"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

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Saturday, August 1, 2015


"... Fighting for GRACE in a World of Impossible Standards"

For the Love
by Jen Hatmaker

Best-selling author reveals how to:

  • "Break free of guilt and shame by dismantling the unattainable Pinterest life.
  • Learn to engage our culture’s controversial issues with a grace-first approach.
  • Be liberated to love and release the burden of always being right. 
  • Identify the tools you already have to develop real-life, all-in, know-my-junk-but-love-me-anyway friendships.
  • Escape our impossible standards for parenting and marriage by accepting the standard of “mostly good.”
  • Laugh your butt off."

I wanted to review this book on this date for a special reason, but since it just became available on July 29th, I was hoping that because Jen Hatmaker is such a well-known and like-able author, I would certainly be able to breeze right through as I enjoy her whimsical writing style, but I had problems doing that. Not sure if I made the cut to be part of her fabulous launch team either. The BIG Release date isn't until August 18, 2015 ... so I think I still got time to do this right and well (without the problems of ebook, etc.)

The ad I read that caught my eye at first, beyond this LOVE connection title was the other part of her title with My One Word for 2015 of GRACE, and then this: "For the woman that feels that she must be better at everything". Now that certainly can't be meant for me. {naw}

"... The majority of our joys, struggles, thrills, and heartbreaks relate to people, beginning first with ourselves and then the people we came from, married, birthed, live by, live for, go to church with, don’t like, don’t understand, fear, struggle with, compare ourselves to, and judge. People are the best and worst thing about the human life.

Jen Hatmaker knows this all too well, and so she reveals how to practice kindness, grace, truthfulness, vision, and love to ourselves and those around us. By doing this, "For the Love" leads our generation to reimagine Jesus’ grace as a way of life, and it does it in a funny yet profound manner that Christian readers will love. Along the way, Hatmaker shows readers how to reclaim their prophetic voices and become Good News again to a hurting, polarized world."

{OK, maybe-just maybe}

So without having read this book yet to review ... I just want to piggyback on this title on this special day "For the Love" of it (*but I do promise that a review is coming) ... because today is that anniversary date that is no longer celebrated, but it still is what it is ... for just about 40 years (next year) making it 39 years+ this year of loving this man of my life (and thankful that inspite of being apart, I believe that he still loves meSO "For the LOVE" .. and because of God's aMazing GRACE, we still have love {but it looks like Jen's book will help} however, I don't think her book is meant as a marriage counseling book yet still it may help me, as I glanced through the list above of what Jen reveals how-to ...

"... escape our impossible standards ...  of marriage"

Without a doubt, my dear spouse has had to do exactly this with our marriage

and I also have done this in my way

although my standards were not as well-defined, nor lived out.

I guess I did not really have a standard

nor did I understand his

My husband used the word "authentic" often as regards love and marriage. I earnestly agreed, but really had no idea what he meant but it sounded really good. Now that I know better, it sounds a bit impossible with the gap between us ... yet early on in our relationship ... the "Impossible Dream" became our theme song. 

I tend away from writing about our relationship because it is not at all standard nor even one either of us had hoped for ... I guess that's the standard part or the expectation ... nor is it one to hold out as an example. It most definitely is unique and even a "great love story" because of that part "for the love" we have learned that we are better apart. His sacrificial love has given me the wings to do exactly what he promised I could do after he retired {the difference is that I thought we both would be where I am alone}. "For the love" of my spouse, he provides for me to be living "apart from him" in another country, serving the Lord of my life {just not my husband's yet, I'm still praying and hoping}. He believes in God just not church, the Bible and Jesus as the Only way. For me, they are a package deal! 

After the loss of our home to a fire that claimed it as "totaled", something far worse was totaled ... although not one life was lost in the fire, many earthly treasures were ... the greatest came in a yearly medical check-up of my husband which found him to be in the early stages of Alzheimer's. I'm sure
much to do with the incomprehensible totality of having lost everything to "ashes" ... years and years of work; books, collections, videos, much more than the personal items of clothing, etc. Thankful for insurance, but it will never replace ALL that was lost and the compensation could never be enough. "For the Love" of my life, his precious mind, filled with so much history and memories. One day, even the memory of me may be forgotten ... it would not be so bad if it was just my failures and my faults, but it will include the good. Although he reassures me that he's got this "thing" beat, I am glad that he is optimistic but my research on this only points out the realistic side of the future of this. 

"For the Love" of God is the most important part that I need his dear mind to grasp before it is unable to fully comprehend the width, and the depth and the greatness of this LOVE and GRACE! Far beyond anything I can ever give or he has given me, is what Jesus has given us all. "For the Love" is engraved on the scarred palms of Jesus hands that I so much want my loved one to accept and have for all eternity. 

I'm sure that this is far from what Jen Hatmaker's "refreshing wisdom, wry humor, no-nonsense faith, liberating insight, and fearless honesty" reveals in her upcoming (soon-to-be released) book has to share but when I saw this choice for one of the books I could review, I had to choose this and immediately my thoughts were for me to share my review on this date (not all my own personal stuff, which like I said, I try not to do too much on a public blog site; because my life involves the lives of others who have the right to keep their lives private). 
August 2013 - 1 Peter 4:8 NIV
My dear husband, you have impacted many lives in your lifetime and have changed standards for human relation education in public, private and business education from pre-school to the highest level and age; from educational to social change and reform ... but none is as profound as the one that you have made on my life and now Jesus wants to do in your life. We live in a world of "impossible standards" and I failed miserably in your not-so-impossible standards as a wife. 

Please forgive me, and know that "For the Love" of Jesus and the love that we have shared; God wants to restore what was lost, giving you His Son Jesus, as the key factor to guiding you safely into an eternal life of rest and restoration, redeeming us from all our wrongs; healing our hearts and lives, forgiving and freeing us to live in His peace and His GRACE; undeserved favor ... You need His Truth, His love and to accept His offer now for all eternity while you can. 

Please with all my heart, I ask that you receive Jesus as the BEST gift that you'll ever get for free by just saying "Yes, I believe in You, Jesus, as my Savior and Lord. You paid the sacrifice of Your life willingly for any wrong that I might do, have done and still may do. Forgive me as I forgive those who have hurt and offended me. Thank You for saving me. Bring healing and restoration to my mind, body and spirit in Jesus' name." 

