"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

W.O.W. ~ "Soaring Faith"

Last week in my W.O.W., I chose "Walk by Faith" for the title and shared too much; two videos and a LOOP devotional and on the next day, I received a "whisper" from The Passion Translation that goes perfectly with "Walk by Faith". God is so sweet as He continues to impress upon you an encouragement.

Today I continue to "walk by faith" and watch as it stirs and begins to SOAR. As HE lifts me up ... and The Passion Translation, His Word comes and breathes deeply into my spirit

"All you tired and weary souls be encouraged. It is our prayer that this 'whisper' reminds you how precious and powerful your faith is. We are reminded to not only nurture our faith but continually come before the Lord and ask for Him to make it greater.
Brian Simmons and Your TPT team 

{Although these come altogether as one email, I have broken it down by paragraphs so I can intersperse comments or for you to comment}

I HEAR HIS WHISPER ... "Soaring Faith"

"Faith and greater faith is My word to you. The time of renewing your faith has come. What you have endured has increased your faith, yet more will be needed in coming days. Look directly to Me and to Me alone and I will help you and make your strong in faith. A bold, courageous faith will lift you higher and cause you to soar above the troubles of the world. Many see the horizon filled with clouds, most see only a coming storm, but your faith will see the clouds of glory. Did not Ezekiel see the clouds and wind and storm, yet within the storm was the Man of Fire surrounded with lightning and glory. What do you see in the storm? Will you see the new man of fire emerging ready to go forth and conquer?" Brian Simmons, TPT

Isn't this what we desire?

... that whatever we're going through or have gone through

 there was a 'greater' good, a 'greater' purpose
a CHANGE in our faith, an increase, a building-up, 
a strengthening force or reason for it all

What do you see in the storm?

I pray
we will see like Ezekiel
we may see
the new 'man' of fire
ready to go
to conquer all we face
with a

a renewed



that lifts us up

causing us to

above the troubles of this world

yes, just like the 
Isaiah 40:31
this is exactly what I thought of as I read
I was searching for a
"soaring faith"
thinking it might show a soaring eagle
and instead I came upon that one
above with one of my new
favorite songs
"Touch the Sky"
{yet my favorite song for eagles is "On Eagles' Wings"}

"A soaring faith will bring you into My ways. A sagging faith will bring you down into the ways of men. Seeing only what man sees and believing only what man believes. My word is greater, My plan is higher, My strength is stronger, and My purpose is more glorious than anything found on earth. Never let your faith be set on the words of men, but on the living words of God! As your eyes focus to the new reality you will see that I am at work in the storm, and I am setting all in place for the greatest days of heaven on earth." Brian Simmons, TPT

not a sagging one or a weary one.
not one based on words of people.
or recorded messages of past lies
but on the

May our eyes and hearts
on seeing
at work in
whatever 'storm'
we find ourselves
facing or in the midst of this
very moment

"Your faith must never waver, for My word is forever settled in heaven and will not change, not even if every star fell from the sky and every hill and mountain crumbled into the sea, My covenant of love and My steadfast Word will not be shaken. I am not the author of fear. I am not the God of doubt, but the God of Yes and Amen! Confusion is nothing more than the dust of the earth blown into the wind by the work of your enemy. 

Faith is light that creates and empowers and sustains and heals. Come into the highest place and your faith will emerge unbreakable and unbendable. Mighty men and mighty women will arise in this hour. They will be easy to find, for their faith will illuminate the path before them. Even as soldiers are given medals for bravery in battle, I am about to anoint those who in secret have won their battles and remained on their assignment for Me. They will be honored by heaven’s angels and win a strategic place in councils of heaven for their great faith." Brian Simmons, TPT

that does

Steadfast, Strong

Your Word
O Lord

Steadfast, True, Strong

our God of
"Yes and Amen"


"Faith is light that creates and empowers and sustains and heals."

May our FAITH today
"unbreakable and unbendable"
strong in

Make us BRAVE

Pour out Your anointing on us
as we remain
to our assignment
"it is finished"

"Ask, seek, and knock. Ask for more faith, seek a courageous heart, and knock on My eternal doors and they will open to you. Mighty one, move forward! Let nothing defeat you as you step out in faith. Watch the miracles come forth from your proclamations of faith and victory! When you walk in great faith you will win the great prize of your high calling in Christ Jesus. Nothing will turn you aside when you walk with Me by faith, seeing the invisible, loving the eternal, and living for the supernatural. Great faith is your destiny, rise up, mighty one, and take your place with my last days overcomers. I am with you, and that will always be enough." Brian Simmons, TPT

I ask for 

an overcoming spirit
that rises up from

I seek a

I will keep

will come forth

I will 
today and every day
into the future

Thank You Lord
for this reminder once again
You are with us
You are enough

Hebrews 10:22 The Passion Translation

“We come closer to God and approach Him with an open heart, fully convinced by faith that nothing will keep us at a distance from Him. For our hearts have been sprinkled with blood to remove impurity and we have been freed from an accusing conscience and now we are clean, unstained, and presentable to God inside and out!”

