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Wednesday, November 30, 2022


I do have a few ADVENT alternatives set aside: one that I have done before focusing on 20 Names of Jesus (so that's a good beginning) - it's a book & there is a You Version 5 day sample plan by Asheritah Ciuciu; another one is from an article I read that might be good for a weekly read on the 4 themes
, perhaps on Sunday - very well written by Meg Bucher "4 Weeks of Reflection on Christ's Coming"; and another You Version 25 day plan "Making Space" by Susan Narjala, which comes closest to my desire to prepare my heart and soul for Jesus

Then I came upon another article that sparked a thought recently so I quickly copied the 25 prayer prompts for a heart posture ... that the author wrote for Joy. Yet I believe that each of the themes of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy can in used interchangeable with these thoughts of her prayer prompts. They were written with Joy but I think that you can insert Hope, Peace or Love, even though Joy fits best. You will see as you read each one and choose one of the four. 

When I read the following statement (italics & in the box), I became convinced to "step away" and "lay aside" any to-do list to pray using her prayer prompts, journal my thoughts or allow them to lead me to a Bible verse on Hope, Peace, Love & Joy to ponder daily ... 

"..This season – God is all we need. He is our hope, our peace, and our source of joy."...

{my insert} and of course, "God is LOVE, whoever abides in love, abides in God & God in him/her" (1 John 4:16) ... so

"Let’s offer God our gratitude and adoration with a humble heart that longs to connect more deeply with Him. In return, may we find the glorious gift of ..." Alicia Searle

"... Joy ..."
or Hope or Peace or Love

"... let’s shift our gaze on the glory of our King and posture our hearts ..." 

In the past, I have focused on a Christmas Carol each day in my blog posts, and that was a good way to worship & prepare my heart. There are good plans available with You Version on this. It is a merrier way to get into the Christmas Spirit! Other years, reading plans, or Bible Studies have chosen to focus on the Characters in the Christmas story. One for this year is featuring 4 women in the lineage of Jesus, corresponding with the themes: Hope (Tamar), Peace (Rahab), Love (Ruth), Joy (Mary). All good ways for us to place Jesus in the center of this season. Yet for me in 2022, I'm really looking to prepare my heart for Jesus.  

So I have set up a blog post for each day with just one statement ... not a prayer prompt, because that is available in the excellent article cited above that at times gives a reflective question or a Bible scripture to reflect on. I was thinking that on Sundays, I will remind us of an Advent theme for that week as I light the candle on the Advent wreath (tradition for me) and share or link to a list of Scriptures on that theme. The problem is that this week is half over & Advent started on this past Sunday, November 27th, so I already should have done HOPE. 

Psalm 25:5

Meg Bucher called this first week of Advent: 
The Thrill of Hope 

and shared this prayer, that I say as I light the 1st candle of


"God, Abba Father, Yahweh, Elohim and Jehovah. Jesus, Messiah and Savior, Light and Living Water. Holy Spirit, Advocate and Comforter, Breath and Strength. Glory to You for this day, which You have made. We will choose to rejoice and be glad in it. Through the chaos of these current days we vow to seek & focus on You & Your unchanging truth. You loved us so much, You sent Your Son to save us. Through Christ, we are all welcome to come to You. To be adopted into Your family. As we gaze at the landscape around us & the intricate uniqueness of our reflection, may we pause to purposefully give praise to You for Your miracles, Your blessings, Your grace, and Jesus. In Jesus' Name

25 Top Bible Verses about Hope

20 Verses about Hope (Gallery)

15 Bible Verses on Hope in Hard Times (Blog)
 25 Hope in Hard Times (Woman's Day)

{of course, the same verses may appear on each of these sources}

Father, this Advent season I come before You with an open heart. I lay my heart before You, asking You to help me in preparing my heart. I long to hear from You. I long to behold Christ in all His beauty. Help me shut out the distractions so I can be fully devoted to You. I want to make room for Christ this Christmas & seek You.

The rest of the this week I will insert HOPE in place of the original word JOY used in article.

The Thrill of Hope - Christy Nockels

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