"To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go

To right the unrightable wrong
To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star

This is my quest, to follow that star,
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far
To fight for the right without question or cause
To be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause

And I know if I'll only be true to this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm when I'm laid to my rest

And the world will be better for this
That one man scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To fight the unbeatable foe, to reach the unreachable"

Thank you
"For the Love"

Thank you
"for the impossible dream"
and all that means

Thank you
"for your standards that I learned or better understood too late"

Thank you
"for the fight ... for the right ..." 
of so many causes and people

Now thank Jesus
for marching into hell for a heavenly cause


{just like you have done for others}

He has already done for you and won


***the real book review will be forthcoming, I hope ... keep watching***

This isn't what I wanted or expected to write at all and hardly expresses all the sentiments exploding in my heart and mind about this very significant man that has been the love of my life and that I have known for over 45 yrs. I have been afforded such rich blessings from knowing and loving him along with all the other stuff like: pain, hurt, struggles, disappointments, thrills, frills, joy of heart throbs and heartaches ... we've been through much together and apart; I'm still learning and growing yet my husband has taught me the most about love and God (even Jesus, unbeknownst to him) ... you would think that after all these years, I would have the perfect words to let him know what a wonderful person and influence he is (and I must admit that's good and bad) (lol)... that he is "the BEST thing in the world" (to coin one of the phrases another gifted writer penned about her dearly beloved) {how I wish I could come close to the beauty conveyed in her love and words} ... but nay; all I can say. is you are the BEST teacher any girl could ask for and have had to enjoy for so many years... on any topic with such humor and knowledge; it's time to give yourself a rest and really enjoy your time and life!!! Happy 39th Anniversary Tano! Hope you are enjoying Oshkosh with good weather. ~ Tu Perla                                                                         #2570

Friday, August 1, 2014


by Priscilla Shirer

RESOLUTION #13: Godly Legacy

So here is my LINK up page to all the promised last resolutions, that I had not yet completed, before the onrush of Online Summer Bible Studies. This includes Resolutions #7-13 above ... undone, and in my humble opinion, each one slightly more difficult to easily sign to affirm that you're making it a resolution as a woman, much more - a woman of God. {maybe this is why I postponed finishing them} and, in fact, some may still not be completed, but I'm working my way through each one from the top down, so do it that way (someday, they'll be done-sooner than later) OK? :0)

Now, being a woman of God, or in pursuit of God and God's best for you and your loved ones, you would think that each resolution would be an added blessing, but for me, signing these and not doing these, makes them like all the other "resolutions" many make on the beginning of the New Year or ending of a not-so-good previous year, wanting to make the new one, better and different. Perhaps this explains why I am reluctant to do resolutions ... I hate breaking them. I seem to have a "not-so-great" record at not keeping vows or resolutions and for this very reason, God has moved me to focusing on ONE WORD (which I believe is given or inspired by Him, in my thoughts, as the one I need to work on and make MY ONE WORD). Easier in some ways, as you process, evaluate and discover all God wants for you, in regards to this ONE WORD, without breaking any deal with God, yourself or others ... and more difficult in some other ways, as not having any defined limits. However, not at all like making "resolutions" and then not following through ...

{from a very wise and wonderful woman}

The one I left off on and did not finish was RESOLUTION #7 on MY FORGIVENESS; but for some reason, in my mind, I was thinking it was the one on MY HUSBAND, and that's the reason I chose this day to repost and link to the previous ones, because this would be our anniversary of 38 years, and knowing each other for more than 40 years. However, as I have alluded to often on this blog, not with any pride nor with any condemnation; we are not together, but live separated for decades now ... yet still legally married. In part, this is due to me and my failings, as I alluded to above and clearly the falling out or breaking up of a marriage is never one-sided; it takes a partnership to make a marriage and also to break one up (sadly the last is kinda like a pact with the enemy to allow him access to tearing it down) and then giving up on restoring and reconciling a relationship. That's why it's called "irreconcilable differences" ... huh? And also that some states have "no fault" laws ... meaning no one is at fault ... it just did not work. The problem with ours, is not our love for one another, because we do love, respect and honor each other, the best we can (so you'd think that would be enough to resolve and reconcile) but it's not. In my opinion, we were a marriage never meant to be, but we have made the best of it and maintained our relationship inspite of our many differences because of our love for each other. In this same train of thought, our being apart but still married, is because of our love and commitment to one another despite our failings.

So why have a decided to go off on this tangent? and make a public confession ... 

As I mentioned, it would be an anniversary today ... but it's no longer celebrated just etched in my mind and in our hearts. It is a day, set apart, for me at least, to take recollection and in part, to repent for my failings in our relationship and marriage. I cannot let the day go by, without really hearing what God is saying to me. So, I ask your prayers on this. And also since I thought this was the RESOLUTION on "HUSBAND" but it actually was the one on "FORGIVENESS", I believe that although we have dealt over and over again with "forgiveness" in our relationship (and me with my dad and my Heavenly Father as regards this), God is allowing me another chance to focus on my forgiveness, receive His, and maybe really look at this section of the "resolution of forgiveness" for all God wants my heart and mind to settle. Too many years and too much love has kept this wrong ... right. We have tried to do the best with our relationship and part of that was our being apart (to lessen the stress and constant conflict on our own individual health, which kinda must be working because we're both still here and care deeply for and about each other).

But, today, I ask:
My Heavenly Father, to forgive me for the wrongs in my marriage and relationship with my spouse, whether it's for the mistake in marrying or the mistake in staying married, I release him and myself from the wrongs committed. I forgive my spouse and pray he can forgive me for any wrongs and vows I broke. I ask for forgiveness for every thing that I allowed to come against us and destroy God's perfect plan. Forgive me, Lord, and forgive us Lord for not following in obedience to You and Your plan for marriage. Flow with forgiveness over my spouse and break him from all that needs breaking in him so that he will be fully free to come to Jesus, as His Lord and Savior, putting behind any and all circumstances of his upbringing and past that has kept him from acknowledging his need for a personal Savior. Help him, Lord like You have never completed before in showing him that the only way to God, the Father is through Jesus and that there is more after this life in eternity, if we are with You. I have removed me from being there, in part to allow others and Your Holy Spirit to break through and reach this man who walks before You, in Your mercy and grace, I ask that You create a new heart open to You and Your work. Thank You for the gift of reconciliation and Your mercies that are new every morning as we come and confess to You, admitting that we have failed, made mistakes and desire to be right and cleansed by Jesus Christ's sacrifice!

Thank You for giving us Your only begotten Son, that whosoever, including my spouse, would believe in You, will be saved. I renew my commitment to living my life before him and You as his wife, in sickness and in health, in poverty and in riches, for better or worse, to love and to cherish ... 'til death do us part. That Your will would be done in Jesus' name ... I love You, LORD and I love him but if I love him, how much more You must love him and want him to lay down any "thing" that is holding or keeping him from You ... I will resolve to look for the best and Your will in our relationship and life!

