"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

W.O.W. ~ "Come and you will see"

I'd like you to
Walk on Weds.
with me


every day

this one is so special and timely
I can actually visualize
sitting here

whispering this to me

I Like to be Where You Are

“He said to them, ‘Come and you will see.’ So they came and saw where he was staying, and they stayed with him that day . . .” (John 1:39).

My daughter, when I came to dwell with you, it was before you ever knew. But I have known you and sought you out and loved being with you.

Do you know I love to sit with you? Do you know I love to study your face? This face I touched and touch, now, even still?

I like to be where you are. As I am with you, do you know I invite you in, to be with Me, to stay with Me? Do you feel Me next to you?

There is a difference between feeling I am close and knowing I am in you. For I am in you, my love—and I invite you in, even deeper, still.

I say, “Come and see.” Come with Me.  See where I am. Stay with Me. Be with Me. Watch Me. Follow Me. Be close. Ask Me questions.

Come and see.

I turn and answer.

Be curious about what we do together. I love to hear your heart speak. I hear you. I delight in hearing you. Do not fear about the next turn in the road as we walk, as you follow.

Stay close.

See the steps and the focus on what is ahead, all the while staying close to Me. Oh, my girl, I am close.

Come closer.

I invite you in. Stay with Me awhile.

I have so many things to speak to your heart.

Jennifer Camp, LOOP devotional 6/27/16 email

at His feet 
hanging on every 
Word Whispered

Thank you Jennifer Camp

Jennifer J. Camp's Profile Photo
for sharing
God's Whispers
with me

{you can sign-up and receive these twice a week too and visit her blog or Facebook if you have one plus Jennifer's got another new book "Breathing Eden"}

Psalm 62:8

This bench is a bit bigger for all of us
that would love to sit and listen
to Him say
"I like to BE where you are"

I reply

"me, too, Lord"




Thank You for listening as I pour out my heart to


hearing me as I long to hear You

assuring me, guiding me

letting me know


depending on this while

praising You


I can see Your answer

hoping for a


trusting and believing


for this one



Complete Series

It's so God

Pastor Rick Warren
would start a series this week after the 4th
with this title

"When You're Hoping for a Miracle"
Series Summary
Message 1: ​When You're Running Out of Everything Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
1 "The Path to a Miracle Goes through Uncomfortable Territory"
2 "Miracles always Come from Unexpected Sources"
3 "God Provides on the Way to a Miracle"
Message 2: ​​​​​​​​​When You Can't See Your Way Clearly
Message 3: ​​When You've Come Up Empty
Message 4: ​When You Feel You're Sinking
Message 5: When A Marriage Has Ended
Message 6: ​​When You're Drowning In Debt
Message 7: When A Friend is Dying

I'm pretty sure that this was not meant just for me
and in no way is the a coincidence 
but most definitely a
{perhaps you may want to check some of these messages out}
hear God whisper

"Come and you will see"

just so GOD!!! :)

* since this blog includes
in its title
I hope to see
believe I will and do

so can you

"... God is still able to do a miracle in your life."

Saturday, February 13, 2016

S.O.S. ~ "Softly and Tenderly" + MY VALENTINE GRAMMY WINNERS

Song on Sat. and/or SONday

I had a different song that came to me on my Friday offline, that I was hoping to share for this weekend's SOS ... however, I could not recall later which one. So, before it is too late, I've been wanting to share this remarkable couple (Joey and Rory Feek) that I just learned about at the end of 2015 from a dear Canadian and YouTube friend, Abby. {Thanks so much Abby!}

Not being a southern gal (that's really not an excuse) and not even being a country western or gospel listener, except when someone shares one or I find one or someone I really like ... like the Gaither's and their crew, this is rare for me. Gaither have a wonderful interview and promotion video of Joey & Rory's Hymns that captivated me showing the beauty of this couple, their music and their hearts.

If you already know them, then you are aware of their awesome testimony and life journey. Sadly, Joey is battling against the enemy of cancer that wants to cut her life short, but praise God, she's holding on for her miracle of life and she will be victorious. Her dear husband, began a blog, to keep everyone informed and has written some very heart wrenching but also endearing blog posts at "This Life I Live", honoring his lovely wife and family. 

