"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

Friday, September 30, 2016


For the 31 days of October, I will finally be tackling a book I got earlier this year but have yet to read in full or do "40 Days to Lasting Change - an AHA Challenge" by Kyle Idleman. So it's another journey with CHANGE but of a different nature.

I never decided definitively that CHANGE was/is or would be the One Word that God spoke to me for 2016, yet it certainly has been a front runner in many ways, before me throughout this year of CHANGE. So I will be reading through this and taking on this AHA Challenge. 

[For many reasons, I wish that I could have exchanged the previous "Journey to Change" with this "Lasting Change" but it was only 21 days and this 40 days so neither one fits well in this month, but I am processing ahead as I make plans and "changes" for my transition, not knowing for sure when it will be but that it definitely will "change" my life and also my blogging time so that's why both of these were pre-planned and drafted earlier then when they are being published. Nonetheless, I hope both will benefit us ... with CHANGE]

"We’ve all had “aha!” moments in our lives, times when a sudden revelation surprises us with insight. According to pastor and best-selling author Kyle Idleman, we can experience this same kind of “aha!” in our spiritual lives. With everyday examples and trademark testimonies, Idleman draws on Scripture to reveal how three key elements can draw us closer to God and change our lives for good. Awakening to the reality of our true spiritual condition, we see ourselves and our need for a Savior with renewed honesty. This realization leads to action, obeying God’s commands and following the example set by Christ. As we see in the transformation of the prodigal son, the result is a life-changing, destiny-altering collision—an AHA moment that leads us home to our loving Father."{this is from the original book "AHA"}

Before I start this AHA Challenge of 40 Days, I just felt it might help to take the time to define "AHA". If you ever have checked out my "reactions" after each blog post, at the very end after Comments (when you might not have time or feel like commenting you can just check these), you might have noticed that I have included the word "aha" and probably wondered even what I mean by that choice. For me, and my blog post writing, I mean it as that whatever I wrote or shared resonated with you or something in that blog post made a "light" come on in a new or different way. According to Kyle Idleman, in the Introduction of this book, he writes for the purpose of this challenge:

"...AHA is a spiritual experience that brings about supernatural change. More specifically, AHA is "a sudden recognition that leads to an honest moment that brings lasting change."

The part that I need to emphasize for me precedes this when Kyle Idleman clearly states that "... the goal of 40 Days to Lasting Change: An AHA Challenge" is not to find ways to change ourselves - it's to seek and encounter God in ways that allow Him to change us." And that's what 2016 and probably 2017 will be for me (most likely 2018 also) so that's alot of God working in me, changing much in me beyond these 40 days or even this year. CHANGE, I cannot avoid nor anticipate, but know that it's in the making and due to happen. This is also why I am leaning into to HEARING God's voice and trying to listen to what He is speaking for me to BE or how to BE who He made me to BE and most definitely CHANGE to BE more like Him. 

According to Kyle Idleman, "AHA always has 3 ingredients":

"1. a sudden Awakening
  2. brutal Honesty
  3. immediate Action

I will not be sharing as much publicly as I hoped that I would along this journey but each day, I will try to give the Day, Title, Scripture Verse and perhaps a question or activity (sometimes I may be able to share my part of my journey) but not the valuable points from "The Prodigal Son" story, with application to our own journey that Kyle writes about, and then asks us to put into Action, after BEing Awakened and totally Honest with ourselves.

 So you may wonder what's the point of me even sharing this AHA Challenge? ... as encouragement for your own journey and mine with some aspect of accountability in completing this and perhaps a prayer for you or from you for me as you sense God working on CHANGE in me in this season of CHANGE.

 I'll be starting this book and hopefully this process
October 1st
for the next 40 days
{not just the 31 days of the annual 31 Day Challenge but 40 squeezed into 31}
YouVersion 7 day Reading Plan

I've been reading and searching
for a
"battle plan"
strategies for my "war room" since
reading "FerVent" and "Battle Plan for Prayer"
yet for the next 31 days I'm
focusing on


one of my
that will change my life

So this is
My Battle Plan
I can so relate to the story of the
from both sides


Thursday, September 29, 2016



Passage: Acts 9:1-19

"Only a change of heart can lead to a lasting change in behavior.
1)  Are you a rule follower at heart? What is it about following rules that we find so attractive?
2)  Do you struggle with the idea that you can't earn Salvation? Why or why not?
3)  Grace changed Paul forever. How has God’s grace already changed you? 