... always was and always will be... unity, an unbroken circle of love
"wherever we go, we will always return to one another..."

"I give the best of myself and ask no more than you give me in return,
to share with you, my time, and to bring joy, strength and imagination to our relationship."
{not sure about that imagination part but I think you'll get this and plus I did not write that}

I love you
I thank God
for you
in my life
after all these years


* SOME FUN FOR THE DAY! Here is a list and medley of TOP songs on this date since our wedding year until now and then another one from the very beginning of when Bob Borst has collected songs (1940) for August 1, until 2013 because this one includes some of your favorites from the Big Band era and a special one in 1947 (no.2 that year) the (2nd list from 1940-2013)! Hope you get a chance to listen to the medleys ... I'll send you ... since you don't go online or read my blog

Friday, April 27, 2012


Every Friday I invite you to FOCUS our FAITH by claiming a Promise from 365 promises and PRAYing with others FEARLESSLYfor the needs of many including ourselves. There is nothing better than a day filled by His Holy Spirit, praying, interceding and building our faith through God's Word as we claim His Promises to us. I truly believe that turning His Word into prayer is the best way to do this.

This Week's FAITH PROMISES are from April 22nd to April 28th: Promises #112 -#118 from these verses:

James 1:5; Ephesians 3:17-19; Psalm 40:1; 2 Timothy 2:13; Luke 12:31; John 16:12-13; Revelation 21:4;

I'm so thankful for the website of 365 Promises that features a Bible Promise for each day of the year. Each promise has been paraphrased in the 'first person' (God's perspective) to help make each promise more personal to you and the photography with the devotion is a beautiful way to start our day with a FOCUS for building our FAITH in God's Word spoken and written to us...

I have chosen Promise #113 this week on April 23rd, my mom and dad's anniversary... although each day the Promises keep getting better until the wonderful one from
Revelation, which makes my parent's heavenly anniversary even better and more filled with everlasting love and joy... (I almost went with 2 Timothy 2:13)...

Ephesians 3:17-19 WEB

"Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong. 18 And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. 19 May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God." (NLT)

What a beautiful Promise for my parents
and for each of us:

"My response is to get down on my knees before the Father, this magnificent Father who parcels out all heaven and earth. I ask Him to strengthen you by His Spirit—not a brute strength but a glorious inner strength—that Christ will live in you as you open the door and invite Him in. And I ask Him that with both feet planted firmly on love, you'll be able to take in with all followers of Jesus the extravagant dimensions of Christ's love. Reach out and experience the breadth! Test its length! Plumb the depths! Rise to the heights! Live full lives, full in the fullness of God." - The Message

Happy Anniversary
Mom and Dad!
I love you!

Now it's your turn to choose one of this week's Promises of God *from the above choices; share here in the comments or on your blog if you'd like to share more to keep you focused. Please add your link here in the comments.

Let us know which one you choose and if you have it on your blog - your link. Visit 365promises site for their daily devotion and these Promises of God with beautiful photography and encouragement!

Which Promise of God do you choose this week?

James 1:5; Ephesians 3:17-19; Psalm 40:1; 2 Timothy 2:13; Luke 12:31; John 16:12-13; Revelation 21:4;

Promise #115
2 Timothy 2:13

I'm weak, but I'm trying Lord!
Help me with my unbelief or weakness 
(weak knees again)
You are so faithful!

praying for you today as always
turning your promise
into your prayer
with you
Love ya' and Miss ya'

Sunday, August 1, 2010



(toss up between these two)

Andy William's was disabled http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaN8jxAFtDY
but you can go to YouTube and hear his wonderful voice

It is/was an


Happy Anniversary Sam!

in these
beautiful songs of the 70s.

Still favorites...
of mine

Songs have always impacted my life,
in good ways and even in bad ways.
I was easily influenced by
to express more from the depths of my soul
my heart than mere words
they just grab me,
drawing me
(that's why I've had to concentrate more on PURE music,
if you know what I mean).

Christian music is that for me,
I hardly ever listen to regular or secular music anymore
except what I overhear on occasion in Spanish -
hard to avoid living in Mexico with the many neighborhood parties
and extroverts that insist on sharing their music loudly

But music in Spanish and the words,
true romance
(well, much of it)
One of the first singers that I listened to help me learn Spanish better,
Eydie Gorme
and also Vicki Carr
(because they enunciate the words so clearly & sing not only romantically but beautifully).
(the first song I learned to sing in Spanish)
[same music as "Impossible Dream"but entirely different words in Spanish]

At one time,
I had chosen
"Impossible Dream"
as the song
I would name
a book of my life.

What song would you choose to be the title of a book of your life?

* these posts still are part of the setups of my personal life testimony, if you want to read between the lines, I guess. But I do BEGIN in a post later today... please come back

Friday, April 23, 2010


from MN to here in MX


Photos from MINNESOTA to where I am in MEXICO

In the Bible, there was a mother who had seven children. Scripture says, "Her sun set while it was still day" (Jeremiah 15:9).
She was in a situation bleak enough that she felt like it was total night in the middle of day.
Have you ever felt this way? Has it ever been daylight, but you felt it was as dark as night? Maybe because of difficult situations, a heartbreak or a loss?
You may feel like you're in a hopeless situation right now. If you are, or even if you're not! – I encourage you to make studying God's Word a priority.
Scripture says that people are destroyed from lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). When we don't know who God says He is and what He can do, which is found by studying the scriptures, sometimes our deliverance can be hindered because we do not know what God can do, and therefore, we're not claiming His promises. We do not know what to hope for, what to claim or what to ask.
But when we take time to study God's Word, God is able to pour out power and strength into our lives. God's Word brings revelation of His character and His rescuing, sustaining power. His Word brings knowledge and sheds light unto the great plan that He has for our lives.
I have felt that way and have been there in that difficult situation of heartbreak and loss. I live in a part of Mexico, that is bright, sunlit most all of the time, but I've had days that feel as dark as night... or I isolate in my air conditioned smallest room in the house, in the dark with just the light of the laptop.

Yet praise God, I've had much time in God's Word, His Presence, beautiful worship songs and dear blog friends that have kept me going...ohhh and 6 dogs that need to go outside once in awhile and need to eat, too!

I know the One who mends and heals brokenness from the inside out. Jesus Christ empowers and strengthens me each day and I see His character revealed in His Word and His Name. I'm so thankful for each sunrise and sunset...

Nicole Nordeman


...and so are you
(Gary, too)

Remembering my mom and dad's anniversary
though they are no longer on this side of eternity,
paradise has eternal sunrises & sunsets
of the Son, Jesus Christ in all His glory!
This song just seems so right...

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!


This was going to be MY LAST ONE until God showed me this ...

