"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


the day has finally arrived when I have no


not because

I've stopped


not because

I'm not


not even because

I haven't heard any wonderful



I have and I most definitely am




and every day


"Worship is Life"

God is so worthy of us living lives of worship!

in wonder and in awe


this precious family was certainly out for a 


and then a


but it was my 4 furry family members

that caused them to take a dive into cold waters


before I leave this


let me share this playlist from one of my


You Version reading plan


"Labyrinth by David Baloche"

which fits with my theme for today

(see not at the end)


As I continue reading my daily reading plans, a couple of studies, and books, one which I need to review - long ago, I must share at least that this particular book (which I will be giving a 'highly recommended' 4-5 star rating, meaning it's so worth getting, especially at this price) - so I'm sharing the email in its entirety with a sample of her writing that I received today from the author, Esther Fleece announcing the $1.99 Kindle monthly ebook deal of 

INFO: No More Faking Fine is on the Kindle Monthly eBook Deal! Please purchase for you or a friend at the discounted rate of $1.99. Sale starts today and goes until the end of the day, May 31st.
They say grief happens sometimes in threes-when difficult things pile up on one other. My friend recently got into a car accident that totaled her car. The following day she was rear-ended in her rental car. Her third car that the week was hit by a rock in her line of vision causing her to replace the windshield (on a rental car)!

Have you experienced moments in life when hard things keep piling up?

This has been quite a year from me. Coming out of a forced season of rest from the Lord, the “go” throttle has been full on. A romantic relationship turning into engagement. A short engagement turning into wedding planning in the midst of a book launch. Taking my things out of storage after three years and saying goodbye, moving, unpacking, finding community, and renovating a house. All the good took more out of me than I expected. Turning a house into a home and preparing my heart to be a bride were all full time jobs. Not to mention my real full time job of writing, editing, marketing and launching my life work in No More Faking Fine.

And while the “new” and “change” and happy things piled up, so did the sad.

A rejection from a lifelong mentor. Hurtful texts from people I considered friends. False accusations. Questions of my character. A lost speaking engagement due to a slanderous accusation. Grieving the loss of my biological dad. Wedding planning in a city without family or friends around.
Remember when I said every change requires a lament? Sometimes the good piles up – and sometimes so does the hard.
And so I am stepping away for a little while. I’m not stepping away out of surrender; not stepping away out of sadness, or a scandal or being burned out. Simply stepping away because I know it is what my heart needs as I long to sit and seek and to be with Him.
And to be with God not for what I can get out of Him, but rather to be near to Him. I don’t want to learn from God only so that I can teach it to others, I want to learn from God because I know He is infinitely wise and I am in need of Him. We all need seasons of work and seasons of rest.
As I was contemplating a season away, God showed me where there are seasons of work, and seasons to stop working in the biblical Calendar. The Festival of Trumpets and The Festival Tabernacles (Numbers 29) give us these examples.

“On the first day of the seventh month hold a sacred assembly and do no regular work. It is a day for you to sound the trumpets. As an aroma pleasing to the Lord,” Numbers 29:1-2

There is so much to celebrate with the launch of this book. Your support has helped it to reach people I could never dream of it reaching. God’s name has been lifted up. He has shown Himself to us as a God who hears us (1 John 5:14) and concerns Himself with our cries.
It’s tempting when we launch into something new for God to want to carry that work in a way that burns us out. I’ve lost count of how many interviews I have done since January. Unsure of how many thousands of people I have spoken with since the book tour began seven months ago. Not even sure how many states I’ve traveled to. And while I am grateful for these opportunities, I can also see why it is easy for Christian leaders and speakers to turn into narcissists. Constantly talking about what we learned and what we did and what we are going to do next. Any message that is focused on us without a time to pause is dangerous territory.
So I am remembering to pause again. There will always be places to go, people to see, work to do, but now is the time to rest. I want to give thanks for what He has already done, not always looking ahead when I can thank Him today.

“On the tenth day of the seventh month hold a sacred assembly. You must deny yourselves and do not work.” Numbers 29:7

I will continue to update you here (via e-mail) once a month. Unlike many authors with ministries or full time staffs, it’s just me! So thank you for your understanding and for your prayers. And by all means – please continue to share (& live!) the message of No More Faking Fine.

