"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

"REDEEMED ... " ~ 7

Redeemed - Bible Study BookWEEK 2 
"When Love Never Fails" 
Day 6 - Day 12
(pages 34-65) in the Bible study book
Session 2 "Redeemed for a Life with God"

for next Session 3 
"Redeemed for the Praise of His Glory"
*RED print from Angela's "Redeemed..."

"The First Sinner"

Psalms 16-18

Image result for Psalm 16-18

My Bible reading in my Healing devotional
(this fits better with Day 6 "Redeemed...")

Psalm 32:1-2

"Forgive me, God, for how I have been disobedient to You. Change my heart, and give me control over my words and actions. Thank You for Your amazing grace."

I have not decided if I will daily continue sharing


yet my


prayers that I usually record in a journal sometimes
with personal continuations spoken, whispered or
in groanings/muffled tears, etc. does help

so we'll see where the Spirit leads

Friday, April 28, 2017

"REDEEMED ... " ~ 6

Redeemed - Bible Study BookWEEK 2 
"When Love Never Fails" 
Day 6 - Day 12
(pages 34-65) in the Bible study book
Session 2 "Redeemed for a Life with God"

for next Session 3 
"Redeemed for the Praise of His Glory"
*RED print from Angela's "Redeemed..."

Day 6
"Losing Paradise"

 Psalms 13-15

Angela's heart desire for us in this study:

  • To know more about what we believe - to know more about being redeemed
  • To become better image-bearers than we've ever been - to live everyday lives that are actually being redeemed

much is covered on the "garden" paradise, disobedience and then 
we are asked to consider our own relationship with God
which I'll be doing today like every Friday


My reading in my HEALING devotional

Mark 8:23-25

" Lord, it's always in hindsight that I'm able to understand how You've worked in my life. Fill me with Your Spirit today that I may trust Your ways in the here and now, knowing You are with me wherever I go."

What do you think, should I continue like this or stick just to Angela's book?

Weigh in on this in the comments, please.


Not related directly to this study, however it may be, and kinda related to the FaithGateway OBS of "You are Free" (book and study by Rebekah Lyons) and directly related to "Your Daily Prayer" which I make mine when I receive them from iBelieve (dot) com in my emails, especially when they apply to me and my own life or those I know ... so the one I received yesterday was exactly that. I am not sure if I have other publicly shared this on my blog (as Rebekah has in her book or I heard her share),but there have been times in my life that I experienced panic attacks; and as most, did not even know what it was, thinking that I was having a heart attack or something like that ... I do not know why this prayer and article along with a You Version Bible Reading plan, surfaced at this time. yet I do trust that God has a reason (I added one of the songs on Weds.) ...

... and today I am adding another song from Labyrinth because it's a well loved Psalm which shows up on Day 9 of "Redeemed ..." plus the Daily Prayer to overcome panic (or other) attacks (with a few personal adjustments)
"...There’s a prayer I pray on the mornings after an intense panic attack, and I want to share this prayer with you today, as an example of how you might trust in God to be your strength and help you overcome. {me too}
Lord, I come to You and I thank You for drawing near to me when I draw near to You. To think that You are mindful of me — it overwhelms my soul. But Lord, today my spirit is heavy and my body is weak. I cannot bear the weight of this anxiety and panic any longer. I recognize I can’t get through this alone, and I pray against the very active enemy who is trying to shake my faith and tear us apart. Help me stand strong in You. Fortify these weary bones and remind me of the truth that this pain and panic will not last forever. It will pass.
Fill me with Your joy, peace and perseverance, Father. Restore my soul and break the chains of anxiety and panic that bind me. I trust You with my panic and I know that You have the power to take it all away. But even if You don’t, I know I don’t have to be a slave to my fear. I can rest in the shadow of Your wings and I will rise and overcome by Your unwavering strength. In Jesus’ Name, Amen."~Lauren Gaskill, iBelieve (Lauren's blog)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

"REDEEMED ... " ~ 5

Redeemed - Bible Study BookWEEK 1 

"When Love Makes a Promise" 

Day 1 - Day 5 
(pages 15-31) in the Bible study book

Session 2 
"Redeemed for a Life with God"
*RED print from Angela's "Redeemed..."

