"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Since many of you start the New Year with a new Bible reading plan, I wanted to share this one, while perhaps you continue to shop around for the right fit, however this is why I use YouVersion (YV) and Bible Gateway because they make so many versions available to you for free, as well as offer great devotions and now Bible Gateway has added a wonderful study tool of resources. My apologies ahead of time that this blog post is so long but it's the best way for me to ring out the old year and bring in the NEW!!!

I started early in preparing My One Word for 2015 blog posts, but this is not the one that is announcing My One Word yet. The reason for this earlier blog post is to start you out with what I shared and promised that you'd be reading more of in 2015 back here when I did my 1st review of a special Bible because of its' devotional theme, not because it's a new version of the Bible, it's the NIV (New International Version). 

I will be starting my year, " Discovering God's Heartthrough reading this Bible and "Exploring the King's Love for His People" (that's you and me). I have also explored some other very interesting new Bibles, if you're looking for a new one or a new way but if you want to sample this one, I found a YouVersion Reading Plan of 21 days (which means that they have chosen here and there to give you a "taste")

Here are the Bible readings chosen for each of the 21 days:

{it is suggested in the actual Bible to begin on Monday with Genesis 1-2 if you are doing the full year daily reading plan. So Day 1 here is actually *Day 17 in the full reading plan of the NIV Bible} Sign up with You Version if you need a comprehensive plan to start your heart work.

Day 1  Genesis 48:10-21 (day 17)
Day 2  Exodus 20:1-21    (day 25)
Day 3  1 Samuel 1:1-20  (day 74)
Day 4  1 Chronicles 21:18-30 (108)
Day 5  Job 2:1-10
Day 6  Psalm 68:7-23
Day 7  Psalm 91:9-16
Day 8  Psalm 140:1-8
Day 9  Proverbs 27:13-27
Day 10 Isaiah 27:3-13
Day 11 Jonah 4:4-11
Day 12 Matthew 14:13-21 
Day 13 Luke 17:20-37
Day 14 Acts 16:22-34
Day 15 Romans 5:6-17
Day 16 1 Corinthians 1:18-31
Day 17 Philippians 2:5-18
Day 18 1 Timothy 4:1-10
Day 19 1 John 3:1-10 
Day 20 3 John 1:1-8
Day 21 Revelation 22:12-21

What I like about this devotional in "discovering God's Heart" are 
(what I will call) "captions" for each reading as follows in quotation marks:

Day 1  Genesis 48:10-21 "The Complete Forgiveness of God"
Day 2  Exodus 20:1-21    "God's Proposal"
Day 3  1 Samuel 1:1-20   "The Prayer after God's heart"
Day 4  1 Chronicles 21:18-30 "God's Heart Home"
Day 5  Job 2:1-10            "God on Trial"
Day 6  Psalm 68:7-23      "God, Our Daily Friend"
Day 7  Psalm 91:9-16      "The Always God"
Day 8  Psalm 140:1-8      "God, the Love-Rich"
Day 9  Proverbs 27:13-27"God, the Glorious, Mysterious One"
Day 10 Isaiah 27:3-13     "The Shadow Banisher"                  
Day 11 Jonah 4:4-11       "God's Grace in Fish Form"
Day 12 Matthew 14:13-21"Jesus, the Compassionate Teacher"
Day 13 Luke 17:20-37     "God's Present Kingdom"
Day 14 Acts 16:22-34      "God the Truth"
Day 15 Romans 5:6-17    "The God who wants us to Believe in Him"
Day 16 1 Corinthians 1:18-31"God, the Warm Truth"
Day 17 Philippians 2:5-18 "God, the Flower's Provider"
Day 18 1 Timothy 4:1-10  "The Fun God Intends"
Day 19 1 John 3:1-10       "God is Light"
Day 20 3 John 1:1-8         "God's Loving Truth"
Day 21 Revelation 22:12-21"God's Glorious End-Beginning"
then as I am reading that section, I focus on that thought ("caption")

Here are the "captions' for the beginning in the book of
in the actual NIV Devotional Bible