“The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.”

Psalm 126:3

Reflection Question:
1. What would it look like for you to pause from work every seven months to consider what God has done?
2. Contemplate how you can incorporate rest into your busy calendar
Recommended Reading:
1. The Festival of Weeks: Numbers 28:26
2. The Festival of Trumpets: Numbers 29:1
3. The Day of Atonement: Numbers 29:7
4. The Festival of Tabernacles: Numbers 29:12
Almighty God, please help me to work hard for you, and rest well, recognizing both seasons are gifts from you. Help me to pause so I can remember the work you have done, and refresh myself in You for the work You are calling me to do. I acknowledge that I am limited, and I need your help to pause. Thank you for being limitless and I rely on this to help me in every area. Thank you God, for all the gifts you have given to me. In Jesus name, Amen.
Profile ImageEsther Fleece
Author & Speaker

"Worship is Life" (actually is a book written) by Pastor Todd Marshall (which I was fortunate to hear speak this past Fri. at our AG EQUIP Conference, Fri. & Sat.). Pastor Todd and his wife Brenda were my choir directors and youth leaders at my RLC (home church -which has now changed to another one closer to home, yet I still consider RLC my church). Please check out their website, ministry and book!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

No WOW ~ just a reminder

It's Not Too Late to Join the Redeemed Online Bible Study

'US' (above) is LIFEWAY WOMEN

but I've signed up so why don't you?

starts tomorrow


in case you did not know

[image credit: CrossCards]

I'd love to be off for a bike ride



my normal

Walk On Weds.

listening for

His Whisper

... but for many reasons, I'm not ... no bike (since I've moved home-not a priority and what I had is either gone, rusted or junked; my knees don't work like they used to and the weather is not cooperating right now, kinda dreary and weary) ... occasionally I do use that indoor kind, called an exercise bike, just to keep my knees functioning somewhat better than they do


my balance

has been off since last year

which was the reason

I found out inadvertently that I have

hearing loss


I'm still adjusting to this.

For this reason

I am leaning in even more

to hear


much more needed than the loud sounds that invade

my space and place

I choose to fill my head


Gods' Words

... my 'ice pick' headaches on my left side of my head have subsided since I went on an audio break and restarted adjusting to my hearing aides and had an MRI ... the headaches are not officially an ice pick headache because of their location but that is the best description for the ones I had, I still have some dizzy stuff when I roll to my left, and due to some problem with my right ear, which is my worst one, of my Eustachian tube not functioning (known as dysfunctional Eustachian tube) - opening and feels like you do on an airplane but it does not pop and stay open, just momentarily, with all the 'tricks' - from gum chewing to nasal spray to holding breath ... this is when more than ever, one relies on the inner person hearing and God's whispers, His Spirit alive in me, is all the more important, as I isolate more and more (of course, which isn't good or recommended) - it is what it is BUT GOD - yes, He is here and hears, I rely on this and His Whispers (wherever they come from) ... 




guess I'll try some

Worship On Weds.


Kari Jobe's "The Garden"


Such a joy to see the birds and buds coming out
{just not the insects, like wood or deer ticks}

This was late today, but then you know that it's just been written and is new

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

W.O.W. - Wrap it Up for 2016

Last Weds. I started this "walk" through the

"Story of CHRISTmas"
[image credit: The Passion Translation TPT]

in The Passion Translation

Day 8
Image may contain: candles and fire

DAY 9 Image may contain: text

Day 10
Image may contain: text

Image may contain: text

And Mary sang this song:
“My soul is ecstatic, overflowing with praises to God!
⁴⁷My spirit bursts with joy over my life-giving God!d
⁴⁸For he set his tender gaze upon me, his lowly servant girl.
And from here on, everyone will know
that I have been favored and blessed.
⁴⁹The Mighty One has worked a mighty miracle for me;
holy is his name!
⁵⁰Mercy kisses all his godly lovers,
from one generation to the next.
⁵¹Mighty power flows from him
to scatter all those who walk in pride.
⁵²Powerful princes he tears from their thrones
and he lifts up the lowly to take their place.
⁵³Those who hunger for him will always be filled,
but the smug and self-satisfied he will send away empty.
Luke 1:46-53 TPT


