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Monday, January 31, 2022

A NEW YEAR - 2022 STRONG Start & ReConnecting (with 21 days of Prayer)

{Actually continuing with more Prayer after just finishing 21 days of Prayer}

As usual, I cannot believe that the entire month of January has come & gone without any blog post sine New Year's Day ... and ending 2021 with my One Word STRENGTH strong with my recap, I chose to do this wonderful You Version plan

so that

I would continue into 2022 STRONG with the STRENGTH I discovered
through Jesus Christ that He strengthens me daily

Although STRENGTH is not the 2022 One Word for me, I must remain STRONG and most certainly needed a Strong Start (as this one definitely is). Since I finished it today (later than Belong Church), I wanted to at least share it briefly.

The following are the 14 days: 
(I personally needed some just to be ReFreshed & remain STRENGTHENED)

1. ... for the Journey
2. ... to Overcome
3. ... to Endure
4. ... for your Weakness
5. ... for Impossibilities
6. ... in Suffering
7. ... to Seek
8. ... to Surrender
9. ... for the Work
10. ... to Grow
11. ... in Waiting
12. ... to Love
13. ... to Obey
14. ... for Success

with the Scriptures, video teachings, devotionals & prayers
(I was going to also list the Scriptures for each day but it's better to just go do their plan)

One Word like STRENGTH needs to be 
a continual process
daily we need His STRENGTH in all the struggles
and all the battles in this new era that we face 
after this coronavirus pandemic hit us
followed by so many variants

We need all the STRENGTH available in God's Word.

Can you guess which ones I really needed?
Which ones might you be needing for 2022?

maybe there are other areas that you can think of that you're sure 
you need more STRENGTH ... X-tra STRENGTH 

You & I & JESUS
Holy Spirit
reinforced with His power
daily we need to be filled
by The Word - The Bread of Life

Start your year with Belong Church (who provided this plan for) finding strength in the Scriptures for 2022! {It looks like Belong Church did this together on Facebook or Instagram or both in January (the 10th -24th) of 2022}

I hinted about the One Word for 2022 in 2021
but still not ready to reveal the
One Word


for February
You Version has a Challenge

so I chose the
(which kinda connects a little to my 2022 One Word but that isn't it)

21 Days of Prayer: Reconnecting

There are seasons of life when we feel completely disconnected from
 the things we once held most dear. 
This plan is designed to help us reconnect with God, community, and our mission to the world.

{Sorry, but I could not connect with the link to the plan & a Google search gave me others but then I got it}

Looking forward to

This year also marks the 50th Year of our High School & a Reunion is planned in September 2022.

[Please pray that Coronavirus is better under control and behind us by then, for all of us.]
Also for Tracy (2nd time going through Covid, she's vaccinated & has pneumonia & worse) & her family also. Thank you.

Saturday, January 1, 2022


[*credit on image]

A special video of
"The Blessing"

Numbers 6:24-26

{I read the note on copyright for this choice of image but I still don't know if it is. I will gladly remove it if it is. I saw that you can share to various media sites so I hope that means it is not copyrighted.} 

To my faithful visitors;
all of you who spend your valuable time here with me
I do appreciate you so much!

Thank you for taking your time to visit!

Love, Sweet blessings & Hugs!