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Tuesday, October 31, 2023


... usually in November, I set this month aside for giving God


(and I still am giving thanks to God)

but because November has 30 days, I decided that it's perfect to start a new book

by Lysa TerKeurst and Dr. Joel Muddamalle

"30 Days With Jesus ..."

[right at the ending of my "52 Weeks With Jesus" this month & December]

 it's confirmed once more that this indeed is/was the 2023 One Word God gave me



all thanks, glory, praise and honor

belongs to Him

as I continue

"... Experiencing His PRESENCE ..."

I have not even looked at this new book yet but I have decided it's what I will be doing for November (and whenever you choose) I hope that you, too will be reading this book. 

This book it set up for 6 weeks (5 days each week):

   WEEK 1 is PORTRAITS           Nov. 1-5
   WEEK 2     PROPHECIES      Nov. 6-10
   WEEK 3     PATTERNS           Nov.11-15
   WEEK 4     PROVISIONS       Nov.16-20
   WEEK 5     PROTECTIONS   Nov.21-25
   WEEK 6     PRESENCE         Nov.26-30

{it won't quite all fit in November if I do it week by week; and since Advent starts the 1st weekend of December (the 3rd), I need to make it work}

So that is why I have posted dates for each one instead of doing by Weeks
{there's only 4 weeks and a half}

However, looking at the content of each week, I notice that it includes workbook parts

[Your Notes] and [Your Response] here

which might be why it's 5 days each week so the weekend you can catch up (lol).

It seems pretty intense and I hope I am able to complete it in my schedule.

It appears to be a great study through the Old & New Testament,

a study of JESUS shown throughout all of Scripture

beginning to end, not just the New Testament.

It shows JESUS in the Old Testament as well.  

"in PORTRAITS - We see glimpses of Jesus through people in the Bible, as they partially fulfilled what He would later completely fulfill."

"in PROPHECIES - We see Jesus through the prophecies that tell of His coming in the flesh."

PATTERNS - We see Jesus in alternating patterns in the Bible like famine and rain, or wilderness and promised land that help us connect to the consistent reality of the presence of Jesus.

"in PROVISIONS - We see Jesus in God’s physical, emotional, and spiritual provision for the people of the Old Testament as Jesus is our perfect provision for all our needs."

"in PROTECTIONS - We see Jesus through God’s protection of His people, as we start to discover the ultimate protection we have in Him."

"in PRESENCE - We see God’s desire to be near His people since creation, and the ultimate invitation to be with Him is in Jesus."

Looking forward to yet another experience


through the "lenses" of the great team of these authors and 




Thank you Lysa & Dr. Joel again!


Lysa captured my heart right away in her opening letter
after I purchased the ebook because my interest was piqued 
by reading her P31devotional and some emails previously,
and I couldn't wait! 

(so I knew right then that this was an answer from God for me & 2023 before I end the year).


I am so very thankful for the


reflecting JESUS to me

in the Bible & in my life

as we start November 1st - 5th with



Adam & Eve (Genesis 1-2; Luke 3:21-38)
(Genesis 1:27)

Moses (Exodus 1-2; Matthew 1:18-2:15)
(Colossians 1:15-16)

Joshua (Joshua 1; Matthew 11:28:30)
 (John 10:11)

David (1 Samuel 16:7; Acts 13:22)
(Matthew 2:1b-2a)

Esther (Esther 3; Luke 19:41-44)
(1 John 4:14)

"... all their portraits (that) point to Jesus."

then on November 6th, I'll turn to the 


with JESUS and no breaks

so that's Nov. 6th to 10th

and so on.


I'll try to check back & maybe post some, if time allows

... at least the Scriptures, we're looking at and studying to see


in the Old & the New Testaments


Hallowed Evening

to you all


All Saints & All Souls


{I believe we fit both categories😉}

At least, I'm sure my youngest brother does, because he left this earthly place for 
his heavenly home after a week in a coma, 
on Nov. 2nd,1990.
[And this year, my older brother's gone, too].

It's so many years ago, Gary, 
now more years in heaven than you lived on earth. 
I remember & think of you often
'cuz I still miss you so much!
Always in my heart!

I'm give God thanks for the portrait of Jesus reflected 

by Gary to me & others

in the way he loved & served!

I thank Jesus for being Gary's friend & Savior!

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