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Here I am
for my
Walk On Weds.
{or at least on a path where I'd rather or might like to be}
from here
on this 28th day of September
a special day, in 1909
when my dad was born in Bismark, N. Dakota
and today he's celebrating his walk on
the streets of gold in heaven

and as
we near the end of
"Journey to Change"
tomorrow is the last day - 21
we'll be beginning another journey
challenge for October
"AHA - Lasting Change"
{more about that later}

I borrowed the image above from yet another
wonderful 10 day reading plan at YouVersion
by Pastor Rob Ketterling from MN
{imagine that}
So it makes sense that this photo looks so familiar
and the path, one I need to walk
as this plan description reads:

"...It's time to make a change. Pastor Rob Ketterling writes, "You can either change before you have to or because you have to." Over the next 10 days, Pastor Rob will help you discover what you need to do right now to discover a new life of abundance, passion, and satisfaction. Until change comes, you will continue missing out on God's best."

{this reading plan comes from a book he's written by that title}

I can clearly voice one thing for sure
as much as some change is unwanted and unsure
I never want to miss out on God's best
or continue down that path so
I began

"Change Before You Have To"

finding each devotional to be more profound

 because I heard



from the KEY IDEAS daily to 
the suggested
"Take Action Today"
plus the chosen
from God

Since I'm not the author of these ideas and the reading plan is available as well as the book, I'm just going to highlight those "key ideas" and if you find yourself in need of "change" or facing change - I highly recommend at least trying out the 10 day YV reading plan:

1) "Acknowledge What Controls You
KEY IDEA. Those things that control your thoughts will control your actions."

2) "Because or Before?
KEY IDEA. You can change before you have to instead of because you have to."

3) "Ringo was right…It don’t come easy.
KEY IDEA. Just because change is hard doesn’t mean it is unnecessary."

4) "The Past Predicts the Future
KEY IDEA. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, your future will look like your past." (see below for more)

5) "Truth Precedes Change
KEY IDEA. Encountering truth always results in a need to change.

6) "The Bondage Masquerade
KEY IDEA. We often limit our potential by living in bondage to old ways of thinking.

7) "God Gives Instructions, Not Suggestions
KEY IDEA. God gives us specific instructions, not a list of possibilities.

8) "Obstacles Are Unavoidable
KEY IDEA. We can’t avoid the obstacles associated with change."

9) "The Influence Dilemma
KEY IDEA. Change happens in response to the influences in your life."

10) "God Uses Ordinary People for Extraordinary Purposes
KEY IDEA. God wants to use you to accomplish extraordinary things today and in the days ahead.

I'm choosing to share just #4, to give you an example of the "Take Action Today" part (but they were all good and worth the action)

"TAKE ACTION TODAY. What are some past decisions you wish you could change? What thought processes do you need to change to keep from making those same mistakes?"

Yeah, I'm ready for a beautiful Walk On Weds. like this, even if it calls for some drastic change(s) and many miles to get there - I'm more than ready for "abundance, passion and a little more satisfaction" of a more spiritual nature, on my home front for awhile (only God knows how long and all the details) so I'll be content in trusting God with the plan ... since ultimately HE is the one in control and because 'Father Knows Best' Always :) My Change is slow, steady and forthcoming ... yet I'm hoping it's lasting (we'll see after the next 30 days of a 40 day challenge) ... I can't wait for all God CHANGES ... and that I may accept the things I cannot change, have courage to change the things I can, and wisdom ... much Godly wisdom, direction, strength, etc. to always know the difference  

"...Living one day at a time; 
enjoying one moment at a time..."