* my blog is here, but I may not be... possibly disconnected to internet.

**If you are a regular reader here, but missed this, please go and read my important personal decision MESSAGE I wrote on April 3rd, 2010 "ALIVE AGAIN" post.

*** VERY IMPORTANT PETITION to SIGN to President Obama; Read more about it over at The Lighthouse of Prayer or click here to sign

Friday, August 1, 2008

SHARING THE LOVE! Anniversary & 100th Post!

This is a really long combination post of such a
ANNIVERSARY-100 Posts...*** Blogiversary!
August 1st

Today is my Anniversary! It's a Double ANNIVERSARY!

On August 1st, 1976 I married in Las Vegas, Nevada
[Boy, did we take a gamble!]
So, in honor of that day, since I am here in Mexico and HE is home in Minnesota...


I am committed to 2 Challenges from Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss:
(1) 31 Days of Prayer Challenge (recommended that I start with this one)
(2) 30 Days of Encouragement

[HUBBY:I have more especially for YOU at the end! ]

a "WHOLE NEW WORLD" has opened up to me since APRIL 2008.

THIS IS MY 100th POST!!!!

I have observed since starting how others CELEBRATE their 100th post or anniversary. I'm so sorry to disappoint YOU but I have NO GIVEAWAYS, PRIZES, EXCITING CELEBRITIES or CRUISES being given so you can come and join me in Mazatlan, Mexico ...but I have some BLESSINGS from me:


YOU are more than welcome to copy any of this for yourself, after all THIS is YOURS with me...


II.SECOND... O=Others (that's ALL of YOU)
III.THIRD.... Y=Yours (that's me & hubby)

When I began my BLOG in April, I had no idea what was in store for me. I started my 1st blog with a breath and a short prayer: "O Holy Spirit, lead me, guide me, & speak through me!" And my post was titled WHAT'S IN A NAME? I wanted to proceed from there with the Names of GOD in the Bible: HIS WORD…but I did not get far. Soon I was off in another direction.

However, I continue to learn the Names of God, which are more than 600, and I have increased my understanding of the vastness of HIS CHARACTER and ATTIBUTES, deepened my faith and grown in my prayer life, praise and worship of WHO HE IS to me!


So today I honor
My Lord & Savior FIRST…and ALL HE is TO ME
through 100 Names & Verses
where HE has revealed HIMSELF to me


ADONAI...... ………. Malachi 1:6 meaning "Lord", a reference to the Lordship of God.
EL-ELYON..............Genesis 14:17-20,Isaiah 14:13-14 meaning "The most high God"
EL-OLAM...............Isaiah 40:28-31 meaning "The everlasting God"
EL-ROI...................Genesis 16:13 meaning "The strong one who sees"
EL-SHADDAI........Genesis 17:1,Psalm 91:1 meaning "The God of the mountains
or God Almighty"
ELOHIM................Genesis 1:1, Psalm 19:1 meaning "God",
a reference to God's power and might.
JEHOVAH-JIREH....Genesis 22:13-14 meaning "The Lord will provide"
JEHOVAH-MACCADDESHEM.......Exodus 31:13 meaning "The Lord thy sanctifier"
JEHOVAH-NISSI.....Exodus 17:15 meaning "The Lord our banner"
JEHOVAH-RAPHA..Exodus 15:26 meaning "The Lord our healer"
JEHOVAH-ROHI.....Psalm 23:1 meaning "The Lord my shepherd"
JEHOVAH-SABBAOTH...Isaiah 6:1-3 meaning "The Lord of Hosts"
JEHOVAH-SHALOM......Judges 6:24 meaning "The Lord is peace"
JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH...Ezekiel 48:35 meaning "The Lord who is present"
JEHOVAH-TSIDKENU.....Jeremiah 23:6 meaning "The Lord our righteousness"
JEHOVAH--YAHWEH.....Genesis 2:4 a reference to God's divine salvation.
ABBA.............................Romans 8:15
ADVOCATE.....................I John 2:1 (KJV)
ALMIGHTY.....................Genesis 17:1
ALPHA............................Revelation 22:13
ANOINTED ONE...............Psalm 2:2
AUTHOR OF LIFE..............Acts 3:15
BEGINNING.....................Revelation 21:6
BRANCH..........................Jeremiah 33:15
BREAD OF LIFE.................John 6:35
BRIDEGROOM..................Isaiah 62:56
BRIGHT MORNING STAR...Revelation 22:16
CHOSEN ONE...................Isaiah 42:1
CHRIST.............................Matthew 22:42
COMFORTER....................John 14:26(KJV)
COMMANDER..................Isaiah 55:4
CONSUMING FIRE............Deut. 4:24, Heb. 12:29
CORNERSTONE.................Isaiah 28:16
COUNSELOR.....................Isaiah 9:6
CREATOR.........................1 Peter 4:19
DELIVERER.......................Romans 11:26
FAITHFUL & TRUE.............Revelation 19:11
FATHER...........................Matthew 6:9
FIRSTFRUITS....................1 Cor.15:20-23
FOUNDATION..................1 Cor. 3:11
GENTLE WHISPER.............1 Kings 19:12
GIFT OF GOD....................John 4:10
GLORY OF THE LORD........Isaiah 40:5
GOOD SHEPHERD.............John 10:11
GUIDE.............................Psalm 48:14
HEAD OF THE CHURCH.....Ephesians 5:23
HOLY ONE.......................Acts 2:27
HOPE..............................Titus 2:13
HORN OF SALVATION...........Luke 1:69
I AM....................................Exodus 3:14, John 8:58
IMAGE OF GOD....................2 Cor. 4:4
IMMANUEL.........................Isaiah 7:14
JEHOVAH............................Psalm 83:18 (KJV)
JESUS................................Matthew 1:21
JUDGE................................Isaiah 33:22, Acts 10:42
KING.................................Zechariah 9:9
LAMB OF GOD..................John 1:29
LIFE..................................John 14:6
LIGHT OF THE WORLD.......John 8:12
LILY OF THE VALLEYS.........Song 2:1
LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH.......Revelation 5:5
LIVING STONE...................1 Peter 2:4
LIVING WATER..................John 4:10
LOVE.................................1 John 4:8
MAN OF SORROWS............Isaiah 53:3
MASTER.............................Luke 5:5
MEDIATOR.........................1 Timothy 2:5
MESSIAH............................ John 4:25
MIGHTY GOD......................Isaiah 9:6
NAZARENE..........................Matthew 2:23
OMEGA...............................Revelation 22:13
ONLY BEGOTTEN SON..........John 1:18(kjv)
OUR PASSOVER LAMB.........1 Cor. 5:7
OUR PEACE..........................Ephesians 2:14
POTTER................................Isaiah 64:8
PRINCE OF PEACE.................Isaiah 9:6
PROPHET..............................Acts 3:22
PURIFIER..............................Malachi 3:3
RABBONI (TEACHER).............John 20:16
REDEEMER...........................Job 19:25
REFINER'S FIRE.....................Malachi 3:2
ROCK....................................1 Cor.10:4
ROSE OF SHARON.................Song 2:1
SAVIOR.................................Luke 2:11
SERVANT...............................Isaiah 42:1
SHIELD..................................Genesis 15:1
SPIRIT OF GOD......................Genesis 1:2
SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.......Malachi 4:2
TEACHER...............................John 13:13
TRUE LIGHT...........................John 1:9
TRUE WITNESS......................Revelation 3:14
TRUTH..................................John 14:6
VINE.....................................John 15:5
WAY.....................................John 14:6
WITNESS...............................Isaiah 55:4
WONDERFUL........................Isaiah 9:6
WORD OF GOD.....................Revelation 19:13

