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Monday, June 19, 2017

MOORE On Monday (MOM)

with one of two of the newest
Online Bible Study

{which I shared last Thurs. and promised to update on Mon.}
Beth Moore

"...and a promise is a promise"

Even if I am not at all caught up with this "Entrusted" study, I've already missed publishing SOS (which I'm saving to post about either P31's OBS "Me, Myself and Lies" or Faith Gateway's "Daniel Prayer") and nothing else has been done either like my book review long overdue (so much so, that I have now been deactivated-sigh) yet I'm still loving Faith Barista Bonnie Gray daily with "Whispers of Rest" (which I have set aside my Weds. to share, but I'd really love to do them daily online but it's enough for me to just take time to do them first thing in the morning and 'breathe ...just breathe' ... yes, I 'bit off more than I could chew' but ... I just did not want to miss out on any of these, they are so good!!! And ENTRUSTED is as I thought, packed with so many details, in its thin study guide of 179 [large 8 1/2 by 11] pages filled to the brim, no matter which of the 5 levels you choose to do, just check out the outline of Week 1. 

Day One: "A Trail of Two Cities"
On Reading Scripture
Day 2 (Sat. or Sun.) "Meet the Teacher"
Day 3 (Mon.) "Where Was He When"
Day 4 (Tues.) "A Beeline to City Three"
Theology: A Collective Struggle
Day 5 (Weds.) "A New Son and A Circumcision"

according to my own plan, I should be on

Day 3
"Where Was He When"

FLASH FORWARD: 1 Corinthians 2:2

 Job 38:4
who asked the question, who was addressed and what was the occasion for the
"where were you when ______________"?
the glaring event for the early church
"where were you when they crucified Jesus?"

Acts 20:16
"why didn't Saul of Tarsus stay in Ephesus?"

(this is just the first 2 pages of this day with much background information)

2 more pages packed
and then Day 3 ends with this:

"On the high road of that rabid zeal we land our lesson. Read Acts 9:1-9 and, if you've read it many times, try to read it with new eyes. If you're like me, (Beth Moore) some responsive thoughts are rolling around in your head as you raise your chin from that page. Record two of them as your conclusion today~"Entrusted" by Beth & Melissa Moore
1 Corinthians 15:8

Since this is my first Beth Moore actual study, I don't want to miss anything! I can tell it'd be so,much better in a church group or sitting in the group as Beth instructs us - but for now the videos will do just fine. And I'm thrilled to be able to view them online without having to purchase them right now. 


Lots to think about and this is just the background and introduction
This Thursday we'll be in WEEK 2 when we actually start with


but all this preparation is so good


In "WHISPERS of REST" today's
DAY 15
in Part 3 "Dreaming as the Beloved"
Rejuvenate Your Passion for Life12

{oh yeah}


{more on my Weds. WOW}

I apologize for not posting anything for SOS from those two wonderful studies mentioned above ... so I may go back and add a post on SONday 6pm for P31 and perhaps Faith Gateway's Ann Graham Lotz "Daniel Prayer" OBS on Friday {if I can do it ahead of time to publish on Friday and sum up this week rather than look ahead to the next, but she also is such an excellent teacher and guide for "praying"} 

Perhaps if you read 
Acts 9:1-9
you might share with me
your thoughts that
"are rolling around in your head"
from what it said
to you

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