Day 1   Genesis 1-2     "God's Great Introduction"
Day 2   Genesis 3-5     "The Great Accusation against God"
Day 3   Genesis 6-9     "God's Broken Heart"
Day 4   Genesis 10-11 "Divine Intervention"
Day 5   Genesis 12-14 "God's Greatest Goal"
Day 6 and Day 7   
           Genesis 15-17  "God's Unshakable Covenant"
Day 8   Genesis 18-20 "God's Invitation"
Day 9   Genesis 21-24 "God's Laughter Promise"
Day 10 Genesis 25-26 "Catching God's Heart"
Day 11 Genesis 27-31 "God's Sovereign Messiness"
Day 12 Genesis 32-36 "The God who Wrestles"
Day 13 and Day 14 
           Genesis 37-40 "Our Grief-Acquainted God"
Day 15 Genesis 41-44 "The Good Author"
Day 16 Genesis 45-47 "God, the Deliverer"
Day 17 Genesis 48-50 "The Complete Forgiveness of God"

begins on day 18
"The God who lives in you"
Ex. 1-2

As I mentioned in my Bible review that it is the devotional part that sets this NIV apart from others with it's 3 parts of God's Story, the King's heart, and an Insight. Maybe all these "captions" capture your heart too and intrigue you a bit.

So not only do I hope to discover more of God's Heart as my King this year, but I also hope to listen more intimately to His Voice through His Word and hear Him whisper to me from the early morning hours to late into the evening, as well as throughout my day, in big or small ways, I intend to know God like He knows me. {OK, I realize that I don't have that kind of intimate knowledge or ability}, but since Christ lives in me, each day I can hope to be more in tune with Him (His Spirit) and His thoughts toward me(and you). I am sure that 2015 will be an aMazing journey devoted to seeking God 1st and His heart toward us! 

Whatever version or reading plan you do, or how much time, does not matter as much as spending the time with Him, speaking and listening to God, worshiping and giving thanks for so much and allowing Him to reveal Himself and His heart.

I pray as you start your journey into 2015 you will make room for the King to reign in every part of your heart and life, shining Jesus Christ even more brightly. Might I encourage you to "Discover God's Heart" in 2015 and ...


(coming in the next blog post)


Of course, if this reading plan does not suit you and you have not yet become part of SRT (She Reads Truth) community ... I have three reasons that I'd like to suggest you try them out or check out their site:

1) They have a new app for a 365 day reading the full Bible on their app that they launched this past year (since I don't do "apps" on a mobile device, I have not yet tried those out) but I do frequent their site daily - at least to read the Truth (meaning God's Word) with them and when I can I join in the community with my two cents in the comments

2) They are starting out 2015 - the New Year - with the Gospel of John. To me, this is the perfect book (and I might add my favorite of the 4 gospels, if I had to choose, but sometimes I prefer Luke, then Matthew, then Mark, well, starting with the Gospels really are the best. For a new believer, we often encourage them to begin with the Gospel of John.) And today, SRT has an Introduction to John. They have also begun providing packets of their studies that you can purchase as you follow along or do like I do, just read at their site. SRT also has a Facebook page and all the other social media connections.


3) This 3rd reason is the main reason, I wanted to share them once again and strongly encourage you to make reading God's Word with these women part of your daily routine (whatever time of the day each day)

I hoped to be able to come up with the perfect prayer to start 2015 because to me this is where it all begins (on our knees before Him, giving this New Year to Him). But you know what, SRT has done just that by sharing a prayer from "The Valley of Vision" (however, I read at an online site that makes this available online that it is copyrighted, so I am trying to stay clear of problems with this more and more as I learn about this). So I am linking to SRT's blog post with the prayer, hoping you will go there and read "A Prayer for the New Year"! since I did not come up with my own.
But I am attempting my own rephrase of this Puritan prayer personalizing the words for me (hoping that copyright does not care about that-or maybe this is worse???):

O Lord, However long or short my days may be and those yet to come,  I do not profit at all, if I do not linger in Your Presence, in Your service (in whatever I do), yet always  to Your Glory. 

"Give me Your Grace that precedes, follows, guides, sustains, sanctifies,
aids every hour that I may not be one moment apart from" You. So that I rely on Your Spirit "to supply every thought, speak in every word, direct every step, prosper every work, build up" even the smallest mustard seed faith in me, and give me a desire to show forth Your Praise, testify Your Love, advance Your Kingdom"

{this next part is ever so perfect}

"I launch my bark on the unknown waters this year, as I have done this past year, with You, Father as my harbor; You O Son at my helm, for You are my Anchor and my Rock; and with You, O Holy Spirit, filling my sails. Guide me to heaven, with Your belt of Truth around me, and the full armor of God each day, so that my lamp may be burning, my ear open to Your call and Your whispers, Your Voice, my heart full of love, my soul free."