My beloved My beloved Son (Jesus) My buckler My defense
My defense and refuge in the day of my trouble My deliverer
My exceeding joy My Father My father's God
My [God's] firstborn, higher than the kings of the earth (Jesus)
My fortress My friend My glory My God My goodness
My help My hiding place
My hiding place and my shield
My high tower My hope
My hope in the day of evil My judge My King My lampMy love
My portion for ever My portion in the land of the living
My praise My Redeemer My refuge

My refuge and my portion
My refuge in the day of affliction
My rock My salvation My Savior My [God's] servant (Jesus)

My [God's] servant David (Jesus)
My shepherd My shield My song My stay My strength and power
My strength and song
My strong habitation, where unto I may continually resort
My strong refuge My strong rock
My trust from my youth
My Project Playlist that plays the music when YOU enter my page is in my sidebar. It also has 100 songs!

Perhaps YOU always only hear the first but I have 99 more.Pop it out and listen on your own. Enjoy!

Potter's Hand -- Hillsong
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) -- Chris Tomlin
I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous) -- Chris Tomlin
Miracle -- Darlene Zschech
Pray -- Darlene Zschech
Parent's Prayer -- Steven Curtis Chapman
On My Knees -- Jaci Velasquez
God Will Make A Way -- Don Moen
Lifted Higher -- Twila Paris
See With Your Heart -- Gloria Estefan
Breathe On Me/I Need Thee Every Hour -- Natalie Grant
Legacy -- Nicole Nordeman
Lord Let Your Glory Fall(Redman) -- Matt Redman
Face Down -- Matt Redman
Held -- Natalie Grant
Awaken -- Natalie Grant
It's the Thought -- Twila Paris
Bring The Rain -- Mercy Me
Bless The Broken Road -- Selah
It is Well (Africa)!!! -- Selah
There Is A Fountain -- Selah
You Raise Me Up -- Selah
All My Praise -- Selah
Was It A Morning Like This -- Sandi Patti
Via Dolorosa -- Sandi Patti
Tu Amor -- Danilo Montero
Fortaleza -- Danilo Montero
Tu Misericordia -- Danilo Montero
Tanto para darte -- Lilly Goodman
Ven te necesito (Dueto con Lilly Goodman) -- Jesus Adrian Romero
Renuevame -- Marcos Witt
Escucharte Hablar -- Marcos Witt
Anhelo tu Gloria -- Marcos Witt
America Sera Para Cristo -- Marcos Witt
Me Has Llamado A Conocerte -- Marcos Witt
Jesus, Eres Mi Buen Pastor -- Marcos Witt
Just A Prayer Away -- Jaci Velasquez
Look What Love Has Done -- Jaci Velasquez
In God We Trust -- Jaci Velasquez, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Rachael Lampa, & many more Christian artists
Friends Are Friends Forever -- Michael W. Smith
I Will Carry You -- Michael W. Smith
Purified -- Michael W. Smith
Raging Sea -- Michael W. Smith
Everlasting God -- Chris Tomlin
Wonderful Maker -- Chris Tomlin
Unfailing Love -- Chris Tomlin
Your Grace Is Enough -- Chris Tomlin
I Know WHO I AM (Featuring Chris Tomlin) -- Israel & New Breed
Indescribable [Worshiptogether.com Songs] -- Chris Tomlin
Give Thanks -- Don Moen
Holy Ground -- Don Moen
Call Upon His Name -- Darlene Zschech
Dwell In Your House -- Darlene Zschech
I Live To Know You -- Darlene Zschech
I Will Never Be the Same Again -- Darlene Zschech
Let The Peace Of God Reign -- Darlene Zschech
Love You So Much, Jesus -- Darlene Zschech
This Is The Air I Breathe -- Hillsongs/ Darlene Zschech
Beautiful Savior -- Casting Crowns
East to West -- Casting Crowns
Set Me Free -- Casting Crowns
Voice Of Truth -- Casting Crowns
Who Am I -- Casting Crowns
The Great Divide -- Point of Grace
You Are Good -- Point of Grace
The Servant King -- Graham Kendrick
Deeper -- Israel & New Breed
If Not For Your Grace -- Israel & New Breed
New Season -- Israel Houghton & the New Breed
He Knows My Name -- Israel & New Breed
Moving Forward -- Ricardo Sanchez
Rebecca St James - Song of Love -- Rebecca St. James
Rebecca St. James/The Power Of Your Love -- Various
Feel the Nails -- Ray Boltz
The Hammer -- Ray Boltz
Thank You -- Ray Boltz
Watch the Lamb -- Ray Boltz
What Was I Supposed To Be? -- Ray Boltz
Isaiah 6 -- Todd Agnew
America Again -- Carman
Lazerus come forth -- Carman
The Prayer Anthem -- Carman
Satan Bite The Dust -- Carman
Run To You -- Whitney Houston
I Will Always Love You -- Whitney Houston
I Believe In You And Me -- Whitney Houston
When You Believe (From "The Prince Of Egypt") (With Whitney Houston) -- Mariah Carey
Father's Eyes -- Amy Grant
Thy Word -- Amy Grant
I Will Remember You -- Amy Grant
One Sweet Day -- Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men
Chiquitita -- ABBA
Because You Loved Me (Theme From 'Up Close & Personal') -- Celine Dion
The Impossible Dream -- Andy Williams
Fueron Tus Manos -- Julissa y Ricardo Rodriguez
No Puedo Callar -- Julissa & Don Misionero
Desde Mi Interior -- Hillsong
More Than Life -- Hillsong
None but Jesus -- Hillsong
Healer -- Hillsong


100 Blogs+ of Super Special Friends

and Memes of Interest or Participation, some that I have made part of my journey and others that I'm considering to start.