Day 5

Psalms 10-12

(leaving this open in case something from study should be added here)

Read, Meditate, Pray

Other Scriptures: Galatians 4:4b-5; Psalm 69:18

My reading in my HEALING devotional

Malachi 4:2
"Jesus,  I do not thank You enough for the freedom I have in You. You have paid for my sin in full by going to the cross. You have healed me with Your love. Because of this, I will praise You all of my days."

[image credit: mine on YV]

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"REDEEMED ... " ~ 4

Redeemed - Bible Study BookWEEK 1 

"When Love Makes a Promise" 

Day 1 - Day 5 

(pages 15-31) in the Bible study book

Session 2 
"Redeemed for a Life with God"
*RED print from Angela's "Redeemed..."

Day 4

Psalms 7-9

today and Day 5, tomorrow, in the book "Redeemed..." tells us to Read, Meditate and Pray ...

 Other Scriptures: Isaiah 41:14; 2 Peter 1:4

Respond in Prayer


My reading in my HEALING devotional

Lamentations 3:21-22

"Though my plans are not always the same as Yours, Lord, I take comfort in knowing that Your plans are best for me. Thank You for intervening in my life and keeping me close to You."

Today's RX:

"You'll go further in life in the strength of the Lord."

Perhaps you thought that I had forgotten about my "Walk On Weds." or leaning into to hear His "Whisper On Weds." however the weather is rainy and temps are quite low here so although I am not taking a "walk" ... I do believe I am hearing Him as He whispers Words of healing as I draw near and closer, being "redeemed" each day a little more through His Love and His Promises. Then I opened to a YV plan that "speaks to my heart" and another Labyrinth (which is similar to "Maze" as in my titlesoftly sends waves over me ... listen (but even better watch) because it takes us through a beautiful "walk" with Matthew 11:28  "Come to Me" so I come and Jesus speaks to my heart.

I can't help but be thankful for how God weaves and connects
with me (us) as we seek Him with all of our being

in the calm

I come




along with me

for another

Walk On Weds.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"REDEEMED ... " ~ 3

Redeemed - Bible Study BookWEEK 1 

"When Love Makes a Promise" 

Day 1 - Day 5 

(pages 15-31) in the Bible study book

Session 2 
"Redeemed for a Life with God"
*RED print from Angela's "Redeemed..."

Day 3

Psalms 5-6

(leaving this open in case something from study should be added here)


My reading in my HEALING devotional
"Vital Signs of Faith"
Matthew 9:2-7

"Father, There are seasons when my spiritual well-being goes unchecked, and I don't take the steps needed to get well. Place it on my heart to pray and be in Your Word during these times, so that my faith may continue to grow."

Today's RX:
"Check your spiritual vital signs today.
Is your heart beating for God?
Is the fire of faith burning in your belly?
Has the blood of Jesus washed away the burden of your sin?

Monday, April 24, 2017

"REDEEMED ... " ~ 2

I have not decided for sure how I am going to continue this, since I've already gone through the Psalms in the first 40 days of this year - certainly not because I couldn't stand to go through the Psalms again and there most certainly are the best book of examples and prompts for PRAYERS, praise, laments, songs ... I just feel drawn to use my yearly devotional at this time on HEALING and the readings vary. I searched and thought about choosing another book in the Bible and following through as Angela does with Psalms ... but I just could not decide on which: Romans? Hebrews? Isaiah? Exodus? so I'm going with my devotional.

Redeemed - Bible Study BookWEEK 1 

"When Love Makes a Promise" 

Day 1 - Day 5 

(pages 15-31) in the Bible study book

Session 2 
"Redeemed for a Life with God"
* RED print from Angela's "Redeemed..."

Day 2

Psalms 3-4

(leaving this open in case something from study should be added here)


My reading in my HEALING devotional

Proverbs 12:25
Today's RX: "Trust God and live today by faith, 
moment by moment.
Let God worry about tomorrow."

"God, when I'm anxious and worried, help me to remember the promise You give in Jeremiah 29:11 - that You have plans to prosper me, not to harm me; plans for hope and a bright future. Thank You Lord for faithfully providing for me."


back to 

"Redeemed ..."