Thank You that You have set me free, moment by moment, year after year!

{only the "Thees" and "Thys", have I changed to "You", not as pure or Puritan, but more me as I would speak to Our Lord ...}

"Give me Your Grace to sanctify me, Your comforts to cheer, Your wisdom to teach, Your right hand to guide, Your counsel to instruct, Your law to judge, Your Presence to stabilize ..."

As I stand in fear and awe of You alone, for Your Triumph and triumphs, may this be my JOY each day! Thank You for yet another year that You go before me, beside me, behind me and with me and all my dear loved ones, I pray ...


~ Peggy~

{also My new One Word is mingled in this prayer}

Praying for you and with you!

sorry that I was unable to complete this first table, because this new Bible is currently not available to me. Good thing I have You Version's version :) and some notes! I can't believe I'm already starting out the new year with apologies. Oh and I had this on Jan. 1st but moved it back to here (in case I missed editing anything). I may have to hold off on doing this or starting any other, while I concentrate on what I am sharing on New Year's Day for the next 50 days (at least)! We'll see! Be sure to check out my PAGES at the top, especially PROJECT H.O.P.E. updates and MY ONE WORD as I add to them.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Natalie Grant

... "But our Hope endures 
the worst of conditions
it's more than our 

Let the earth quake
Our Hope is unchanged

This entire year, especially this last month of December, I have shared on My One Word: HOPE! This song captures some of HOPE. However, I am far from recapping My One Word: HOPE, because I still have so much to learn or apply what I have learned through the many resources I've shared with you throughout this year. 

I guess I have a few blog posts that I would say capture best my HOPE yet I have steered clear of sharing my personal applications of how God spoke His Whispers of Hope ... "There is HOPE" and "Hope Is" are the closest ones I have to clarifying my HOPE but many of my favorite lessons and blog posts came from "Hope for the Heart" ministry and the book by June Hunt as well as the books:"The Hope Quotient" by Pastor Ray Johnston; "Let Hope In" by Pastor Pete Wilson; "Experience Hope ... Jesus Today" by Sarah Young and one with 40 devotionals of HOPE and Encouragement "Rain On Me" by Holley Gerth. 

"Lord, Thank You that You are Our Hope and we can trust in You no matter what happens. I pray You will use the storm I'm experiencing now [name your storm] to grow new flowers in my life in ways I never expected and help me appreciate even more the ones I've already been given. I don't fully understand yet how that is possible but I receive Your promise to work all things together for good in my life."  Holley Gerth, "Rain On Me"

The words "HOPE Triumphs ... through the season" is the perfect conclusion for my journey in HOPE, however 'the season' is not over for me and I will continue to hold on to HOPE and the lessons God still desires to show me. I prefer to not let any storm or "Rain on Me" hinder my hold on HOPE. As I reread my HOPE blog posts (like the ones I've linked or mentioned here) and see the wonderful way Sharon recapped her One Word: JOY ... I do believe what she wrote there can also be my lessons learned on HOPE (as I wrote in my comment and as she wrote in her #6 how our 2 words are intertwined). 

I truly have seen that HOPE is risky, and Hope is a necessity. I know HOPE is the best gift we can give or receive, as Hope binds us all together; our HOPE endures and is unchanged, as we expect the best is yet to come; Hope is eternal, powerful, contagious, persevering and always fulfilled by God. I believe my HOPE is found in Jesus Christ, as my Anchor ... and when I remember this (think or focus on this rather than the trial, suffering, problem, circumstance, etc.) anything is possible with God, who is in control (not me, or the world around me) yet still knowing and believing all this, there are times when I find it difficult trusting God with my future ... or that it will all come to pass as I hope, so I keep leaning into God's Hope for me, my heart, my life and for those I lift in prayer or whose life crosses mine that HOPE triumphs, because in Jesus, we win! "Our HOPE endures ..." and we can "Live in HOPE" instead of despair, worry, fear, anxious thoughts, overwhelming emotions, etc. Jesus is Our HOPE!

Holley Gerth - Encouragement - Hold on to Hope - 6 Premium Cards image
[image credit:Holley Gerth, Dayspring card]

*my favorite quote by Holley Gerth on HOPE is found here ... "HOPE is more than a word ... " to read the rest follow this link but the above card is a great favorite also! "You can hold on to HOPE - no matter what happens because there's One who's holding on to you. He'll stop at nothing and do anything to make sure you have everything you need."