Their newest album, which is/was being recorded in between her rest, surgery and treatments is a dream project of hers of traditional hymns, which was just released on Friday, Feb. 12th, 2016 ... this is one of the songs I have chosen ... to honor their love and God's love for this Valentine's weekend. 

[However, two of my favorites, so far, but really too heart wrenching to share for this weekend are "When I'm Gone" (blog post)... and "If I Needed You" (I think this is the duet song that they received a nomination for) {I imagine I should have embedded this last song but I chose}]  

"Softly & Tenderly" from Hickory Films on Vimeo

I am so aMazed by Joey & Rory, their family and story!  

Since learning of them
I have become a fan incognito
a silent prayer warrior for them

This is truly


master plan-11


I'm honoring them with this post dedication to

Image result for joey and rory


in my estimation

of this upcoming Grammy nomination



they will be represented by 

(daughters and manager, but also cousin)

as they watch from home


I also came across this you tube site "to say goodbye" and this video to her brother back in 2009 (but it was 15 years ago that her brother left); such moving and touching videos have been done in good taste ... here's one (from ET) of her saying goodbye to her daughters (Heidi, Hopie, Indiana) as she enters hospice and another ET one from Jan. 6, 2016. Here's one saying goodbye to her best friend


Joey & Rory 

are looking forward to this
and especially
this next week


I just had to give my applause,



salute to

(and Rory)

for a

well-fought life

lived and loved before us



"softly and tenderly"

loves them

sees them


hears them

wishing them the



reminding us all

to count our blessings

treasure with love

every person


has placed in our

our life journey - our love journey

GOD'S announcement

"And the WINNERS ARE ... " :) 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, Amor, and Friendship

Congratulations Joey and Rory!

Hee-haw! Rooting for ya'

~Peggy, a new fan and supporter~

Yes, Lord, we need You!

"...If I needed you
 Would you come to me 
Would you come to me 
For to ease my pain 
If you needed me
 I would come to you 
I would swim the seas
 For to ease your pain..."

(lyrics of their song)

Thank You Lord, that Joey is still with us 'for such a time' as this!

Friday, September 25, 2015


As I am Seeking and still Abiding
I wanted to share something special and taking a chance
by putting it all out here for y'all to read
I do so to give praise and glory to
God Almighty

{at least I hope so}

Today's Friday Focus is a bit different than usual 
it's kinda like Walk On Weds. but on Fri.
so grab one of these chairs and a sweet lemonade or ice tea
 sit yourself down for a spell, you do deserve a break 
let's soak in these last warm days of the season
get ready to read for awhile
about my little miracle
{I promise to not take too much of your time}

I'm not too sure if many of you are aware that earlier this year, I lost mobility in my left arm {soon to be taken care of when I get back home to my own Dr.- he's the best and knows me well-all of me}. The pain has subsided for now, unless I move it wrong, yet I continue working on restoring my mobility through my own exercise routine.

Well, Tues. night after staying up and online to do my "Walk On Weds.", I went to sleep late at midnight ... I have not had pain in that arm for a long time. Often when I lay there before falling asleep, I continue talking with Our Father and at that time, I recall asking, if it be His will that He restore my left arm's mobility and if not, I will believe that the time will come when I have 100% again because God has decided "not at that moment" yet in His moment, I will be healed. I count on Him hearing this and try to sleep comfortably now, resting in Him and this. So I fall asleep, and somewhere between 1 and 2, I roll over on that shoulder {which is not my usual side to sleep on} and I hear two cracks, have a little pain in that shoulder and wonder if I'm dreaming. It quickens my reaction to roll back the other way.

[image credit: crosswalk] or ibelieve

So I get up, drowsy, and lift my arms just to thank God {as I often do} and give Him praise, when I realize that my left arm is now able to raise up almost with the same ease as my right. I then check with some of the movements I have not been able to do, and I can. My arm can extend upward along my head much better and I compare to the ease of my right. Almost perfect - almost the same. I am so aMazed! I am witnessing a MIRACLE from God! I can't wait to see how it is in the morning and share excitedly to anyone who might listen {my dogs are the first} ... I wake up on September 23rd, recalling that this is one of those dates of the 33 happenings this September ... but it does not matter and I'm no longer concerned or consumed by this, because I want to give God glory and thanks and praise for honoring that I am Seeking Him more and He has decided to restore my left arm's mobility. Ahhh, but alas, I still cannot reach behind and to snap that 'do-hickey' that I've had to do in the front and twist around or better yet, the comfort of going without ... though it's pretty saggy that way, sometimes "a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do" and that woman thing can be forgotten for the hassle it causes me ... well, my left arm is unable to do it. So that's that ...

