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Saturday, October 1, 2022


I have already decided to group these daily readings into one blog post each week or so, to lessen your mailbox (if you subscribe) unless I have much to say (write) about any one day. There are actually 4 sections in the book - the last one is the largest of 10 days (so I will probably break that into 2 blogs). 

Here are the groups of days & when I plan to publish them: 

Days 2-7 is this one, which I moved up to tonight October 1st so it will be in time for Day 2 (and in plenty of time for the rest of this first section)

Days 8-12 publishes on October 7th, for the second section: The Foundation of Toxic Relationships 

Days 13-16 will publish on October 12th for the first part of the third section and
Days 17-21 on October 16th for the last days of this third part: How to Pursue Relational Health

Days 22-31 are the 4th part divided into two blog posts on October 21st for Days 22- 26th and October 26th for Days 27-31: Jesus is the Loving Refuge …


The first section I started yesterday, October 1 with Day 1:

God is Our Most Trustworthy Refuge

Today's blog post covers

Days 2 -7

Day 2: Our Heart Healer - Psalm 34:18 & Psalm 147:3

Day 3: The One who Saves Us - Colossians 1:13-14

Day 4: Our Merciful and Comforting Father -2 Cor. 1:3-4

Day 5: Our Helpful Counselor - John 14:15-17

Day 6: Our Loving Lord and Creator - Colossians 1:16-17

Day 7: Our Eternal Source of Spousal Love - Hosea 2:19-20

I may be back to share after I read and do each day or if one strikes me

like this:

"...Toxic RELATIONSHIPS can wound and break our hearts."... "A healed heart grows by looking to God more - and to people less - for comfort and affirmation." ... (day 2)

Truthfully, I'm looking to God more for EVERYTHING and first!

I do realize that only sharing this much from this 31 day devotional book does not really give you much to go on or help you if you find yourself dealing with a RELATIONSHIP that is unhealthy or toxic but perhaps you are in a healthy one too yet I believe God’s Word & God can reveal more to you & I know that a good RELATIONSHIP with Jesus will. Always stay close to God and He will guide you or give you a way; or someone to show you as He does through His Word, daily interaction with Him, listening & obeying as You trust God. 
But if I have anything else that these daily readings spark, 
I'll add more below as I read:

"... God's plan to pursue an eternal marriage relationship with His people. In Hosea, we hear God's desire to be more than just friends, more than a king with servants, even more than a Father with His children: He pursues us, loves us, and offers us eternal marriage, with Himself." ... Day 7 "... Married to God? Yes! His spousal love is different from human marriage but no less intimate. We have an eternally secure, forever-together relationship bought for us by the blood of Jesus, Our Bridegroom (see John 3:28-29)"

I am so grateful I became aware of this beautiful concept of being married to Christ as I grew more and more in this understanding and what it means in the Christian marriage, with the Lord as our Spouse; I grew closer to Him, He & I deepened our relationship, I acknowledged my own sin and truly renewed my life in Jesus with a fresh intimacy. It was at this time I found out more clearly than ever that my spouse not only didn't believe in church-going;(just another institution/organization to him) but he did not believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. So all his charitable and humane efforts in community action was humanitarian and not Christian as I had thought.  This also helped me realize that my vows of marriage were not just made in front of God but to God, a covenant between us - sadly broken in areas, but for me redeemed by Christ; it was that triangle of God (with Christ) at the center and top ^ and my spouse and myself on the base _ formed my marital image. I even purchased a gold triangle with the Cross in the center to serve as a reminder. He is Faithful & True! And I needed to learn to be. Just like the story of Hosea, but Jesus became my Hosea and redeems me. I worship Him only! No human should be idolized - that belongs to Christ alone. I've spent much of my life focus on treasuring our RELATIONSHIP!


Writing these keeps me accountable as I read each day. 

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