LORD, Help me


For the past 20 days, we've seen how
impacted some
Biblical Characters
it's time for us

Looking forward to some Autumn
Fall Walks

coming soon


Love ~ Peggy

{counting on you for some heavenly traveling companions for protection}
and favorable weather would be nice


Tuesday, September 27, 2016



Passage: John 7:1-5; 1 Cor.15:1-7

"1)  When was the last time you changed your mind on an issue? What prompted the change?
2)  What has most influenced your view of who Jesus is?
3)  Why is it dangerous to allow our view of God to be shaped by what we’ve always heard? 

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Monday, September 26, 2016



Passage: John 3:1-21; John 19:38-42

"1) Relationships take time and effort. How intentional are you about getting to know Jesus?
2) Are you growing in your relationship with Jesus? How has your faith grown since you first met Jesus?
3) What steps can you take today to continue growing in your relationship with Jesus?" 

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Saturday, September 24, 2016


"Mary Magdalene"

Passage: John 20:1-18

"1) What has Jesus healed you from?
2) When it comes to the thousands of decisions you make each day, are you motivated by what others think or what pleases God? Why?
3) What's the craziest thing you've ever done in the name of Jesus?"

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Friday, September 23, 2016


"Joseph of Arimathea"

Passage: Matthew 27:57-60; John 19:38

"1)  Are you the same person at work or home on Monday as your are at church on Sunday? What’s stopping you?
2)  What changes do you need to make to live consistently for Jesus in all areas of your life?
3)  Who can support and encourage you as you commit to living for Jesus everywhere, all the time? " 

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Thursday, September 22, 2016


"The Guards who Saw Jesus Crucified"

Passage: Matthew 27:45-54

"When God gets involved in our lives, we are forced to make a decision: What will we do with Jesus?
1)  Who in your life would you consider unlikely to believe in Jesus? Will you pray for that person now?
2)  How has God gotten involved in your life? When have you sensed His presence with you?
3)  How has Jesus changed your mind? 

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

W.O.W. ~ Our Helper

I'm missing my
Walks On Weds.
and YOU all


I've come to rely on them or sharing the ones I receive
in my emails or/and in my time in His Word

I just wanna
God speak

It's HIM!

This is for me - now

I receive, respond, react, renew

So when I read this "whisper" today (although there have been many others from Jennifer Camp (LOOP) as this is, and Brian Simmons (TPT) that have touched me, this one is meant for 'every one of us' to speak life over us and in us ...

"You have a Helper"

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you” (John 14:26).

"My daughter, there are things you know are true—things you can’t see, things you can’t touch. You read my words in pages held together, all stacked, one by one. You read the stories of my presence in my children’s lives. You read about my promises. You see the words upon the page, listen to the sound of them expressed aloud. But what do they mean to you? Am I a God you see around you? Do you breathe Me in, this day? 

You hear my name in sermons, read about Me in books. You hear my name tossed around on the lips of believers and unbelievers alike. A believer? A phrase so familiar. . .What is that? What does it mean to believe in something—in Me—as it requires so much faith?

I ask you to wait and trust Me. I tell you to not fear and look for where I am . . . Yes, even in the believing in something yet to be fully seen, you can still see Me. You can still feel Me. And I want to show you where. 

There is a place, deep within you, that has eyes that see what is true. My Counselor, within you, the Holy Spirit, gives light, illuminating uncertainty, eradicating doubt, pushing forth understanding to what the world, on its own, can never understand.

This world is not meant to make sense, without the eyes and ears of my Counselor within you, guiding you to see and love and act in ways that do.

You see, it is up to you—my heart within you—to make sense in this misunderstood world. It is your task to see most clearly, from the place where my Counselor resides with you. It is your task to live, to act, from that place, from the understanding I give you about loving whom I say.

You have a Guide who knows Me and shows you the way to live. And it will not align with the ways of this world.

Listen deeply now. Pull in close to hear my whispers: Practice recognizing my voice so when you hear it, you can act. And do it with confidence, hearing Me and seeing me, even yet. 

Someday there will be so much more to see, to hear, to understand. But you have enough now. I give you enough to know how to live and love now. 

Trust Me.