This is the last one from this book that I so love
although I have not shared all 52, nor received them as emails

but it was the right one
'for such a time as this'
in my humble opinion and needy spirit

I would much rather be
"Walking On Weds."
What do you see in the storm?

"God is not the author of fear and doubt."

nor confusion or any other negativity

"Meditate on how you see Him
at work in the storm
describe what you see."

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


[image credit]

For a while I have been thinking about my
which is really my favorite time in God's

however this week, W.O.W. is gonna stand for 


[image credit]

as I lean closely in to hearing

God's Voice and His messages to me

in this 52 week devotional that I love!

I purchased "I Hear His Whisper" to get an over-all sample of various ones written and translated from TPT, because I could not choose which one of God's 66 books, I wanted to start with (although not all have been translated yet) but rather than wait for the full translation of the Bible, each book that is finished is being published ... with much PASSION, I might add and I find that these devotionals really speak to me.

plus the beautiful emails I receive twice a week from
Broad Street Publishing Group of
The Passion Translation (TPT)

The one this past Monday "My Oceans of Peace" is so beautiful and also one from last week "My Dove"; both were so inspirational and touched my heart deeply so much so that this idea kept stirring in my head and my heart about sharing these each week like I chose to do last Friday ... when I kinda promised that I wanted to post 3 more from the Song of Songs ... I missed one and it is actually the first one in this book:

"Come and Rest with Me"

so I read this quite a while back, since it's the first, and I thought maybe I had already posted this when I was determining what One Word should BE mine and shared on BE STILL and REST ... I couldn't find it, so whether I did or whether I didn't ... I think it goes with Psalm 91:1-4 and the Song of Songs 1:4 was the way Brian Simmons invites us into God's "cloud filled chamber" "as He whispers His eternal truths to" us.
{y'all gotta forgive me and remember, I'm reading in an ebook and it's not the same as turning a page  and knowing where you are}

..."Draw me into your heart and lead me out. We will run away together into your cloud-filled chamber."Song of Songs 1:4 (TPT)

Today as I Walk in God's Word and listen for His Whisper,
{because I don't think God's normal way of talking to His children/His people 
is in the form of a burning bush or another dramatic way,
 like a thunderous voice from heaven or angelic appearance}

I am learning that in order to hear God, I must lean in and learn to hear Him the way He likes to talk with us the most,
in a still, quiet voice, or a nudge of His Holy Spirit in
a gentle
with words like this from

"I Hear His Whisper"

"Your Bridegroom is Coming"

"I will bring you out of trouble and give you TRIUMPH. All that now discourages you will be lifted from you and My power will be shown on your behalf. Fix your eyes on the triumph of the cross and your heart will soar again. Be filled with My living Word. Believe all that I have said to you and rest in My promise. Come into agreement with Me and you will see great deliverance!

"I am about to flow through your life in great power. The age of miracles and displays of power will be seen in your land. Even now My winds are blowing to topple the structures and teachings of men that hinder My people from trusting in My power. Gale force winds will blow. The more confidence you place in the structures of men the more disappointment will come when I blow them down. The awakening winds are coming to blow upon your heart and awaken you to My power. So arise from your days of doubting and enter in to a new day of promises-fulfilled, the days of heaven on earth!

"Your Bridegroom is coming, He is in the land to lift you up and lead you out. Trim your lamps, buy oil of My Spirit, fill your heart with expectancy and go out to meet Him. The day of His gladness is here, the day of His wedding is near, arise and go out of all that is familiar and meet Him in His glory. Just as He walks in mighty power over all His foes, so will His bride walk in the ways of glorious power. Nothing will hinder Him as He appears for His bride.