Does that mean that it really was no miracle at all? 

[image credit]

I am still believing and giving testimony
to closer to 100% mobility
of my left arm
all to God
My Healer, My Restorer
the Lifter of my head (and arm) in this case

I wake up content
really ready to dive into my Bible reading for the day
at You Version with my morning one
"Prayers that will Transform You"

...because they do and they have and they are...

to this one for this day

"Recipients of His Boundless Grace"


I know I am

and so are


Believe it and Receive it

... Ephesians 2:8-9 (the reading for that day)

with this devotion by Ken Boa that follows

As God transforms us and sanctifies us to becoming more like Him, we begin to more clearly understand the transforming power of His boundless grace. Everything is about God and not us, yet God has chosen to make us the recipients of His boundless grace. Grace means undeserved favor. Grace is when we receive something we do not deserve. We do not deserve His love or His forgiveness yet He has given it to us by His grace through faith in His son. Beginning to understand that truth will transform us all. "

(then) This audible prayer time (linked above too) is an invitation for us both to stop for a moment and let the Spirit of God transform us as we consider the boundless incomprehensible gift of His grace.
So let's do that today
as I spend my day offline
"let the Spirit of God transform us
as we consider the boundless
gift of His

It really is more than enough
[photo image credit]
proverbs and pacifers

Isn't that just too precious?

Give God glory and praise with me!!!

Miracle Maker

He is so worthy to be praised!
And I'm still believing for
complete healing and restoration
for my left arm 

Friday, July 24, 2015





since Monday

[image credit]

and in one of my searches I came upon the ministry of this beautiful image above

another blog post from there that I wanted to link you to read on

{more specifically "Fertilizing the Growth of a Miracle" blog post}


a new devotional for me as well as a wonderful Bible study site with Carol McLeod
{who has such a delightful "...Cup of Tea ..." blog and so much more}
to fill your life or cup to overflow with JOY

I love the 4 insights of

What does it take to experience a MIRACLE?

of 4 decisions made but not a formula or guarantee

However, it was actually the beautiful PRINT that I really wanted to share with this quote from there {prints available but it said only until July 1st in the post}:

"When you choose to Believe in the possibility of a Miracle
your belief is the rain that waters the Hard 
dry ground of impossible situations" ~Carol McLeod, JustJoy

just because it fits so well with this week



is exactly how our



Tying one thread to another to another


"... binding three cords which cannot be broken ..."
Ecclesiastes 4:12


is how


in the online community

of believers

should work too



"Watching Miracles Unfold"

with Sharon or Denise

of prayers being answered and many still to be answered

probably in process just like the one for Sharon and her precious mom

“Lord Jesus, I love You so much. I thank You for the Bible. Thank You that the Bible does a Miracle in me. Thank You for the abundant life that is laid out for me in the Bible. Thank You that Your words bring joy to my life." ~YouVersion reading plan, Day 2, Just Joy M.

Father, Thank You for MIRACLES unfolding and GRACE to wait and watch them come to be prayers answered and that You are at work always. Thank You for changing my FOCUS to lift me up from the valleys to see the mountain glory, looking beyond just me and opening my vision and heart to encompass ANYTHING that You may be doing in the lives of others and the total perspective You bring in whatever we surrender to You, trusting and hoping that "ALL things ... " in Jesus' name. I do love You so much!