"Good night Kiss from Heaven: I hear Him whisper..."I am your identity."
I am the One who has formed you and defined you. Others will gaze on your weakness and faults, I gaze on your beauty as you are seated with Me in the heavenly realm. I have shaped you with My hands - twice I have perfected you. Once in eternity past and once when you came to know Me. You are twice purified in My eyes for you are Mine.
Your difficulties have shaped you, but they will not define you. I am the One who made you and I alone have the right to define you. I say over you, "You are Mine!" By creation and by redemption, you are Mine! I have set My seal over your heart and now I display you to the world as My very own, My masterpiece of love. Can you not see what My love has done throughout your life? Do not look upon your failures and your pain, for in My presence they do not exist. I have placed My glory over your life and call you, My Radiant One!
We move together as one. When you surrender to Me it is not you that guides your life, but I am the Shepherd that leads us. We work together on earth as holy partners, friends committed to serve one another. I have served you my grace even as you have yielded to Me your heart. As you pray to Me we are one, two spirits that breathe as one. Your voice is sweet and your face is lovely in My eyes as you come before Me. Never hesitate to give Me the desires of your heart and I will bring them to pass.
I have placed the Spirit of grace upon you. The strength to endure pressure and trial flows from My life within you. Do not say, "I can't handle this test," but say, "I can do all things in the strength of the One who lives in Me." When you speak out of your identity in Me, the surging power of My Spirit will lift you high and you will soar above the pain of the moment and the pressure of the test.
I am your true Identity. Find your pleasure in My and I will pour My power into you. The more you delight your heart in Me the more free I become to unleash My glory in your situation. Others will find your flaw, I have found your virtue, for you have trusted Me when you had nothing and no one to support you. I know your heart, for I have shaped it with My hands to contain My glory. Never doubt the love that I have placed burning within your soul. In that flame you will find Me and you will hear My voice whisper to you, for I am your true Identity in time and eternity.
Song of Songs 1:5 TPT
Jerusalem maidens, In this twilight darkness--
I know I am so unworthy—so in need!

[The Shepherd-King]
Yet you are so lovely!

[The Shulamite]
I feel as dark and dry as the desert tents Of the wandering nomads!

[The Shepherd-King]
Yet you are so lovely— 
Like the fine linen tapestry 
Hanging in the Holy Place!"

DAY 12
Image may contain: text

I should have been publishing two book reviews by now or at least finishing them before this year ends and preferably before Christmas so you might have ordered yourself a copy of either or both ... both have been books that are speaking to me and causing me to "pause" in my "walk" - and work through some "issues".

In one of them, I am finishing a chapter entitled "the enemy's plan against you" as I read and re-read and begin the next one "Miracles in the Mess" which most definitely fits this blog and sister in Christ in the midst of believing for MIRACLES - mostly for someone else very near and dear that really, really needs some miracles and answers to many needs and MESSES, yet her messes and miracles affect me too ... Clearly, my blog title is coming to BE more than just the words Mazes, Messes and Miracles, as God knew long ago and gave me that title back when I began this blog in 2008 how they actually were going to play out in my life and those around me as I "Walk On Weds." and recall the CHANGES of 2016 and those yet to come. CHANGES I need, and CHANGES that would happen ... how the "Story of Christmas" would continue and weave my heart closer to Him, depending on Him, and knowing how Jesus changes us if we remain clay (putty) in His hands. Yes, truly, "God isn't finished with me yet"; I'm a Masterpiece in Progress" - taken from my right hand side bar since I began blogging. truly HE is Amazing and His Grace is aMazing! I keep on discovering and delighting in this Grace.

Hopefully, I'll still get these book reviews done so these excellent books may surprise you and be added to your list of "must reads". The publishers probably will never allow me the privilege of reading and reviewing for them again. One book is definitely my 365 book for this coming year ... and the other one is one that I did not think I personally needed but wanted to read, yet I have encountered so much "unfinished" work that God still is doing in me, changing me, healing me ... drawing me beyond in new ways and wrapping up ones that definitely need(ed) His touch.