Live that life now. 
Carry Me into the world."~Jennifer Camp

"Dance with Me"

The Passion Translation
has at least 3 plans now in
You Version

Psalms, 2 Proverbs

YV still does not have TPT
as one of their versions
(that I know of)

{since I made a trip to the local cyber place to check bank stuff, emails, etc. quickly - I just had to add a new post, not enough time to respond to emails or comments, so love to y'all and thanks for prayers too}

Tuesday, September 20, 2016



Passage: Luke 10:38-42

"1) What are you worried about right now?
2) How can you trust God with your circumstances?
3) What step do you need to take to make time for rest? 

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

1) my trip, my van, my dogs, home, weather, ... when?
and then, once I'm there ??? everything here
2) I do trust God with all of this and more, in constant prayer, 
releasing it all to His will, timing, way, ... and when?
Hoping I'm hearing Him, waiting and wanting to be sure, secure...
3) I'm working on it ... however with no AC or internet, sleepless &
restless days and nights of waiting, preparing, packing and repacking
fixing vehicles, praying for good health for me and dogs,
It's not easy!
Sam was sick, now I'm kinda sick
making time to rest is important and then doing it
whenever I can

Monday, September 19, 2016



Passage: Mark 10:46-52

"1)  What miracle are you asking God for today?
2)  How can we continue to walk with Jesus in faith, even though we don't know when God will show up with a miracle?
3)  Do you tend to be a critic and naysayer or a positive supporter of others? Why or why not? 

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Saturday, September 17, 2016


"The Rich Man"

Passage: Mark 10:17-27

"1) Do any of your possessions steal your affection from Jesus?
2) What’s holding you back from taking your next step in following Jesus?
3) How prepared are you for change? What can you do now to be ready for when and how Jesus calls you to change? "

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Friday, September 16, 2016


"The Man Born Blind"

Passage: John 9:1-41

"1) What was life like before you met Christ? What was different after you began a relationship with Jesus?
2)  Can you say that you are just as passionate now as when you first believed? If not, what is different?
3)  The greatest revelation Jesus can give us is a clear picture of Himself. Take this opportunity to pray for a clearer vision of Jesus. 

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Thursday, September 15, 2016


The Lame Man by the Pool

Passage: John 5:1-15

"... The reason for healing is not to change our circumstances; God wants to change our hearts. "


1) What has God healed you from? What has God forgiven you of?
2)  God changes our circumstances in order to change our hearts. How has your heart changed as a result of what God’s done in your life?                                                                        3) What seemingly hopeless situations are you facing today? God wants to rescue you. Will you accept His help? 

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The Woman at the Well

Passage: John 4:1-30

another familiar story

"1) What’s weighing you down today? Confess it to Jesus. He can handle it.
2)  How do you respond when you make a mistake? What’s the difference between hiding it or fixing it and confessing it?        3) The woman at the well couldn’t wait to tell people about the man who knew everything about her and loved her anyway. Who do you need to share the gospel with or invite to church? "

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Monday, September 12, 2016



Passage: Luke 19:1-10

"... How is your faith being demonstrated in your life?
1) How has your faith in Jesus shaped your relationships, your approach to your job and your attitude toward your hobbies?
2) How can you show someone else the love of Jesus today?
3) What recent actions have you taken in faith? "

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Sunday, September 11, 2016

S.O.S. ~ "... So I WAIT ... "

Image result for always remember 9/11

[Although I realized that this is a monumentally important day when I went to schedule this post ... my S.O.S. is not about 9-11 or the many lives lost, for nothing, in my opinion {and I've heard lots of conspiracy and other rumors about what really happened that day that sickens me about what may be the truth rather then what we were sold and told} yet most definitely there was a call of SOS this day in 2001 ... so all I can say is I pray for those who lost a loved one or still carry fear or terror about 9-11 and the horrible impact on so many lives plus the heroes who lost their lives ... I honor you! yet my S.O.S. is an actual Song in a video with some beautiful Scenes (with nothing to do about 9-11, yet something that personally speaks to me during this transitional time). However, I do believe that the United States of America is long over due about "falling on their knees" and crying out to God in repentance and such great need of acknowledging God as our authority! Allegiance to God, the Father: (not Allah, or Buddah, or other gods) Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son and the Holy Spirit - 3 in One God, not many.{'nuff said}