{skip the ad part since it's past, but enjoy this song and FOCUS}

as always

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I do realize that I mentioned on Monday
that this was in lieu of a 
"Walk On Weds."
but as it looks that this published 
clearly I lied
{I'm sorry}
[this is not my usual way because most of the time, I am painfully honest]

By now, most of you know me 
that I love my "Walks On Weds." that allow me 
time to reflect and share 
while I walk with God in the
Gardens of GRACE


So this is kinda like a 2nd Part of last week's "WALK"
{in case you missed that I admitted in the comments that I did not go "sketching on the beach"}
and also
Sharon's "Watching a Miracle Unfold"

... because I feel like I have loose ends to tie up and make more connections

... because I did not answer Sharon's question at the end of her fabulous "miracle" happening

... because I stored away alot of photo images from my walk last week

... because I love watching God continue to unwrap and unravel throughout my time online
and most importantly with

... because for me,

this is how Miracles unravel and unfold

when I wander from one place to another without knowing the final destination point
{another place I'll be sharing on "Friday Focus"}

but GOD does 

already has it laid out and planned
just like Sharon's Domino effect of "it just happens" leading up to 
prayers answered on her, her family's and her mom's behalf

... because 
God cares for her

and us

enough to allow


to still happen

and I especially love that Sharon resolved to do more than

Praise and Thank God

then Sharon Shared 7 things more

... because Sharon wants to do more
so do I, along with her ...

... I want this Divine Intervention to infuse my faith with more faith. 

I want it to make a difference in how I trust God.  

I want it to deepen my understanding of God's faithfulness.

I want it to bring me peace as I face other turmoil in my life.

I want to KNOW more than ever, that God is in control, that He still sits on His throne, that His ways are wise and good and timely.

I want to believe…

to deepen the
for any

the reason that I did not answer Sharon's question as I usually attempt to do, 
of whether I have witnessed a
besides that GREAT One of the Bridge above

... because ...
I'm sure that I have witnessed many
yet I have never taken the time or the steps
to notice and give God the glory
as Sharon shared and we all should
like the 10 Lepers 
I usually at least give "thanks" however
I don't realize that 
indeed is/was a
I overlook the simple
every day
in life and of life

... because ...
I'm too caught up or stuck in the muck and mire of the 
other 'stuff', the mundane, conflicts, problems,
disappointments, troubles, worldly woes

{you get my drift}


I ask

Why do we miss the miracles in life?

although I did not get this question specifically answered

I encountered some really wonderful articles like

How to Live Your Life as if Everything is a Miracle

How to Receive a Miracle Part 1 & Part 2

How God Works Behind the Scenes to Position You for Miracles

How to Create Daily Miracles

God Still Performs Miracles

I guess just waking up each day
{especially with old age creeping in

with a fresh breath from God

is all the 


I need

I will start counting each one

taking time to notice

... because I

"Don't [Want to] Miss the Miracles In the Storm"

[or not in the storm - my inserts]

"Living in this broken world can easily harden our hearts to the joy and peace and miracles God gives us each day." New Spring Church
I know I do not want my heart to harden!


So what did I do last week instead of venturing out to the beach in temps that were reported "to feel like" 104 degrees, just to sketch ??? {insert "crazy" signal pointing to self}

 [This is as brief of a summary as I can compose]

I started out by searching and watching videos on an International Faith Art community (here and there on their site and related sites, since I did not take time to sign up and register to have more access) and Art Journaling (totally new concept to me). Then I had a brainstorm idea of "Biblical Gardens" (which was really interesting and I was even able to download some coloring pages but no printer so I dabbled with sketching some) which led me to Seashells ... and I have plenty of them collected to assemble or draw and I can always get more ... yet these Garden images using Seashells ... really inspired me. Have you ever really noticed the beauty and design of a seashell? 

Nature's filled with 

[image credit]

{and others interspersed above}

I also listened to many of Joan Sebastian's songs and watched the videos of him with his horses ... even in MN.

I discovered some reading plans from "GRIEF Bites" at You Version and their site, which I am doing on a personal, private level to "find treasures in hardships" and "grow through grief ..." because I'm really hoping to GROW, not just go through the valley whenever some occasion just happens and my heart remembers ...  ever so nearly, dearly and fondly ... of each MIRACLE in every person that crosses my life (REAL and VIRTUAL): I have been so blessed!

that alone is a


of the connections and encounters

God designs and makes




* not completely finished tying up all my loose ends but a little closer ... and I feel a bit better in the midst of lingering grief ... I'm working on it ...
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This blog is ALL about HIM, for HIM, not about me!
I hope that is what you see
this is why I am

To my faithful visitors;
all of you who spend your valuable time here with me
I do appreciate you so much!

Thank you for taking your time to visit!

Love, Sweet blessings & Hugs!