"I will speak My words through you, I will release My power through you. For the Lamb's wife is making herself ready and her garments of splendor are becoming clean and spotless. Even as I used My displays of miracle power to gather the masses and bring them in to taste of My glory, I will do it again in your day. You have asked Me to come and rend the heavens. I am coming as you first rend your hearts and open more deeply to Me. I will draw untold millions to Myself in these days of power. So come, be clothed with faith and confidence in Me. Leave all that hinders you behind. Do not look back or try to take the old with you into the new. For the way is straight and the door is narrow. Come with faith alone and you will see the unveiling of My power. There is no limit to what I will do through you as you come with Me!"
Brian Simmons,TPT

Song of Songs 3:10-11 
[The Passion Translation]
"The place where they sit together 
Is sprinkled with crimson.
Love and mercy cover this carriage,
Blanketing His tabernacle-throne. 
The King Himself has made it
For those who will become His bride! 
Rise up Zion maidens, brides-to-be! 
Come and feast your eyes on this King 
As He passes in procession on His way to His wedding!
This is the day filled With overwhelming joy— 
The day of His great gladness!"


"The Bridegroom is coming!
Do you feel Him preparing you?
Does this fill you with joy?
Describe what you imagine it will be like when He comes."


the very next devotional in this book starts out with

"Today you stand at the threshold of a new beginning.
All that is around you will CHANGE ..."

{I pause on this One Word

"... and all that I have planted within you
will now grow and bear fruit." ...

{so I just want to press in and continue reading even if it isn't from the "Song of Songs"}

It's from
(Philippians 1:6)


This is how these 
Walks on Weds.

This is how God's
Word on Weds.
catches me and melts me
drawing me in to wanting 
More and More
so much LESS of me

I just can't read as much as I'd like to so that is why
these devotions from
stir me every morning as I listen

I could read along too
but I appreciate just 
BEing able to LISTEN

I have so many books I want to BE reading (some I am suppose to BE reading and reviewing) yet I am in a place of just listening and hoping to HEAR HIS WHISPER ... today and every day ... in what I read, or what I listen to ... but even more so in the way I express my love for Him and His love for others ... I do feel God preparing me ... this to me is what Lent is all about ... for a while, my W.O.W.s will be "Whispers On Weds."; not the ones I once shared from Beth Moore's book "Whispers of Hope ..." but Whispers of God in His Word from The Passion Translation (no copyright infringement intended) I have credited Brian Simmons and TPT ... I just really want to bless others like I am blessed by TPT

You can learn more about this by following their link (or on Facebook and other social media links on their page) and maybe you'll want to sign up too. I think they post these on FB.

[Also instead of listening to negative comments about this as a translation, I suggest you go to the source always and check it out or even listen to Sid Roth's interview of Brian and Candace Simmons]. They pastored Gateway Christian Fellowship and also missionaries to the Paya-Kuna people. You can see what books of the Bible are ready and available on their site. Also Stairway Ministries; Harvest Time Church

Brian Simmons
4 parts-this is part 1

Saturday, July 18, 2015


This is my place to collect all of the daily
Joyce Meyer's

from my new
You Version
14 Day
Reading Plan
Joyce Meyer


Ready to start living life like God intended, with purpose, joy and optimism? Joyce’s new devotional can help you change your thoughts and attitudes so that you can get rid of the “life-stinks-then-you-die” mindset and replace it with an “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” attitude.

This daily devotional will help you change the way you think about...

  • Your self-image
  • Your emotions
  • Your relationships
  • Your circumstances

It’s time to change the way you think to produce the kinds of positive behaviors (and results!) you’ve been looking for.
from her book with 
365 Daily Inspirations
for Winning the Battle of the Mind

" I can cast my care on God because He cares for me."
"I believe in God’s power that gives me victory over my bad habits."
"God’s love for me is perfect and unconditional; I have no fear."
"In Christ, I am strong and stable."
" My mind is calm, and I’m in control of my thinking."
"I am actively aware of God’s love for me."
"My mind is being renewed daily, and my life is changing."
"I am more than a conqueror through Christ."
"Today I will encourage and add value to everyone I meet."
DAY 10
"God gives me the strength I need to remain stable in all circumstances."
DAY 11
"I have a “God habit”; I habitually walk with God, seeking His face and spending time with Him daily."
DAY 12
"God liberally supplies all of my needs."
DAY 13
"By God’s grace I have the skills to do all He asks of me with ease."
DAY 14
"Forgiveness is a process; God gives me the strength to walk it out."

The Devotionals really help to powerfully implant these insights into my mind 
so that I will declare them 
to change the way I think and behave with more positive results.

Each day starts, of course, with a daily reading from the Bible.
I have chosen The Message version for this plan.

Joyce Meyer packs power in her messages
driving the point home to me often.
She speaks my kind of language - direct and wise.
I just am not as to the point as she is and a bit more tender-loving 
with a dash more of compassion.