So I wait for You; So I wait for You

I don't know if y'all heard that while the east coast was being hit by Hurricane Hermine; this side of the world, in the East Pacific Basin(?) was being hit from Hurricane Newton (my personal meteorology theory: I'm pretty sure the currents stirred over in the Atlantic find a way to sweep across the Central American countries or even Mexico, to reform tropical depressions and storms that spiral into hurricanes along the west coast of Mexico, traveling close or far out on its way to Hawaii, but poor Baja California gets hit as it makes its way back out into the Pacific Ocean (yet sometimes, like this time, it crosses back toward the mainline further north, which would have been right on my travel route --- But God (or only God) so I WAIT ... became really paramount as I make decisions to head north and the timing (the when) ... fortunately I have to also have my van inspected mechanically and be sure it is sound for this last trip (plus some other loose end details to try and tie up). As ALWAYS, God is so good!!! even when it's tough, or even when we may be hurting or still grieving the loss of loved ones, or facing difficult health issues for ourselves or loved ones, Our God is faithful as we should be to Him! {oh, and I think I see another storm forming}

Please continue to pray!

not just for me but many facing 'storms'

I read this in my morning praise challenge and knew that this was the Song, the following are the Scriptures and this is what the author (Becky Harling) wrote from the heart of our Great Author and Finisher of our lives - the Great I am:


"My child, I understand how hard it is for you to wait. You long for Me to move more quickly and to answer your prayers immediately. When you feel irritated and annoyed because things are not moving fast enough for you, take time to praise Me. Praise will help quiet the apprehension you feel. Be still in My presence, and wait patiently for Me to act. I am fully aware of all of your longings and desires. Don’t take matters into your own hands. I am the Alpha and the Omega. I will move on your behalf at precisely the right moment in time. Thank Me that I am using delay to shape and change you. Often the longer you wait for something, the more deeply you appreciate it. Delay helps prune impulsivity from your life. Declare your trust in My timing. Choose to believe that I am on time in your life, your spouse’s life, your child’s life, and your friends’ lives. As you exalt Me, I will strengthen you to wait with grace." (Ps. 37: 7, Ps. 38: 9; Rev. 22: 13; Ps. 90: 12)

The 30-Day Praise Challenge (pp. 47-48) Becky Harling

"GOD IS OUR REFUGE AND OUR STRENGTH, a very present help in time of trouble  ... we will not FEAR. " 
Psalm 46:1-2

we need not fear

God is in control!
{if only we'd let Him have complete control}
Perfect Word for me and Whisper
early this week on this somber

Becky suggests on this day that we begin our praise time today making a list of things we are waiting for ... Psalm 27:14 "...praising God that His timing in each of those circumstances is perfect. Praise Him that He is the Lord of all time and that He is working on your behalf, even when you cannot see Him. Praise Him that He will use the delays you are facing to shape you into the likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ." Love this praise challenge book especially the prayer part and each day beginning with "invitations" like the above from God, but of course, I hope to be sharing more of it later this year ... whoa ... not many months left to do that. Of course, many of you already know some of what I'm waiting for... so please share how I can pray with you for what you're waiting for.

Oh and one more confirmation came, making this a timely post addition on my "WAIT...ing" with "A Prayer for When You're Waiting" so at least I must be hearing spiritually a little better now, we'll see when I get home about my physical hearing (lol). But from that prayer site comes this image - adding my SCENE for completing this S.O.S. (song, scriptures, scene, sermon, series, studies ... Soaking On SONday) Enjoy yours! Sometimes on a "journey to change", one needs to open their eyes, ears, hearts and minds and get out of our comfort zones ... to see what change is necessary or what change is already in progress, if we just allow God to work, as we wait. And then other times we need to step out in faith to get that change started and do our part.~Peggy

[image credit]

holding on to hope in
God's Promises 

Saturday, September 10, 2016


The Girl Possessed by Demons

Passage: Matthew 15:21-28

"1)  When was the last time you were so desperate to see Jesus move that you stopped caring what other people think? What stops you from having that kind of bold faith all the time?
2)  How do you respond when God doesn’t answer prayers right away? What can you learn from the mother of the demon-possessed girl?
3) Is there anything that you hesitate to talk to God about? What’s holding you back? "

