no, actually show a LOT MORE LOVE like JESUS! Compassion is the way Jesus treats others and shows empathy to them as well. Let's show more BE ATTITUDES and less selfish ones and selfish ambition and the evil selfishness rearing its ugly head among us. Let us BLESS one another & stop cursing others in Jesus' beautiful & precious (selfless) Name! 

 Just to remind you!
"The Blessing" 
[also linked it above]

from this book


Words in the above Image from the above book

"When I live believing my life is the only life that matters, God, remind me that the faces of others reflect your face, the struggles of others bring your liberation to my life, and the kindness of others speaks your grace into my soul. Amen."

Perhaps the rest of this should be another blog post, but I needed to share on Sunday😇

I have two church services that I'd like to share (now a week later)
in case the links no longer work ...

Prayer clip at the end of Hope Church - Oakdale 3/4/24 service

This 1st is just a clip of the prayer at the end of a very good sermon.

I have other clips but the entire sermon is worth watching

from Hope Church (local church in Oakdale, MN) You Tube Channel.

I believe the link is for the entire online church service, so 

start about 38:58 where the sermon begins.

It is not on AUTHORITY, yet in a way it is.

The series is "Higher Wisdom".

The part I like is near the end on:

The Enemies of the Truth:
The Lawyer
The Waffler
The Pleaser
The Opportunist
The Bull

{I made 13 Clips because it only will hold 60 seconds. 1st time I've done this.}
So, I didn't realize that I should write down where it is timewise until halfway.

Of course, for context the entire sermon works best!

I hope that it blesses you as much as it did me!


The 2nd one is only one of the people that shared at Watermark Church, Stillwater, MN;
 You Tube channel

celebrating their 11th Birthday & some of the "Missions this Church supports"

The Full service 3/3/24 - and the last person that shared on Venture 
(begins 1:01:39)

was Paul Hurckman, Exec. Director

The parts that moved me to tears came here and afterwards with the testimony of

investing in people like Hannah (1:10:30--- clip beginning of her story)

who in turn invested in others

beginning of 2nd testimony clip
2nd part & 3rd part
4th part clip cuts

Truly is aMazing part of God's heart & story!

These may not work, but I think you can find if you're interested.
I may have to take the clips down from here but not the 
 Church above and Venture website to connect.


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Overcompensating with so much good over too much negativity 

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