"Take a minute and jot down some of the ways you have felt
in over your spiritual head in the past. 
Understanding the Bible? Theology? ... 

How would you describe knowing God right now?
Is it:

__ He's becoming more clear. I'm learning to trust Him and see where God wants me to go!
__I'm in a God-fog. I truly want a real relationship, but I can't seem to find my way.
__I have no idea what you're talking about.

While we're taking a look inside,
what about your soul today?

__ filled with meaning and purpose for my life
__ being healed
__ wounded. hurting. lonely.
__ empty and bored, or empty and distressed"~
Angela Thomas-Pharr (p.21) "Redeemed..."

Friday, April 21, 2017

"REDEEMED..." ~ 1

Perhaps you remember that back in January 2017, I shared this book cover with posts on "40 Days of Prayer" because the pdf was being offered to start the year in prayer and reading the Psalms, which I did and loved, so I immediately went and purchased the book by Angela Thomas-Pharr and could not wait for this study to start ... so I'm back on my "knees again".

Intro with Angela - Get Familiar with group and study

the Study is divided into 6 weeks or 7 Sessions with the one above

Redeemed - Bible Study BookWEEK 1 

"When Love Makes a Promise" 

Day 1 - Day 5 
(pages 15-31) in the Bible study book

Session 2 

"Redeemed for a Life with God"

Reading Day 1 today

"Beginning with Prayer"

Psalms 1-2

{*I hope I'll be back with more - there are so many other scriptures and 
wonderful points, but I wanted to start and commit publicly the following}

"Today, April 21st (20th), I am beginning 40 days of prayer (again). The date of my 40th day will be June 1st I long to be redeemed."

Sincerely committed,

I am making a Redeemed decision.

I will be making this Redeemed journey.

I will become the Redeemed, being Redeemed constantly.

Here are some words to help you begin your prayer journey too:

Father, You are ...

Father, forgive me ...

Father, redeem me ...

Father, be near to me ...

Father, be glorified in me ...


{since this is my Friday offline, 
I have no problem spending my time with God
in part on this prayer journey and the Psalms}

If I don't make it back to share more
from Day 1,
you can always go to the LifeWay Women blog
Online Bible Studies
Share Square
This is a little bit of where reading these 2 Psalms leads me

re-posting this one, because this will be part of my prayer focus
"We are Made Righteous"
I had to read this because my first question was about the
"way of the righteous"

"how we become righteous"
(not sure we do)

since I really need the Lord to watch over me and others
Picking about the Psalms as I read and verse 6 is the key to Psalm 1 for me

Psalm 2 seems to be on the obedience to God

and encourages us to pray for our leaders


Thursday, April 20, 2017

"REDEEMED... " Starts Today

April 20th through June 1st, 2017
(videos every Thursday at LifeWay)

Redeemed - Bible Study Book
(from the author of this)  AngelaThomas Pharr

"Hey everybody!!
I’m so excited to begin REDEEMED with you this coming Thursday, April 20th. If you don’t already have your member book, I hope you can get your hands on one soon. Check your local LifeWay store, LifeWay online or my website to get your member book.
On Thursday, you’ll receive the link to Video 1. It’s my version of an introductory video to set up the content and style of the study, then we’ll begin the first day of the workbook on Friday.
I’m gonna try my very best to interact with you everyday. I’m not sure I can respond to all your comments or questions, but I’ll do what I can that day! While we’ll be doing this study together, our daughter is expecting our first grandchild, one child will graduate college and three others will finish their spring semester (Read: Will need their mama to help them move home and then help them pack and get to their summer commitments). Just like you, we’ve got a lot going on! And with children, the month of May just seems to cave in on top of you. All the more reason to take a little time with our Redeemer everyday!
Please don’t worry about getting behind, or not staying right with all of us. I’ll try to post my comments with a clear reference to the day of the study I’m referring to.
LifeWay has tried to make this area easy for you to use, so that you can comment to one another, interact and encourage one another, etc. I’ll post my daily comments here and also on all of my social media outlets.
This is my first-time hosting one of my studies online, so I’m excited to walk these next six weeks with you. Please know I’m praying for you. My husband, Scott, is praying for you. My friends who pray for me are praying for you! This is gonna be fun, but more than anything, I’m praying for God’s power as you spend time in His Word and in His presence.
The Redeemer keeps redeeming our lives until we see Him face to face. May we all keep being redeemed.
I love you so.
{taken from the comments of the sign-up post and also her blog}

I'm not sure how this all will work yet
even though I hold the book in my hands
but the first place 
I believe I need to begin 
(besides reading the Intro and viewing the first video)
is by defining


  1. 1
    compensate for the faults or bad aspects of (something).