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Friday, September 9, 2016


The Roman Centurion

Passage: Matthew 8:5-13

"1)  What part of your life feels out of your control right now?
2)  Do you believe Jesus has authority over all things and you don’t? How do your actions reflect that belief?                          3)  Do you have trouble asking for help? Is pride stopping you from coming to Jesus for help with any area of your life? Why or why not? "

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Thursday, September 8, 2016


The Bleeding Woman

Passage: Mark 5:25-34

"1) What messes are you dealing with today?
2) What could God be trying to teach you through your pain?   3) Are you willing to seek the help of other Christians in this area? Why or why not? "

You can read the devotional either 
at You Version as a 21 day reading plan
NewSpring Church

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

W.O.W. ~ Crossroads and Intersections


At this point, I'm not sure whether I will still have internet service or not OR for how much longer {that's why last week I wrote that this will be my last WOW for awhile, I was not lying, I actually thought it would be ... but I could not resist}.

I'm thankful that even if I don't have access to my emails or blogs or other sites I enjoy, and you - I will always have access to hear His Whispers ... and am so blessed to have saved much and have much I can read anyways especially in His Word, where He whispers to us most ... Each day, I am still enjoying my real book for One Year of "Hearing His Voice" by Chris Tiegreen and as I've mentioned my favorites in this devotional are the ones "from the heart of God" (usually every 7th one). But interspersed in between these are other really valuable and important ones where I often hear God whisper ... so for today's whisper, I am going to carefully take one of these and reword it as if God is speaking His heart to us {it's my feeble attempt to begin to share God's whispers and continued at the end}

the verse for the day I've chosen was

Jeremiah 6:16

Peggy (or fill in your own name) My Child

"Your quest to hear Me always brings us to an intersection of the new and the old. The new is My personal direction for this moment in your life. By My Spirit, you open up new insights into My Word and I reveal specific steps you should take. The old is what I have already shown you about My nature and My Ways. I will not give you a new doctrine, only insights into eternal truth. I will not lead you in ways that contradict My character or purposes. I will lead you only in ways that fit your relationship with Me and your role in My kingdom. To sort it all out, you sometimes have to stop at the crossroads and look around. And you may need to take your focus off of getting "new truth" and put it on what I've already said.You have to see into My heart. Seek My heart."

Chris encourages us further with: 

..."Thousands of years of revelation have been laid out behind us. We can't depart from it. It was true when spoken, and coming from the mouth of an eternal God with no lack of foresight, it is true now. He changes His methods from time to time and even person to person - the Bible itself gives us a multitude of means by which He spoke, as well as situational instructions - but His nature and His ultimate purposes do not shift with the times. His work progresses from generation to generation, but His character does not. Much of hearing God's voice, especially in Scripture, involves discerning the difference between His eternal purposes and His momentary methods. We have to see into His heart." ...

I'm making that my priority, Lord to know Your heart, which is the better part of hearing Your Voice. Your heart is ageless and has not changed. I will stop at the crossroads and look at where You have been ... always. Then I will know where You are going and be able to fall in step with You. Give me deep, rich insights into Your Word. Show me ancient paths and reveal eternal meaning. Let me see into Your heart!

When I chose "Crossroads and Intersections" from my book
the following "whisper" arrived from TPT which takes
this a step further:

"This is the day of My might and power"
"I have opened the heavens over your heart and over your home. You have access into My glory as you come before Me with a tender heart. Many times you have come, but come again and again, My beloved! I heard your cries, your sighs to know Me, and to see My glory in your situation. The skies over your home are open so My glory can fall upon you and your loved ones.

Trust Me for your family and for every need that is before you today. Have I ever failed to provide for all that you lack? Trust Me again and watch as the miracle is released. Those who love Me trust Me, and those who believe in My power to raise the dead know that I am more than enough and always faithful. Rest in the strength of My love, and you will see more and more breakthroughs. To break open the way for you is My delight, for I have set My love upon you and will rescue you when you call out to Me.