Monday, December 29, 2014


Perhaps I should have saved this title for the final day of 2014. It certainly would be the best conclusion of anyone with HOPE as their One Word for the year. My One Word being HOPE had an endless supply of resources and I have not even tipped the top of the iceberg yet (really) or should that have read topped the tip of the iceberg {yep, that's the way it should be}. I still have oodles! But this title comes from yet another reading plan at You Version(YV){that's the reason it's in "quotes"}. Fortunately or unfortunately, there are not 35 days left in 2014 to share this on a day by day journey of HOPE. But if you still need HOPE because you sometimes feel hopeless, this devotional reading plan would make a great start toward being more hopeful (plus "Time of Grace" has some other books/pamphlets and plans on HOPE and much more like "Hope in a Moment" by Pastor Mark Jeske) ...would you believe me if I told you that there still are more plans on HOPE available at YV?

Here is the Introduction to
"There is Hope"
{so you might decide if this is a plan you might need}
Day 1
{that leaves only 34 more days}

"Do you like blues music? I really do. Even though I grew up far, far away from the Mississippi Delta, there is something about that gritty music that resonates with my soul. I never had to chop cotton or work as a sharecropper to make my living, but I’ve had my own pain and hard times, and those old songs sing to me. One of my favorites is Booker T. Jones’ “Born Under a Bad Sign,” which talks about hard luck and trouble plaguing his whole life.

Has your life ever seemed hopeless? Have you ever thought you were cursed, that everything you tried was doomed to unravel and fail? Or do you know someone who feels like that? Then this set of devotions is for you. Here is some gospel hope--God cares for you. Through our dear Savior, Jesus Christ, God is not only going to give you a place with him in heaven, but he is going to help you in your life right now. Everyone who trusts in Christ is absolutely guaranteed a future better than the past!
Here are stories of people like you who struggle and wait but who hope and rejoice. Let God comfort your heart with his comforting words."Time of Grace

The rest of the 34 days of the reading plan are organized in these categories:
{in my humble opinion, the 1st ones are the ones on HOPE but the others strengthen and reinforce our HOPE just knowing and being reassured}

Day 2 - Day 6  
Hope for the Hopeless
Jesus Won; I Win Too
God Is in Your Future
Getting Older Isn’t Bad
Expect God’s Blessings
We’re Getting Really Close to Being in Heaven

Day 7 - Day 16
The World is Not Out of Control
God Controls Nature
God Controls the Heavens
God Controls the Animals
God Controls Human Illness
God Guides the Affairs of the Nations 
God Controls the Demons
God Controls the Holy Angels
God Limits All Evil

Day 17 - Day 25
Satan's Lies; God's Truth

Day 26 - Day 35
Put On All Your Armor

One of my favorites

"Hope for the Hopeless: Getting Older Isn’t Bad"

and another one I needed to read even though I know this

"The World Is Not Out of Control: God Controls Even Death"

The 3rd and 4th categories are so very helpful. It's always good to know God's truth versus the lies of Satan that we take in and sometimes believe. I appreciate that the "Armor" spent a day on each part of our Armor of God plus one day on the enemy; one day on being an Ambassador; and a couple of days on praying in the Spirit and for the Saints. I guess in my journey of HOPE, I did not focus on these obstacles and powerful weapons we have to substantiate our HOPE. It's always beneficial to reinforce with God's Word over such lies as: "you are worthless"; "you're on your own"; "your faith is purely a personal matter"; "you are good enough for God"{bet that's a new one for ya' to think about}; "live for now, there is no tomorrow"; "you can make up your own rules"; "you're really not forgiven"; "happiness comes from getting what you want" ... Jesus tells us the Truth (John 8:44) and He is ... the Truth ... (John 14:6), He speaks Truth. Do you know where to go to hear Jesus' voice? and shut out the Liar that wants nothing more than to destroy you and take you away from believing God or in God and His Word. He wants to rob you of life. He wants to steal any HOPE

The good news is that God has not left us on our own to fight Satan or his demons by ourselves. He gave us His Son Jesus Christ and the victory was won. The enemy has already been defeated, but the battle is to keep him from dragging you down with him. This is why we must daily put on our full armor of God (Ephesians 6) because we can't go into any daily battle without every part.


Sunday, December 28, 2014


... through ...