    "a disappointing debate redeemed only by an outstanding speech"

    synonyms:save, compensate for the defects of, vindicate 

  2. 2.
    gain or regain possession of (something) in exchange for payment.

(but Day 1, gets into this in her book)

And in case, you're not able or convinced yet
 that this is a Bible Study you need and have not signed up

Please look at the rest of the title ...
(or even the book description)


"The moment you accept Jesus as the Lord over your life, you are redeemed
As the redeemed, we experience a lifelong journey 
of being transformed into His image ..."

Image result for redeemed
[image credit]

looking forward to the practical side of



After the beautiful two page introduction, Angela begins her book with "Preparing for 40 Days"  - "I CAN'T" ... first let me go back a bit into her Intro ... the words that leaped off the page to this soul thirsting for change and a beautiful, grace-filled walk with Jesus - inspite of the disastrous day-by-day struggles, I want to live a life that's being "redeemed" and changed (her words) "to connect your very real, everyday life with the very, real presence and power of God". Angela continues: 

"Here's all I know: When those two things intersect, lives are going to change. Healing will happen. Prayers will be answered. You will know God even more intimately as Your Redeemer."

See the words that are meant for me or stood out!
I know you do!


that's what I pray
for me, for you
then I read
the page
{in red, nonetheless}
and the words on that page
resonated over and over
and the last words
on that page

"...Too many years have been wasted
spinning in circles, going nowhere."

"How would you fill in this blank?"
(top of p.8)

"I've given up trying____________________"

Romans 7:15, 18b-19

Romans 7: 24

and on and on

each word sinking deeper

striking nerves


right down to the marrow of my bones

in my head, in my heart

page 8 - page 9

"Who will deliver me from my pain?"

"my regret, my habits, my choices, my secrets, my sin?"

"Who will deliver us from ourselves?"

of course, most of us, know the answer

but do we really?

all the other questions and words from Angela are just as


Romans 7:25

followed by

... We have a Redeemer! And we shall be 


 page 10

is just as powerful, reading Romans 7:15 to the end and Romans 8:1

page 11


this I believe and really need to see

especially because I already knew

"I Can't"




this is not all

there is still so much more

like page 14


Angela Thomas-Pharr
(need an image for this one)


{yep, this one is a study meant for me}

video link

sample of book

and also

You Version has a 5 day reading plan of


{not to be confused with LGG's "Broken and Redeemed", which just finished}

Friday, April 22, 2016


This week's
Online Bible Study
Faith Gateway
{and also via a YouVersion 6 day reading plan for each of the 6 sessions/weeks}
Sheila Walsh's
new book
"The Longing in Me"
{there's a study guide and the book, which is optional with FaithGateway, but not really because it's so vital to what Sheila has to share}


{Day 2 of 6 with You Version Bible reading plan}

The Eternal is my light amidst my darkness
    and my rescue in times of trouble.
    So whom shall I fear?
He surrounds me with a fortress of protection.
    So nothing should cause me alarm.
(The Voice)

[You need to create a free account with Study Gateway to have temporary access to view the 20 minute one]