Even as I taught My servant David how to win in battle, so I will come to you and give you victory keys that will unlock your breakthrough. But come to Me in faith, for you will see what I have held in My hands for you—a breakthrough that no one else can give you. Is there anything impossible when I fight for you? This is a day of My might and power for all My lovers who trust in Me. There will be many who will tell you to quit, to leave, or to walk away. But I whisper into your spirit, “Come closer to Me.” The days of heaven on earth will now be revealed.

My outpouring will be seen in the heavens and on the earth. Never fear the reports of people, for I am the God of the great reversal, and I promise that the days of many changes will result in the days of many miracles.

As the heavens open over your home, believe Me for all that you ask. There is no one I cannot touch and transform as you pray to Me. The unveiling of mysteries will be seen in the coming days as you continue to walk with Me. Even now I have sent My messengers to bring to the earth the trumpet message of My appearing. Listen to those whose voices are like trumpets. They will gather you into My sanctuary and speak the words that have been spoken from above.

These are the days where I will pour out heaven on the earth and shake all that must be shaken so that you will come before Me with the purest of faith. It is the day of My might and power."

{Oh and this past Monday 9-5's TPT "whisper" was just what I needed to HEAR
"I will protect you"... timely and ever so pertinent at this time. Thank You Lord!}

As we stand at the "crossroads and intersections" in our lives, we are confronted with decisions and choices that not only affect us but also those around us, in our home. We enter this place of leaving our past behind and move forward to new crossroads and yet sometimes, we pass intersections of the old with the new. We make attempts to bypass our old obstacles and then we encounter them once again around the bend in a new circumstance, hoping that we learned from the last experience so we make better decisions and choices closer to following God's way and taking on more of God's character so we are formed in Christ-likeness. Changes in us advance God's kingdom and miracles come closer to being a reality each time.

I am so thankful that my life has become intersected with your life and as we meet in the crossroads, you and I are able to encourage one another to see God's glory and power in our lives and homes. When we trust God, He continues to fight for us and with us through every crossroad and beyond those intersections to a brighter tomorrow. God's glory is revealed in what lies behind us and what goes before us into an eternal life because of Jesus Christ. Our eternal, never-changing God knew every crossroad and every intersection made possible before we ever crossed or encountered them. The curves and these crossroads were no surprise to Him. He saw them coming and knew which way we would choose yet He allowed us to choose, to weigh the odds and hope for a change that would intersect with His plan and purpose. God keeps allowing us chances to change ... and changes by chance just to stretch us and grow us.

I am at a very specific "crossroad" in my life and I need God's clear direction of when, how and then what? But I am trusting, now if only I would hear Him and know His voice. It's so hard not to be swayed by what others do and say, yet still follow God's plan, voice and what He speaks to our heart from His. I appreciate your continual prayers that I will hear and know God's voice. 

"Come, my Child
and we will meet at every
I will intersect your life
in many ways
passing through
every wilderness journey
with you
drawing you closer to Me
placing others along your way
that keep reminding you
of My Presence and My Word
My very Promises to you
more than one for every day of the year
"I will not leave you or forsake you"
"... for I have not given you a spirit of fear but of power and love, and a sound mind" ...
"My Word is powerful and life changing"
You will see this at every crossroad and intersection
as you seek me with all your heart, mind and soul.
Allow My Word to change you and your life"
{and even some of those old habits you still need to break}
in this Journey of Change, let me work in you

[image credit: 365 promises]

Promise #243: "You can look forward to the new heaven and earth that I have promised." 2 Peter 3:13

{that last part written in 'gold' was more of the whisper that I heard from Him as He encourages us to look forward }

This is exactly what a
"journey to change"
is all about
"crossroads and intersections"
in our winding roads
of lives with a destiny and a purpose
hopefully Godly ones
leading to
eternal ones
actually are the ones that matter most.

Hope you are following along in this month's series
and enjoying NewSpring Church's
"Journey to Change"
as well as
"Unashamed and Uninvited"
or even the books

~catch ya' on the other end of this journey~

Perhaps our journeys will intersect or we may meet
at the Cross - roads one day

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