Some of you know me and that I visit your Blog, treasuring every morsel I read. Others of you may not even know that I visit you but at sometime I decided to add you in my Favorites, which I've divided into categories/ folders containing each of you.

However, there are so many of you and now new ones I'm discovering, that there is not sufficient room for this increase...so this is my new organization tool of you and my way to honor YOU because you are showing me My Lord Jesus through your "blog" and "blog friendship".

There truly are not enough words to THANK YOU or express all you have given me through this blog world on the internet...when you are away from "home", this is more than just words, it's a connection for me to Real, Authentic People (RAP) before the Rapture of Christ Jesus!

It helps me to know that I have not been Left Behind (lol) but still growing in my purpose driven life to know, love and serve Him MORE and less of me. There is UNITY in this body of Christ! There is sisterhood... brotherhood... a Life Message and Mission for each of us!

Recently I received my first blog award and was humbled three times by three dear friends: Tracy, Cheryl and Paulette (remember whatever is underlined means you can click on it & be linked which means you are transported to that place...I pray they all work)

A week ago, I received this one from Amy at Signs, Miracles and Wonders, which I am passing to ALL 100 of YOU and anyone NOW Reading this, if YOU have never received it,

I was so moved by its originator Crystal at Memoirs of a Mommy in honor of Noah and the donor of his sweet little heart who ENCOURAGES me to SHARE THE LOVE !
[Click on Memoirs of a Mommy to learn and read this special love story!]

The rules for this award are to pass it along to some people whose blogs you love. They make you laugh, smile, leave encouraging comments on your blog. You would like to share some love with because they have uplifted, inspired, encouraged or prayed for you.

This special award goes to:A
All Eyes on the King Marcie
A Planting of the Lord Kimberly
Aroma of Joy Kelley
At Shore's End Melinda
A Magnolia's Heart Beat Laurie Ann
Ashley's Story Trish
A Hoosier Family Sharon

By His Grace Jenifer
Becoming Me Angela
Beloved Mama Christelle
Blessed with Grace Lisa
Bring the Rain: The Story of Audrey Caroline -Angie Smith

Call Her Blessed Daiquiri
Confessions of a Modern Christian Woman Maisie now at Maisie's Soapbox

Dogs on Thursday Paula/Natalie

Eph2810 Sting My Heart Iris
Especially Heather Heather
Every Day Miracles Wendi
Every Day Miracles Sherri
Everything to Me-Puff's Pockets aka Darlene
Forever His Susan
*Faith Lifts 1st Group see below
Faith Prints Tania
Fruits of the Spirit Melanie
Gina's Public Diary Gina
Hope for Each Day Cheryl
Hebrews Thirteen Three now found
@ Meditations & Confessions of a Homemaker Sheila
**Holding On 2nd Group below
***Internet Café Devotions 3rd Group below
Inky's Spot IIona *missionary
In Christ Alone Renee
Journeying Forward Cristine
Journey through Faith Sam
Joy in the Journey Joy * missionary
Kittens Come from Eggs Dineen
Kisses from Heaven Mary
Kerry Hasenbalg Kerry
Lifting Hands Leigh Ann
Liza's Viewpoint Liza
Little Red Hearts from God Connie
****Laced with Grace 4th Group below
My Cup Runneth Over Tracy
Married to the Preacher Natalie
Mocha with Linda Linda
My Life's Journey Pia
Mumblings of a Mommy Monk Heather
Mel's World Melissa
More than a Conqueror Nancie
Natalie Grant Natalie
Notes from the Soul Stephanie
One So Blessed Joanne
Peace for the Journey Elaine
Precious Maeday Moments Mae
Pass the salt, please! Cheri
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*****Proverbs 31 Team Lysa, Renee,+Team(5th Group below)
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Van Walton's Created for the Jungle Van Walton
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Yard Nanny- Our Summer Blessings & On the Heart with Paulette

~Zany 1 Peter 3 Living Yahoo Group
Too many to name but many blogs in this GREAT group! (see note~)

[NOTE:~ZANY is not part of the Yahoo Group name- just 1 Peter 3 Living! But, to me, they are ZANY & since their name starts with a number and I needed a" Z", I put them here...so as not to be forgotten! It was better than calling them Zealots...or ZooKeepers!]

(actually one of the 1 Peter 3 Living Yahoo Group has a blog that starts with U)

So, if "U" visit me, or I visit "U" than U are included and that brings More "U NITY!!!

MANY PEOPLE ARE INCLUDED IN THE GROUPS but THEY ALSO HAVE THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL BLOGS (some are listed above & some are not)so here are their names:

(1st Group) FAITH LIFTS
Susan C.
(2nd Group) HOLDING ON
Who's Who At the Cafe....
Aimee Caitlin
Amy Brooke
Amy Grant Bayliss
Angie Knight
Annie Pettigrew
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Kristen Schiffman
Kristen Welch
Laura Fabrycky
Linda Crow
Lori Macmath
Mary Snyder
Natalie Witcher
Robyn Adams
Susan Amato
Tammy Nolan
Tracy Berta
Twinkle Mom
(4th Group) Laced With Grace
Meet Amy
Meet Angie
Meet Bernadine
Meet Connie
Meet Ellen
Meet Heather C
Meet Heather
Meet Iris
Meet Janna
Meet Laurel
Meet Leigh
Meet Linda
Meet Lynn
Meet Renee
Meet Tiffany
Meet Tracey
Meet Tracy

AND LAST but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST but THE BEST GROUP that I started with reading as e-votionals and then to their individual blogs:

Seek the Lord Sunday
Sunday Praise and Worship

Be Still Sunday
Speak to My Soul Sunday
Super Simple Spiritual Sunday

MONDAY (Monday Meanderings discontinued 6/29/08)
My Walk Monday
Miracle Monday
Marriage Monday
Simple Woman's Daybook (M)


Tuesdays in Other Words move to http://writingcanvas.wordpress.com/
Tuesdays for Timothy Moms
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YOU GO GOD (just started on Wednesday, July 30th)
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Then Sings My Soul Saturday

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Camera Critters

IF THERE ARE MORE MEMES out there PLEASE leave the LINK in COMMENTS for us to get to know by visiting & participate!

Finally...PEGGY (my acronym):

Prayers & promises
Encouragement of
Gifts of His Spirit

7 Random things you may not yet know about me! I chose 7 instead of 6!

1) I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and have a home in Stillwater, MN
But for the last 12 years I have been finally living my purpose and calling on my life as a volunteer missionary in Mexico. Only have my older sister & brother still living. My mom, youngest brother & dad are waiting in heaven.