Even though King David seriously messed up many times, he had an out-loud, honest, vibrant relationship with God. Even when as a young boy he tended sheep by himself, he was clearly never alone. He knew who his protector was, and he didn't hesitate to share his heart and emotions with God.
Some of David's psalms would never have made it into our twenty-first century church libraries. There's something about David's honesty that we need to press into, to dig deep to find. David never hid from God. He knew in the depths of his being that the only one he could run to for protection was the Lord.
David was completely convinced that the unseen God was the only one worth pursuing-the only one whose protection mattered. And because he had experienced firsthand God's constant care and presence, he could-and would-face giants. David, in fact, had already become a giant slayer long before he ever confronted Goliath. He had learned that no matter what life threw at him or how big the obstacles were in his life that was facing at the moment, God was always bigger.
The same is true for us. God is our protector. He is our hiding place. He is with those who turn to him in prison, and those who turn to him in the pews, and in parking spots, and in private bedrooms across the earth. He is there for everyone who turns to him in faith.
The Goliaths in your life may seem insurmountable, like great mountains. You wake up in the morning, and the first thing that hits you is the reality that the mountain is still there. When you finally fall in bed at night, worry creeps in with you, reminding you of the same insurmountable mountain. If you don't challenge it in the name of the Lord, fear will occupy more and more territory of your heart and mind.
For this reason, you need to confront every Goliath in your life and believe that God will be your protector. David sang out what he knew was true so it would be louder than any fear that tried to sneak in the back door of his heart. That's not a bad idea! Fear didn't stop David, and we mustn't let it stop us. Young David learned that when everyone else failed him, God would always protect him. Likewise, when our longing for a father's protection is directed toward God, we'll never be left empty and alone.
Whoever your Goliaths may be, God can give you all the courage and strength you need to face your fears. Remember, the battle is the Lord's. The ship is his to steer and bring safely home. Your job is to show up and be brave!
God is raising up for himself a ragtag band of followers who are tired of listening to the bellyaching of the Goliaths in their lives-and who are ready to come against those giants in the name of the Lord! "YouVersion

Sheila begins this session in the Study Guide with a quote from Eugene H. Peterson, "A Long Obedience in the Same Direction", which would do us well to "soak in" ...
"We are secure. God is running the show."

When you are faced with a Goliath-sized problem, in what ways is your response shaped by your fear? In what ways is it shaped by your faith?
How has God been there for you in the past-providing for you, protecting you, healing you, and giving you grace and forgiveness?
How can God's promises in Scripture to be with you, guide you, protect you, and strengthen you give you confidence in his continual presence and protection?

Laurie McClure's personal response of her story is quite moving and powerful at Faith Gateway Online Bible Study.

I will be working through this Session 2 in my study guide today alone with God, because of all of these 6 sessions, I ,like Laurie and Sheila, find this longing to be perhaps one of my deepest longings and needs. I completely rely on God, as my Protector, yet often this has been the place where I weaken and have been most vulnerable. 

Today I will be "writing a spiritual resume" - ["to follow David's example and engage in spiritual strength training - to develop my confidence in God as my Protector and Provider"] - even though I know full well HE IS and truly HAS BEEN (especially my life here in Mexico, but even before). This "spiritual resume is to summarize God-related experiences and education - my knowledge of God and God's ways". So I am to start out with 20-30 minutes set aside to reflect on my life with God. I think this is a perfect way to start out my Fri. as I set aside this day just for Him and I. {this is on p. 39-40 in Sheila's Study Guide}

The Study and Reflect part that follows this has some invaluable, practical exercises ... like this 1st one:

"... As you consider this season in your life, in which of the following area(s) would you say you are most aware of your need for safety and protection?
{choose your top 2 or 3}


-physiological safety
-physical wellness and security
- job security
-financial security
-emotional safety
-aspirational safety
-relational safety
-spiritual safety
-social safety
-civil safety
-"future" security
{the Study Guide defines each of these}

'Much adobut not 'about nothing'
is about
'something more' 
that I still need 
to work out
"The Longing in Me"

Perhaps I need to come back and share more from
Session 2
my God-time

*... but as you can see this post is quite lengthy already, without me sorting through my "longing to be protected" publicly ... so just let me say that Sheila's story of her 1st marriage is one I totally can relate to because this is my life. Sheila never shared this part of her life before, until this book and after his passing ... so I too wait ... 

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This blog is ALL about HIM, for HIM, not about me!
I hope that is what you see
this is why I am

To my faithful visitors;
all of you who spend your valuable time here with me
I do appreciate you so much!

Thank you for taking your time to visit!

Love, Sweet blessings & Hugs!