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Monday, December 2, 2013

"COFFEE TALK WITH JESUS" Intimate Chats with the Savior {a GIVEAWAY}!!!

"Coffee Talk with Jesus" 
Intimate Chats with the Savior
by Barbie Swihart
book cover white with shadow 1300x1300

Delicious and intimate? 
even for a non-coffee drinker like me

Have you ever just wanted to sit down across the table
and chat with Jesus about 'life'? 

Well, I have and often do

Thanks to this new author, Barbie Swihart, and this sweet aroma from her new book "Coffee Talk with Jesus" I have and do chat, just like in my prayers. It's as if Barbie knew exactly what I needed to hear from Jesus or wanted to chat with Him about, like one of my best friends, after all He is! Barbie giftedly shows us how to listen and hear Jesus speaking to us as they chat. 

As I read her initial conversations, I could sense Jesus actually saying this to me, similar to other books I love and treasure by Sheri Rose Shepherd and Sarah Young. If you know and love those writers, then you'll love Barbie as well. She has a gracious way of sharing what the Lord reveals to her precious heart to encourage her and each of us on our journeys. I found that indeed Jesus' words just seemed to wash over me as I read and waited with an expectant heart through each of the 31 short, yet ever so full chats with "words" of love and encouragement that were ever so real to me! I could visualize Jesus actually sitting there and speaking this to me right where I seemed to be. 

Most of Barbie's "chats" include an actual scripture from God's Word included in it or woven in her words as she pens them so beautifully and honestly. She walks us through "who we are in Christ" as we search together, talking it over with Jesus and realizing the Truths written in His Word are now being spoken to us in "chats" like: "You are loved"; "You are Free"; "You are Forgiven"; "You are Valued". I actually begin to feel like I am; and He gets me and my doubt, or insecurity, or any lack I have had or have. I really needed what Barbie wrote in "You are not a failure" (one I really have battled with) that I seemed to read at just the right moment for me. I can see myself going back to different ones at different times to be reminded of how Jesus sees me, loves me (anyways) and speaks to me intimately. 

Barbie expresses some of our heartfelt issues then walks us through a talk where Jesus actually reassures us by helping us, holding us, quieting our hearts, hearing us, believing in us, carrying us, tearing down our walls and setting us free to dream once again {each of these are actual chats in Barbie's book} that deeply touched and stirred my heart to listen more closely.

As I read these the first time (then again and once again), I knew that Barbie should turn these "chats" into a gift that would be lasting for many of us to go back to time and time again. It's a great gift for any occasion for any age woman (although her chats are directed to "My Child" or "My Beloved One" some are to "Daughter" but are actually suited to either gender in my opinion yet I'm not too sure men would appreciate it as much, however they too need to hear these messages more from Jesus). I especially love that Barbie has added 3 sweet "ingredients" to her book: recipes, reflection questions and a precious prayer.

I highly recommend this book as a wonderful companion to my last review "His Treasure..." because both books are noteworthy "gems" of how God cherishes us, speaks to us and in "Coffee Talk with Jesus", He actually sits down as we listen to His heart as He has listened and heard our very own heart then calls to us to delight, dream, trust, believe and rest.

Barbie has a gift of expressing simple truths with tender words and such a sweet aroma, not just from coffee, but from Barbie's penned life rising up to God with a Christlike fragrance (2 Cor. 2:15) and hopefully there are more books to come from this new author. 


* I received a free pdf copy of this book in exchange for my review. I am so delighted that I was given the privilege to write this review on Barbie Swihart's first book, "Coffee Talk with Jesus: Intimate Chats with the Savior". It's a gift that keeps on giving. 

Barbie can be found on Facebook and at her beautiful blog: My Freshly Brewed Life!  You can also check out others that have reviewed her book (perhaps *their giveaway will still be open too, to give you other chances to win):
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She has also made a GIVEAWAY of her book available to ALL of you that leave a comment here and on her blog, as well as others to WIN an autographed soft copy. I will leave this open all this week, closing at midnight on Dec. 7th. Be sure that you leave your email or a way for me to get in touch with you if you're the winner.  Books will be mailed en masse to All the winners by December 15th

Whether you win or not, Barbie's book is well worth the fantastic low price and makes a great gift either in soft copy or on Kindle!!!

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