Rather the One Word for this year was BE, LISTEN (HEARING HIS VOICE) or CHANGE ... God is not surprised and kept me guessing and hopefully growing as I made CHANGES and He worked on the CHANGES that I need. I've seen all of these One Word(s) in 2016 ... woven throughout every day and season as I ponder and lean into ALL He makes possible through our story in His Story (whether it's the "Story of Christmas" or the entire story of Jesus Christ) - it is never ending and everlasting if you have chosen to hear His Voice, follow and abide in His Word and in Him. HE is ALL I need (we need) - the choice today is to ACCEPT, BELIEVE and CONFESS Jesus Christ as Lord!

The Whisper from TPT reminds me
of such sweet truths like

{these words are in another special song}

however since I'm no longer near an "Ocean" I chose the one linked above

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


One last
for a while
I'm thankful August
gave me one more Weds.
to hear this
{sent on 8/22/16}

It's really difficult for me to wait to share these "whispers" or to choose between the various places I collect God's Whispers ... and receive them from Jennifer Camp (LOOP) or Brian Simmons (TPT) devotional "I Hear His Whisper" or my real devotional book by Chris Tiegreen "Hearing His Voice"{every 7th one is written From the Heart of the God, which of course are my favorites} so I *'weigh' all my choices and then some ... thinking perhaps by August 31st, God will whisper one directly to me that I would be bold enough to write and share with you
(no, not yet, but one day) ... however ...


kept striking a chord in me
to share with you
{*can't say that it was the heaviest 'way' but the echo was resounding ... and ever so deep}
it may be because I have always loved the image of 
John 15:15

"Lean back, now. I’ve got you. I circle my arms around you. I know what this day holds. A few twists and turns. A disappointment. A moment of beauty. A caress of your heart. (Yes, that’s Me.) I hold your heart.

Do you want your love for Me to grow? Do you want to live fearlessly, completely, surrounded by Me, with Me? Can you go ahead into new territory knowing you are not alone? Can your feet find the steps, your lungs the fresh air, your heart the pace I set? 

I am with you. 

You say ‘yes’ to where I call you and, of course, I am in it with you. 

You do not go alone.

The only risk, then, is not trusting Me, not believing in my sovereignty, my arms around you, my whisper in your ear. (It is the ear of your heart, my dear.)

Go. Go forward, not back. Go. Do not stay in the old place. I am always creating newness, removing the old roots and pruning branches so that new growth sprouts and green shoots see the sun.

There is always blooming planned. Never stagnation. Never stunted growth. Never dried up soil and neglected branches withering alone. Oh, girl, you will bloom and your glory will shine and you will see my face. And now, with my arms around you, you are set to bloom. 

Here, with Me, wherever you go, in all the ways you say ‘yes’ and let my tending to you occur, the blooming is taking place—and there is only more blooming to come. 

I give you what you need, my daughter. Say ‘yes’, not ‘no’. Go forward, not back. 
Let your roots in Me deepen, and I pull you, in all your possibility, forth. "~Jennifer Camp, LOOP devotional

and Jennifer chose this perfect song for the upcoming 
two months or more of my

when I heard Hillsong's recording of this 
it was an instant favorite 

"Transfiguration" - "Transfiguracion"

tran(t)sˌfiɡyəˈrāSH(ə)n/ noun
  1. a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state.
    "in this light the junk undergoes a transfiguration; it shines"
    • Christ's appearance in radiant glory to three of his disciples (Matthew 17:2, Mark 9:2–3, Luke 9:28–36).
      noun: Transfiguration; noun: the Transfiguration
    • the church festival commemorating this, held on August 6.

