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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Again DOT post has tons of info on many great "dog lover" happenings so you should head on over and check it out with Paula and Natalie
for people who love their dogs and want to talk about them once a week! 

The bad thing is this should have been my 2nd post and I did not have one posted on Thursday and they were welcoming me! Thanks a bunch for the welcome! As DOT says it best Be tuff! The "dog days" of summer can be wuff!
I have had bad Internet Explorer 7 connections, much rainy weather and no batteries for photo taking. Since I introduced all 5 last week, and don't have many photos in my laptop of my family...not many choices! I should have known this would happen and paced my photos one each week. So I will feature my big boy: 

In 1998, when I was living in Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point, Sonora, Mexico...a booming town in the Sonoran desert, I was driving through the sandy roads, short cut to the beach...and saw this litter of puppies on the side of the road with their mother dog and small children. I asked them if the puppies were theirs and would they sell me one...and who couldn't fall in love with this precious face and glorious coat of colors (I learned it's called "brindle"). So they did and I was delighted. A day later, I went passed this place and their home to get more information about him, when he was born, etc. and they were gone. Everyone...every pup! I did the next best thing, brought him to the vet and give him all the necessary puppy shots, worming, etc. and asked his age...which was guessed to be about 6 weeks. I was living in a very small shelter that use to be a place to sell water and snacks. It was very important that he learn to go outside to potty and he would and did very well. The first time that he did so I was totally delighted and impressed but wanted him to come back inside so I clapped excitedly and said "bravo" meaning good job and he came running it. I repeatedly did this each time and no name was working for him. But when he went and did potty, I would say "bravo" and he would come. Thus, Bravo became his name. Here in Mexico, "bravo" is a warning to people to watch out that the dog is vicious...so kids and people heard me call him this and they would stay away. Bravo was a good name and helpful since he became my protector on many trips. He is brave and playful. He still believes he is little but since he is now 10 years old, he looks like this: 

Who can believe this is the same little boy...now so big!?! 

My baby Bravo, now Mr. Big Boy, guarding my rental home in Mazatlan!!! actually he's waiting for his chance to go for a walk in the park across the street, so he can really yell at those other dogs :(Sorry Bravo, no way!


  1. Oh Peggy that was a wonderful post about Bravo!
    I just love his name and he is just a cutie too!

  2. what a great name! He is a handsome boy.

  3. I wandered in from another blog, only to find we share two things in common. We both lived in Minnesota and we both love the spanish language. Que interesante. Que opertunidad para servir el Senor en Mazatlan. Keep up the good work.

  4. Very cute.
    Thanks for stopping by... no my 4 furbabies are not of any blood relation, but are of course one great big happy family now! :)

  5. Brindles are so pretty; how could anyone not enjoy such a variety of color? Bravo was an adorable baby; I can see why you just had to take him home! Thanks for visiting Thor and me!

  6. Thank you! Sissy enjoys training, so I hope there will be more in our future...

    Down is so elusive. Nothing like a challenge though, I suppose?


  7. Welcome and Thanks for stopping by my place, Lady & Coco Thank you also! :) Bravo for Bravo!!! Great story, guess he was meant to be all yours!

  8. Bravo grew up to be a big boy! He couldn't have made it without someone that cared about him so much. So "bravo" to you too.

  9. Bravo is a wonderful boy! I am so glad that he got such a loving mom. So many dogs neglected and abused, it just warms my heart no end, when I see one being loved and cared for properly.

    I like his brindle coat! It is very striking isn't Peggy?! (the brindle colour, that is).

    I like how he got his name. We did the same thing for Darcy when he has potty training... clapping and saying "good boy" over and over when he got it right lol.


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