These POWER THOUGHTS are speaking 
God's Word
we sure need them
to stand firm
in every
season of our lives

is from one of my
2 Timothy 1:7
{actually all of these could be and should be}

I really need to keep
like these ever before me

so thank you
Joyce Meyer
compiling these!

I definitely would encourage you to make these declarations and verses
a daily part of your reading. If you've stopped reading the Bible daily,
these short reading plans are great to motivate you through
There are so many to choose from, go check 'em out.

Can you imagine how powerful it would be to have
all 365 of these 
You do, they are in God's Word


How many can you list of the Bible Verses that go with these?
[put the number of the day and then the Scripture you think for any or all]
{#5 is done}
(answers will be in the comments later)

Much better that I chose to share these then my other reading plan of
{it sure does}


*I started this plan on July 15, 2015 at YouVersion (see button in the right sidebar)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


My Walk On Weds. this week 
is on a path through the Valley or in the Valley
looking for the cool, refreshment of a
babbling brook or winding stream
Living Water
As IF:Equip looks at
Matthew 5:6
of the
I look to the

I don't know why but "valleys" have been on my mind. July seems to often bring me to this place.

I'm not in a "valley" which often signifies a low place in our lives
but I'm definitely not on the mountaintop either.
I am content to gaze at their majesty from below in the valley!

For me, the valley is a rich, fertile place to "grow"
not just represent the low
Yet I'm not growing, I'm not planting or planted,
I'm not even seeding.
I'm not flourishing as I should.
I've uprooted many "weeds".
Yet still I'm not in a "dry" place
although it's plenty hot.

For me, valleys are beautiful, lush, fertile places, yet literally
we write about valleys as dark, lonely, desperate places

{from one of the book covers}

When I reflect on
almost immediately
I recall "Much Afraid's" life 
in the valley and the climb to the mountaintop
with her two companions
"Sorrow and Suffering"
The Shepherd
(of course)
guiding her 
in my favorite allegory
"Hinds' Feet in High Places"
by Hannah Hurrad
"Mountains of Spices"
but that's not where I am either
{maybe I'm suppose to return there}

Somehow, I don't find myself in any
"Valley of Humiliation"
like Much Afraid or the one found in
"Pilgrim's Progress"

This is picture perfect!
I'd enjoy being here.

{so I'm fascinated with this depiction but not sure of the source}

{where I found it, but I'm sure it must belong to some artist}
What have I learned about "valleys"?

Everyone of us goes through valley experiences. I have been through plenty of "valley experiences" that just seem to be part of life. I often find comfort in the reading of Psalm 23 when I'm in that place.
However, David's valley appears to be in a dark, deep place ... oh, but I have been in that kind of valley too. It's just not where I am now {I don't think, anyways, or that I'm headed in that direction}
usually I catch myself or some event occurs that indicates that I'm on a path like that ... a death of a loved one or something where I wonder "why God?" and it triggers my deeper, darker valley experience for days, weeks, months or sometimes a year like the last one. God meets us in the valley!

I choose to believe that is the reason I am wandering and waiting in the valley right now, for no other reason then to meet with God. I'm holding on to this thought I read that "the valley is temporary" and "is the only route to our own personal promised land". I like that ... in fact, that's enough to hold me as I research *"Valleys" in God's Word and study some of the **Biblical characters who experienced "low points" in their lives "not as a consequence of sin" {as I'm sure I've shared plenty of these} but as "part of God's plan to fulfill their destiny".  [see below for the * and ** further notes] I have endeavored to steer clear of the "valley of depression" and quite a few other ones so this "walk" today will not include them nor the "lows" or "highs"; being in sin or not. I'm trying to keep myself from making that kind of "walk" and "talk" as I focus on God, His Plan, His Purpose for my destiny.

Many "valley experiences" are mentioned in the Scriptures and almost all are symbolic of spiritual experiences. I tend to agree with this concept that I read about the association of valleys not being only with the times of trials, disappointments, defeats, discouragements, or sad "lows" of life where no way God would venture because Psalm 23 surely shows us differently that He is Our Shepherd and committed to us at all times, on the mountaintops and down in the valleys, and I'm sure you'd agree that this is where we experience His GRACE and find GROWTH; at least from my view it is.
When we journey through the valley, we must always keep in mind that "God will make a way" (even that "Meadow" place I love to wander off to had a prayer for this this week): that His GRACE, His leading, His mercy, His presence will never fail. We may question His timing of the valley and often His way {wanting Him to do it our way and the quickest possible} but often His way is exactly the opposite of ours, however we should never doubt that "the Lord is Our Shepherd" and ALL this entails. Our lives are filled with "ups and downs" whether we are a Christian or not. Of course, most of us are well aware of the "valleys" as the place where we struggle. But actually, I'm finding out that "valleys" can sometimes be a gift from God. 