#48 (page 110)

Hebrews 6:19-20
1 Peter 1:3
Hebrews 10:23

"HOPE IS AN ANCHOR FOR YOUR SOUL-FIRM and secure. A ship in turbulent waters needs to drop anchor in a safe place. In stormy weather, a large ship may be unable to enter the safety of a harbor because of the wild waves buffeting the boat. So a smaller boat may be used to carry the ship's anchor through the breakers into the harbor. When the anchor is dropped there, the ship is secured- even though it is still in rough waters."Sarah Young...

From God

"This is a picture of how hope keeps your soul-the eternal part of you-safe and secure in the midst of life's storms. To be effective, your hope must be solidly in Me, the Savior-God who died to pay the penalty for your sins. After I was crucified, My miraculous resurrection
empowered Me to be your living Hope. In fact, I am more abundantly alive than you can begin to imagine. When your hope is connected to Me, you share in My vibrant, eternal Life. Someday you will have a glorified body like Mine! Meanwhile, be assured that your hope-anchor keeps you secure even in life's fiercest storms."

taken from "Jesus Today" by Sarah Young

Saturday, December 27, 2014


I should have shared this back on Valentine's Day and I thought about doing so on Christmas Day (kinda like God's Valentine to us, after all He sent us the best Gift in His Son, Jesus) but I waited until today, knowing that these are long messages and frankly most of you are not afforded as much time as I had over the holidays while I "get well" and in this last of the year, a season to browse through all the many "HOPE" messages, ministries and material I bookmarked, saved or tucked away and I'm still digging them up --- knowing I had so much more HOPE to share {like my Project H.O.P.E. that I am still working on} and will not finish in 2014, so a part of HOPE will continue with me into 2015!

Jack Graham, PowerPoint Ministries, shared a powerful teaching series

{I could not, at least mention, and share the links, for whenever you might need this message}

Part 1 and Part 2

"A Place Called Hope"

Part 3

"The Treasure of Trials"

"Living Godly"

"The Living Word of God"

I'm not sure how or when I stumbled upon these (perhaps during the SRT (She Reads Truth)1st and 2nd Peter reading plan in September, so that's why I missed Valentine's) or maybe earlier when I was searching for which book in the Bible has the dominant theme of HOPE (because clearly it is intertwined throughout all "66 Love Letters"). I even went back to this precious book by Dr. Larry Crabb of "66 Love Letters" searching for HOPE. This has been quite the journey of HOPE, but now on to "LIVING IN HOPE" - because isn't that what we should do with what we learn? LIVE it ... well, let me tell you 1st Peter has a lot for us to LIVE out! 

"If you look around the world today, it’s easy to lose hope. Nations are in conflict… sickness is all around us… perhaps there are even things in your life that seem hopeless or impossible. But as a Christian, there’s no such thing as hopelessness! And in this 5-message series, Part 1 of 3, Jack Graham shows you truth from God’s Word about how you can have hope no matter how things look… or what you’re going through today."from "About this Teaching series", Jack Graham, PowerPoint Ministries

{each message is about a half hour}
Jack Graham also has another one called "The Dawn of Hope" (Easter message)

I can and will
take this series
on 1 Peter
my life in

more HOPE each

will see
in me

Now that would make this journey well worth it


{perhaps you can't listen to all of these but choose one and really allow God to whisper more HOPE and breathe in as you are strengthened to live in Hope}

FYI (for your information or mine) I did not want to believe my best books in the Bible for the theme of HOPE was found in Job and Lamentations... so this discovery in 1 Peter made me hopeful and :) I'm sure somewhere this year, I openly asked which book in the Bible do you find HOPE as the primary theme?

Thursday, December 25, 2014


[image credit:faithgateway]

{from Dec. 9th, 2014  Faithgateway's Advent devotionals; this one by Max Lucado from his book}

Today as we celebrate
the birth of Jesus Christ
"in a manger"
{whether this is the actual day or not, is not important}

We pause and set time aside at this end of yet another year
to acknowledge and honor that
Jesus Christ
came and chose
to do so
as a
"babe in a manger"

and then
give the greatest
His life, His Love

so that
you and I might
His love
with one another

I will 
"linger near the manger"

Receive His GIFT and the HOPE of His Glory
this day

A Blessed and very Merry Christmas!