2) I attended the College of St. Catherine and almost became a nun, religious sister…woman who dedicates her life to being single and serving God(like Mother Teresa). I have a BA in Elementary Education, Spanish & Library.

3) I married my Spanish high school teacher 6 years after I met him after working with him as a teacher assistant in many programs teaching English or Spanish.

4) I am over 50, never had my own biological children, but I'm a grandma to 2 grand daughters and 1 very special grand son, who was diagnosed as Autistic when he was 2 years old from our daughter (Tracy) and son, Vinny (siblings adopted).

5) I love God and passionate about prayer, praise, worship. I dance with flags and/or tambourine. I love creative drama, expressive dance, choreography and much MUSIC!

6) I love dogs and horses! I owned 3 very special horses in MN: Tano, Missy & Star.
I currently have 5 dogs in Mexico and 2 at home in MN: Bravo, Chimi, Chiquitita, Toby, Chispita, Lucky and Tano! When I came to Mexico, I had a Dachshund named Champion and a mixed breed Bailey. They are my family!

*7) I was raised in the Catholic church, left to an Evangelical church and became a spirit filled Christian of a Pentecostal church, Assembly of God in 1989…my home church in MN is Redeeming Love Church with the best Pastors and Church Family anyone could ask for and I would drive 20 miles or 3,000 miles just to be blessed by worshipping, serving, participating, celebrating with them. I learned much from them and the ministries I participated in as I continue doing here also with the church families that have taken me under their wings or allowed me the great privilege of their extended family…the body of Christ in Mexico!

Sharon from Quiet Reflections and Tania from Faith Prints tagged me past weekend and though I DO NOT do "tags" I felt that this was harmless and easy enough to share with YOU!

Here are the rules of tag
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

I'm going to TAG any of YOU that want to do this one for my BLOGIVERSARY, if you are not too busy with the AWARD! So ALL 100 + GROUPS consider yourselves TAGGED! It's up to YOU!

Official Dedication Prayer of Mazes, Messes, Miracles…aMazing Grace / My Mission Statement was given here and then here during Angela's Blog Mission Tour! You are welcome to read mine, visit others on the Tour & write your own.

LORD, I invite You into Mazes, Messes, Miracles…aMazing Grace blog as I would my home…"Mi casa es Tu casa"…Spanish for "My house is your house" I desire for Your Presence always to be with me and anyone who visits here. 
Please come and fill these posts with Your Love, every corner with Your Peace, each thought with Your inspiration and each moment here with Your JOY!

May this be a place where we are aMazed by Your Grace! May all who enter here BE BLESSED by You in a special way. I commit my Mazes, Messes, Miracles…aMazing Grace BlogSpot and Mission to YOU! I ask that You truly make my thoughts Your thoughts and make it a home
To anyone searching for YOU or more of YOU from the journey we have shared
together to the journey yet to be…may this be used to bring YOU
Glory and humble me as I learn from YOU where YOU have led me and to
Where YOU will lead me…be my Guide each day as I live, laugh and love
YOU and MY SPECIAL FRIENDS YOU send this way! In Jesus Name…

SEÑOR, Te invito a este lugar…haga Tu Voluntad…sea Tu Hogar de alcanzar otros 
para Ti y para Tu Gloria…sea Tu Presencia por mis palabras humildes…bendiga a las personas que vengan a este lugar!


31 Days of Prayer Challenge and Encouragement from Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Revive Our Hearts

Combination I have done from her Challenges. My personal prayers for my spouse will be posted later for this first week and then daily hopefully. The PRAYERS were not meant to go along with the ENCOURAGEMENT. Nancy offers them as separate CHALLENGES.

My 30 Day Husband Encouragement & Prayer
By Nancy Leigh DeMoss Revive Our Hearts, © 2005.
© Revive Our Hearts. Used with permission.
www.ReviveOurHearts.com Info@ReviveOurHearts.com Permission granted.

WEEK ONE________________________

Day BIBLE Verse
1 "The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life." Prov. 31:11-12

…have you ever thanked your husband for "choosing you" above all other women? He found you attractive as a person, and appreciated you.
Though many circumstances in your marriage may have changed, let your husband know that you are glad God led you together, and that you want to be a blessing to him for the rest of your marriage. Let him know that he can trust you to be in his corner.

Pray that your husband will grow spiritually and consider his accountability before the Lord. Pray that he will guard his heart by developing spiritual disciplines—Bible reading and study, prayer, meditation, scripture memorization, etc. (2 Pet. 3:18; Prov. 4:23)

2 "...through love serve one another." Gal. 5:13b

…find some way that your husband is serving you or your family. Does he help around the house? Take care of the car? Fix things that are broken? Maybe your husband's not a handyman, but does he run errands for you? Let you go first?

Take care of you when you are sick? Help you make decisions? Praise him for his willingness to serve others. Let him know that you see his unique service as a great strength.

Pray that your husband’s relationship with God and His Word will bear fruit in his life. Pray that he will be a man of wisdom and understanding, fearing the Lord. (Prov. 3:7,9:10; Ps. 112:1)

3 "...love suffers long, and is kind... 1 Cor. 13:4

"And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Phil. 4:19

…If your husband is considerate of your needs, let him know that you have noticed. Thank him for his kindness and consideration. Thank the Lord that your husband knows how to be both tough and tender. Sometimes it's difficult for a man to be gentle, kind or tender - especially if he hasn't had role models in these areas. If he's not a considerate person, appeal to him for help without complaining. Let him know that it's hard for you to handle some things alone.

Pray that your husband will be humble and quick to agree with God about his sin. Pray that his heart will be tender toward the voice of the Lord. (Ps. 51:2-4; Micah 6:8)

4 "...let him labor, working with his hands what is good.." Eph. 4:28

Do you "dump" on your husband at the end of the workday, or do you strengthen and encourage him with your words? A wise wife will make her husband feel that she values and appreciates his work. Let him know that you are glad he is a hard worker. Take opportunities to praise his diligence and resourcefulness to others. If your husband is out of work, unable to work, or refuses to work, you'll need to be more creative. Praise him for a character quality that you see in him that would be a vital part of a successful career - such as persistence, decisiveness, strength, an analytical mind, organizational skills, good with people, good listener, determination, etc

Pray that your husband will grow in leadership skills in your relationship—protecting and providing for you. Pray that he will lead you wisely and love you sacrificially, so that God will be glorified in your marriage. (Eph. 5:25-29; Col. 3:19)

5 "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers." Eph. 4:29

Another way to describe the positive side of this "30-Day Encouragement Challenge" is by using the word "edify," which means, "to build up." Negative comments only discourage and tear down. Positive comments encourage and build.

