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Sunday, November 19, 2023


This blog post features


the Leader

 for November

Section 7 includes:

 Jesus, the Leader
(weeks 45-48)
and then finally
 Jesus, the Overcomer
(weeks 49-52)

November - Section Seven: Jesus, the Leader
45. The Standard of Greatness   Nov.6-10
46. A Servant First                       Nov.13-17
47. The Victor                             Nov.20-24
48. Commander in Chief             Nov.27-Dec1

December - Section Eight: Jesus, the Overcomer
49. The Passion of the Christ—the Rest of the Story
50. His Grace, My Place
51. The Warrior Rises
52. Dead Man Walking

This looks incomplete, but it's not - as long as I don't forget (lol)

I plan to add and fill in the missing parts for each Chapter:


This Week is #46

SCRIPTURE READINGS for the Weeks of Chapters 45-48:

45. Mark 9:30-35; Matthew 20:20-28; 1 Peter 4:7-11; Philippians 2:1-8; 1 Corinthians 9:19-23
46. John 13:1-17; Romans 12:3-8; Mark 10:35-45; Hebrews 6:9-12; Galatians 5: 13-15
47. Matthew 4:1-11; James 4:6-8; James 1:12-15; 1 Corinthians 10:6-13; Hebrews 2:14-18

These are the subtitles/segments of each devotional in Chapters 45-48:
(listed after the title of that devotional)

November 5-10

45.The Standard of Greatness:  "Who's the Greatest?"; "A New Measure"; "Approach Serving the Right Way"; "Appreciate Serving the Right Way"; "Apply Serving the Right Way"

Approach - Appreciate - Apply


November 13-17

46. A Servant First:  "A Surprising Reversal"; "See Opportunities"; "Serve Others"; "Same Old, Same Old"; "Surrender Ourselves"

Surprising - See - Serve - Same - Surrender

"The servant-leader is servant first" 
... Robert K. Greenleaf

"Servant leadership is an approach to leadership where the leader puts the needs of others 
before their desires and acts as a servant first. 
Jesus Christ is the ultimate example 
of a servant leader, and His life and teachings show us how important 
it is to lead with love, compassion, 
and a servant's heart. 
Christians are called to follow Jesus' example 
and become servant leaders 
in our spheres of influence. 
We can become great leaders by showing compassion, empowering others, and creating a culture of respect and collaboration. 
Leading with love and humility for God’s glory makes a positive difference."
from CCU


November 20-24

The Victor

47. The Victor: "Fight of the Century"; "Fierce Competitors"; "Don't Be Surprised by Temptation, Expect It"; "Don't Be Fooled by Temptation, Detect It"; "Don't Be Defeated by Temptation, Reject It"

I am so thankful for JESUS

The Victor

"Christ, the Victor"

a song from a musical

"The Victor"
(Jamie Owens-Collins)


November 27- December 1

48. " "

and the

45. "Lord, Give me a holy desire to be great in Your kingdom by giving my life away to others and bearing witness to Your greatness."

46."Lord, I thank You that You have cleansed me from head to toe. Teach me to humble myself, as You have, by serving others in Your Name."

47."Lord, I trust that You've prepared me to fight the good fight. Fill me with Your Spirit and gird me with Your Word to resist the temptations of the enemy."

48. " "

"Few words are batted about by managers, pastors, {*educators}, entrepreneurs, and politicians more than leadership. When we want to learn how to lead, we often look to those whose names emblazon book covers and fancy business cards. But what about the leader who claims more followers than any person in history? What made Jesus such a great leader? The answer has the power to transform us into people of influence and impact." James Merritt, "52 Weeks..."

* I added my own: 
In my opinion, we are either a leader, 
or a follower waiting to blossom.
Some of us, just need more encouragement 
and perhaps training in how to lead.

There is no better Teacher, Helper or Example
of a Leader than 



"6 Characteristic Traits of Jesus as a Leader"

"Ten Traits of Jesus as Transformational Leader"

"The Leadership Strategy of Jesus"

[Just a few links given above plus the video below but there are much more]

"A Leader Worth Following"
You Tube video of the Church teaching the series of 52 Weeks with their Pastor Chip Bernhard

Truly, JESUS, is the Leader Worth Following!

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