Pray today, Lord, help me to be so full of Jesus that I can say along with Paul “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me” so that through my Spirit-empowered behavior, choices, and attitudes, I deliver Christ to a weary world in need of You! "devotional by Max Lucado

To read or listen to more from Max Lucado
 {Max has been sharing excerpts from "In A Manger" in his daily devotionals all this Dec.}
"God Came Near" 
Advent episodes
this one on 

[image credit:Calvary Chapel]

Hope that you read this blog and signed up so you can have Faithgateway's free gift
"The Hope of Christmas"
by Jack Countryman

{this is what I will read today or finish reading; each and every prophecy, promise and fulfillment}
to fill Christmas Day of 2014
with more 

{and also the 12 day devotional "The King Has Come" aboveYouVersion}

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I do realize that this is "Nochebuena"- Christmas Eve, however that's for this evening and I have another "whisper of Hope" for today, but not from Beth Moore. This one I discovered by watching Life Today on December 8th of Jen and her mom, Linda ... I usually only catch Weds. with Beth, not every day. 

Since I had already seen Beth's 3rd part of "A Dance in the Desert", God led me to check out Mon.'s program, which quite likely is/was a repeat also of a program I missed earlier of a "Miracle for Jen" (which is her book of her great testimony) and I discovered her newest book and their website: both sharing My One Word: HOPE! 

There is nothing coincidental with God, if you follow His lead (by now you know I love this and consider when I follow God's leading that it's a "God-incidence") and this one truly is and a gift to me for this Christmas (just to "know" about "HOPE Out LOUD" ministry, because I can't get their book yet) but I was able to get a sample and read so much at their wonderful site from Jen's story to their beautiful jewelry and store to even radio podcasts and recent newsletters (on the right side) of yet another battle Jen has faced with thyroid cancer gone (I believe){follow on Facebook here}. I'm sure you know that the BEST part for me is this HOPE Out LOUD shared in this: 

{the descriptions are to the right of the store items}

...Read a couple sample pages ... from their website
Join Andy, Linda, Jen and Josh on a journey of courage and faith in Daily Whispers of Hope. These 70 Scripture based devotions are complete with reflection questions, promises from God’s Word and guided prayers for quiet moments alone with the Savior.
This book is for everyone! Through the pages of this book, God will whisper hope and encouragement to your heart.
Purchase one copy for $9.99
Or purchase TWO for $14.99 and
give one as a gift!

pretty wonderful
also and available in Spanish

The sample shares this prayer in full from Jen, plus Hebrews 6:19,
"Sitting Next to my Sister" from her brother, Josh
with Lamentations 3:25-26
plus a page for us as readers to
Ponder, Proclaim (Ps. 91:1-2) and Pray

"SECURITY to HOLD ON TO" by Jen Barrick (page 20) begins

"Dear Heavenly Father, Sometimes I have moments of feeling lonely and weighed down, In my weakness, it's tempting to think I have no hope ... Please whisper to my heart ... Lord, thank You for being my anchor ..." ... Jen Barrick {see the full sample from their Store}

This sounds like the way many of my prayers went this year while seeking Jesus, as my Anchor, my Hope!

Of course, I am not sharing this as a book review (yet) although I'd be glad to after reading or holding on to this book of HOPE; nor have I been asked to share this by the Barricks, however, there are times when God confirms your ONE WORD through tying together HOPE and various wonderful messages and places ministering HOPE and that's ALL I still HOPE for you and yours for 2014: 

After all
this season

this EVE of


is the 

best time




to give

to have 

to share

so many that are


In Christ Jesus,

{oh, I still am saving and doing my PROJECT H.O.P.E. and I will continue until I meet the goal}
It would have made a wonderful Christmas Gift!
if not now ... bit by bit ... soon I pray
so building can then proceed
however, I still have not found a way to post a button like paypal without being a non-profit, which it is but I am not, and we still need prayer to find affordable land and God's favor to supply the funds and material to build a small house of  HOPE 

written 12/10/14 after viewing

Dear Barrick Family, you are in my prayers and thoughts (plus bookmarked) if you prefer that I remove any part or this, please just let me know and I will! Thank you for your message of HOPE and your ministry. May you enjoy a blessed Christmas! So thankful for your MIRACLE and MESSage! Reminds me of the MIRACLES I've beheld (not on such a grand scale as yours) but with our adopted daughter, who also had to relearn many life basic skills like walking again, etc. I will continue HOPE (ing) OUT LOUD! Thank You Lord Jesus!
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This blog is ALL about HIM, for HIM, not about me!
I hope that is what you see
this is why I am

To my faithful visitors;
all of you who spend your valuable time here with me
I do appreciate you so much!

Thank you for taking your time to visit!

Love, Sweet blessings & Hugs!