…Do you edify your husband before others, adding to his value in their eyes? This is especially important to other family members. Do you praise your husband to his relatives, and yours? Does your husband's mother know how much you love him? How about your dad? Perhaps you can drop a word of praise into a conversation or letter. Be creative in letting your relatives know that you respect your husband, love him, and support him - in spite of whatever flaws and weaknesses he may have.

Pray that your husband will be faithful to his wedding vows. Pray that he will have a desire to cultivate your relationship as a sign of his loyalty and commitment to you, and as a picture of Christ’s love for the Church. (Prov. 20:6; Gen. 2:24)

"...whatever ye do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Cor. 10:31b

Do you recognize and appreciate your husband's creativity? Or do you criticize and demean his efforts? Instead of negativity, determine to be positive. Perhaps you can help your husband see that his efforts are an opportunity to glorify God.

Is your husband the "creative" type? Does he have any artistic gifts? What is that special "knack" he has? Affirm him for his handiwork - a hobby, music, gardening, tinkering with cars, working with wood, etc. Remember: Even if he doesn't measure up to your standards, praise his efforts. If your budget allows, buy him a book or magazine that will continue to encourage his special skill or talent.

If you have a hard time finding his "creative side," understand that men's creativity sometimes is related to their work. Find something he does to make his job run more smoothly or something he does that adds value to his work...and let him know that you have noticed.

Make his day...Praise his accomplishments in public, while he is listening.

Pray that your husband will love righteousness and hate wickedness, especially the evils of the culture. Pray that he will recognize and avoid wickedness in his own life, and if necessary, take a clear, strong stand against evil. (Prov. 27:12; John 17:15; 1 Cor. 10:12-13

"Do not overwork to be rich; because of your own understanding, cease!...for riches
certainly make themselves wings..." Prov. 23:4-5
"That I may cause those who love me to inherit wealth, that I may fill their treasuries."
Proverbs 8:21

Money is the root of much marital discord. Ask yourself, "Am I being negative toward my husband in the area of finances?" Determine not to speak evil of your husband in this area. Discover ways to encourage and help him instead.

Does your husband handle finances wisely? Does he make good financial investments, based on biblical principles? Does he have a budget? Does he make wise decisions about purchases - checking many sources before he buys? Is he a good steward of his money before the Lord? Let him know how much you appreciate his strengths in financial matters.

If he is weak in this area, encourage any good decisions that he does make. Perhaps you can help him, if he's open to the idea, by organizing financial files or providing other practical assistance. Or, if he wants you to handle the finances, ask for his input before you make decisions that will affect him.

Pray that your husband will safeguard his heart against inappropriate relationships with the opposite sex. Pray that his heart will be pure and undivided in his commitment to you. (Prov. 6:23-24, 26; Rom. 13:14)

For the rest of this Challenge, you need to go to Nancy Leigh DeMoss' website; Revive Our Hearts

(history of a love)
Eydie Gorme and Los Panchos

One of his favorites in the past: El Reloj

This is the music genre that he played and loves


  Day 1 

Spiritual growth and accountability before the Lord.

Lord, I pray that my husband will grow to know You soon and realize that You are the Only Way,You are the Truth and You are His Light. Protect his heart from the darts and lies of the enemy and the world. He has lived too long in this humanitarian outlook. Change his will to Your will for him. Guard in his heart spiritual disciplines. Help Him to begin reading Your Word for insights not for jokes but for truth. Allow him to hunger and thirst to study what I find in Your Word so very priceless. Teach him how to pray through Your Word not just out of needs or saying thanks (though that is nice and a step in the right direction).

Lord, I know the prayers of this challenge are intended for believers but I believe that I can profess my husband as You see him saved by Your grace and see him that way also. So Lord it doesn't seem right for me to ask you to deepen his spiritual disciplines to mediate and memorize scriptures yet, because You have yet to reach him though many have planted seeds in him that has been non-existent in his life thus far, but it is my earnest prayer that he would be given a chance to begin to read your Word and soak in the Truths. There are plenty of Bibles around our home, so just draw him to begin reading the Bible as he reads so many other things that do not feed his spirit. May he replace some of that with spending time in Your Word. Lord, forgive him for the many years he has not been accountable to the reading of the Bible for himself. Break off those past generational curses and religious spirits that have kept him from you! Set him free from the spiritual bondages from his childhood that have hardened his heart for all these years from Your Truth getting in. Break off lies from his early religious training and racism that drove him away from you! Soften his heart and help him to be receptive to hearing the Truth in the Bible shared by many that you place in his life on purpose. We all love him and care for his eternal life. But Father, if we who know him and love him here want that for him...how much more You His Creator and You, Lord Jesus, His Savior desire.  Draw his heart to want to know You and Your Word. For he has gained much worldly knowledge but needs Your Wisdom my Lord. Bring him a desire to hunger and thirst for You! In Jesus Name, I pray.
  Day 2 
Relationship with God & bearing fruit

Lord, Today I ask You to meet my husband where he is at...He knows You exist, draw him closer in his personal relationship with You! This plea is the MOST important prayer I have for my spouse, to accept Jesus Christ as His Lord and personal Savior.Reveal yourself to him as JESUS the ONLY Way, the Truth and the Light for him.There is NO other way Lord.Help him to understand and see this truth soon. His life does bear much external fruit Lord...through years of his own effort. Allow that fruit that he has to now go down deep within and cause an internal change. Allow Your fruits of the Spirit to increase in his life:love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self control, goodness. I pray Lord that all the wisdom he now has will be matched by the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord.May his understanding be increased. Give him a fear of the Lord enough to draw him to want more of God in His life than the things or ways of this world. Help him to develop the fruits of Your Holy Spirit. Bring him more love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness,gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.May these fruits bear increase in me, so that he will notice the life changing power of knowing You! I ask You according to Your will that none would perish but come to a saving grace in You. In Jesus Name.

Day 3 ...to be continued..... daily....


In Christ,

[if I missed you or have some part incorrect please forgive me]

BTW-by the way- I do LOVE reading Dr. Seuss books aloud to kids but as you can tell there is
no Dr. Seuss here...
no Horton Hears A Who
no Green Eggs and Ham
no Cat in the Hat
no One Fish, Two Fish...
but GOD has many fishes in this NET that still need to hear HIS story!
in fact, the world is counting on YOU to tell of HIS Love...
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This blog is ALL about HIM, for HIM, not about me!
I hope that is what you see
this is why I am

To my faithful visitors;
all of you who spend your valuable time here with me
I do appreciate you so much!

Thank you for taking your time to visit!

Love, Sweet blessings & Hugs!