John 16:33

I find "Peace in the Valley" (Elvis' version)
version of Gaither VEVO 

The valley is very different than the mountaintop, the valley is where life becomes challenging, the valley, where many battles are fought and where feelings are hurt and attitudes are developed. The valley is the place in life where we struggle everyday with fears and our hopes and painful circumstances. The valley for us is inevitable, because we find ourselves there for various reasons. It may spiritual warfare, or the actions of others, or because of our own rebellious actions, or even due to the hand of God Himself we will find ourselves in the valley. In the mountaintop is where we come to meet God; but the valley is where God comes to meet us."
[credit: Spence Miller]

I can relate to people in the "valley" much better than the "mountaintops", because generally I just pass alongside or through the mountain areas and I don't spend enough time gazing at the spectacular views available. So I can't readily speak (or write) about the majestic wonders of the mountains as others have this experience much better and more qualified to expound on the beauty and spiritual lessons learned. My experiences on the mountaintops are brief because I've grown accustomed to the beauty I find in the valley of growing and tilling the soil. One day, I will see from the heights but for now I'm content (yes) "living in the valley" and adapting to the climate and the wind of the Spirit. {I write "yes, living in the valley" because one of the resources I read asked "where do you do most of your living?" and then boldly advised us not "to take up residence in the valley"}. I'm in the valley not because I've given up or stopped praying as they wrote (heavens no), I'm enjoying my time near the vines and the Vine-maker, waiting and watching for growth and opportunities to learn more, willing to make the climb, once in a while ... to pass through the heights and catch a glorious glimmer of the spectacular view from above but meanwhile I will hopefully return to tilling, seeding, planting and much more growing in my own life to prepare me for the "heights" so I never become too light headed or thinking I'm superior to anyone else or their unique journey from the valley to the mountain. 

I may be in the
for awhile now
especially as I go
I'm so very thankful
God comes to meet me
here and there
I'm in good company
 with others like
** JESUS **

"It is GOD Himself who walks with us through ...
{my insert in this quote}
... life’s trials to deliver us from all evil and fear."
meets us

[credit:Bible Study Resources: Personal Dev.]

Where do you find yourself most often and what are you learning? 
{and please forgive me, but don't you find that most of your growing takes place in those valley experiences? I know I do, yet we all are different ... there is much to learn in both the highs and lows}

Well, I need to GROW and GRACE seems to be the place 
that God wants to show me in my "Walks ..."
in the "Gardens of GRACE"

In October, you will better understand why I am in this place of study as I work ahead on my 31 Days. Somehow from "valleys", I ended up in "gates" - another fascinating departure in God's Word.

Further study:

*  Valleys: the valley of Shaveh, Gerar, Jericho, Baca, Siddim, Eschol, Kidron, Elah, Achor, Gehenna, Jezreel (7 Bible Valleys), Arabah, Gennesaret, Megiddo, Hinnom, Sorek, Sharon (map)

**Biblical characters: Abraham, Daniel, David, Elijah, Gideon, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Jeremiah, Ruth, Jehoshaphat, and JESUS (really wonderful short synopsis of "valley experiences" in these devotions) {oops, almost forgot Moses

Can you think of any other Biblical characters or Valleys?

If you are in a "low" Valley ... might I suggest In Touch Ministries with Pastor Charles Stanley. I watched "The Valley Experiences in Our Lives" and I read the Daily Devotional "Preparing for the Valley". Thankful for the strengthening and the wonderful wisdom and insights of Charles Stanley but this was not what I was looking for at this time. I thought I was done with this when God opened me up to this song for YOU (especially if you are in the "low" part of the valley ... not the "grow" part) ... so I had to add the actual video here (not just a link like the previous ones above). 

Ellie Holcomb with "The Valley" (lyrics included)

that "when you walk through a storm (or valley)
hold your head up high and don't be afraid of the dark ..."
{another song I sing when I'm in the Valley or storm}
There are so many that bring us His Comfort and Peace!

Ellie's is one that I need to learn so my heart can sing this one too
based on Psalm 23 and Psalm 69
(linked to The Message)
{you can read or listen to them now}
And reading in The Voice 23 and 69 makes you feel like it's being spoken 

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This blog is ALL about HIM, for HIM, not about me!
I hope that is what you see
this is why I am

To my faithful visitors;
all of you who spend your valuable time here with me
I do appreciate you so much!

Thank you for taking your time to visit!

Love, Sweet blessings & Hugs!