God is deeply at work in all of us


"You have sought Me, My child"

"You have served Me, sought for Me, and loved Me, even though you have not seen Me. Even when your environment was not the best, your love flourished and you found Me as your faithful God. I will never cease to listen to your voice and answer your cry. My eyes are fixed on you. Continue to seek Me, even in your difficult places, even though it seems like darkness is all around you, and I will be the light of life within you."...
    (this was the one from TPT by Brian Simmons on that same day)

    Now you can perhaps  see 
    why I wait and weigh
    which whisper is
    one for

    I pray I chose well for you

    IF GOD
    was speaking
    to me
    I'd have to concede to
    yet I still believe
    that there are/were others
    as well


    for One


    which means I need to really 

    how do you do this best?

    inviting His Holy Spirit
    to come and breathe on you
    fill you mightily
    resting and soaking in
    His Presence and His Word
    letting His Truth
    free you and teach you
    to live and grow


    {by the way, don't forget that this OBS starts Sept. 6th}

    Here's Session One with Lysa
    from her newest book

    "Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, 
    Left Out, and Lonely"

    calls for me and you 
    fully while we can


    in Christ Jesus

    Love you,

    Wednesday, August 17, 2016

    W.O.W. ~ Whisper On Weds.

    As promised last week in

    {although I did not think that I'd wait this long and I'm sure by now, I have many other whispers to share that go along better with the theme this week and being "un-ashamed" or "un-invited"} however ...

    lets us know
    we all 
    to hear
    even if we
    already know it

    [image credit: Jennifer Camp]

    "When I Whisper to You"

    "Daughter, I know. I know. It is not I who whispers, “You are alone.” It is not I who whispers, “No one sees you, cares about you, loves you.” Daughter, I do not delight to see you in pain, to see you suffering. Your heart cries out, in its weariness, in its grief, and oh, child, I pick it up.

    I lift you up, child.

    I do not leave you sitting there, hopeless. I do not leave you there crying in an empty room. I fill the space in your heart that feels like breaking. I do repair work (my favorite kind), on you.

    I know you want circumstances to change. I know you are frustrated and impatient—after all, you have been waiting so long. . . But my plan is not to bring suffering. If there is pain in a moment, in a situation, know, child, I can break through and be a beacon in the midst of it all.

    I whisper . . . 

    Come, my delight, lay all your troubles on Me. Come, darling, your hand belongs in mine, guiding you forward, moving you past sadness and through these walls into the new place I’ve created for you, a place where my light shines in the midst of dark, where my voice quiets all other whispers, where my gaze upon you buoys you up, teaches you how to stand again, reflects back your smile.

    Smile, now, child. 

    Rise for the joy that is yours to receive. Be surprised by the abundance of joy I have to give you.

    I do not hold out on you. I do not leave you. I do not turn from you. I know your troubles. I hear your prayers. I know your desires and pleas. Oh, girl, I’ve got you. I know you. Trust Me now. Trust how I am here." Jennifer Camp, LOOP

    “As for you, O Lord, you will not restrain your mercy from me; your steadfast love and your faithfulness will ever preserve me!” (Psalm 40:11)

    I received this "whisper" and the one from The Passion on the same day (7-25-16) and WOW, I guess I needed to hear these words, more than I even was aware of at the time. It touched a part inside my heart tenderly and ever so gently. Often my thoughts or the whispers I hear, leave me wondering "is that You, God?" yet then I hear the Truth in His Word (and try to push the negative nagging ones away that come with fear, confusion, anxiety, anger and yes, maybe even shame, which should give me a strong clue that they're from the enemy of our souls rehashing or rewinding the errs of my past choices, decisions or habits I still have not broken, and stuff I wish I could change - for me, for you, for others, but it is what it is until ...) 


    and it is confirmed or breathed
    into the recesses of my mind
    and the depths of the broken pieces
    of my heart through messages

    in emails


    these from Jennifer Camp via her
    LOOP devotionals


    Brian Simmons and TPT team
    with The Passion devotionals


    through the simple words
    of friends like you



    that's when I am reminded

    {this is the song that Jennifer included in this LOOP}

    {I was thinking I could use this in an S.O.S. post because of the song}

    in my heart as I listen to music

    with or without words



    if you are intent in



    even in the



    do you?


    Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

    This blog is ALL about HIM, for HIM, not about me!
    I hope that is what you see
    this is why I am

    To my faithful visitors;
    all of you who spend your valuable time here with me
    I do appreciate you so much!

    Thank you for taking your time to visit!

    Love, Sweet blessings & Hugs!