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Thursday, February 1, 2024


Back before the beginning of 2024, I noticed (before I went offline - because I still am until Feb. 20) that First 5 (F5) was/is doing a much needed study plan by many of us on God's Promises ... it starts(ed) on January 8th. Since I knew I was going to be in Prayer (and basically offline for my fast part), I kept this tucked away for a "do-later" moment and I didn't share, but I wish that I would have because perhaps some of you would have been interested in this:

"Keep Holding On:30 Promises From God You Can Cling to Right Now"

I had hopes that 2024 would be a better year if I spent time with God in the first part of the year.

As I gazed through their Study Guide, I was sensing that maybe I should do this one with the 
F5 Community, even though back in 2020 PROMISES was my One Word, I was feeling drawn.

I definitely had been (or still may be)


Clinging to every. single. one. of God's Promises

for me, for you, for our loved ones

(but this study is only six weeks long, so I'll miss it with the group)

[First 5 will be starting their new Study on February 26 on Lamentations for 5 weeks]

LENT starts on February 14th so this could be 
a season of "lamenting".

Yet, I still find myself trying to HOLD ON & remain CALM as I FOCUS in 2024


Some of the PROMISES that First 5 chose from many more than 30 are:







"With so many uncertainties in life, there are still some things you can be sure of

When you feel like everything you’ve tried to hold on to has crumbled in your hands, and you’re reaching out for something — anything — sturdy and reliable, it can be hard to know what page to turn to in your Bible or how to personally apply Scripture to what you’re facing. Maybe you’ve heard about the promises of God, but have you ever wondered what they actually are? Whether you know them well or not, they are available for you to cling to in your time of need.

If you’ve been in a season of doubt or if things have felt uncertain, unpredictable and unreliable … this 30-day study will be a lifeline that will show you what is always certain, sure and true with God."

After reading the above description of First 5's, I was certain that it was meant for me.

I seem to find myself in a season of so much uncertainty.

My life is unpredictable & unreliable (more & more) especially when you add in the others 

in my life & the current status of 2024.

I was not looking forward to it really at all, but I was clinging to my hope, faith and

as many of God's Promises I could find to cling to & remain in Christ.

I need to HOLD ON to what's promised by God.

"God's Promises are specific or timeless

and guaranteed! 100%"


Usually I am set on the One Word for the next year by the end or before of the previous year (more of that in an upcoming blog post) - however, I found a wonderful book, that I've sent a copy of to a special sister💚 for her special day (even though it will arrive after her day) that will help me to FOCUS and I hope she will consider joining me. Usually we'd do a Word a Day in addition to One Word for the Year for each of us; whereas this one is just One Word a Week (52 in total). So in January the Word for each week are as follows: Diligent, Kindness, Position, Follow and for February: Discipline, Worship, Notice, Invest ... 

And none of those are the One Word(s) that I am pondering about for 2024 (again that blog post will appear soon). I considered making FOCUS my One Word though after I found this book and that would help me with "transforming my life" and it seems to be linked to one I was considering: "AGING"; but at least I have eliminated that one for 2024. I'm just not ready to focus on AGING because it already doesn't let me forget that it's happening quicker than I'd like. Meanwhile, I will center my thoughts on Prayer & the Psalms and have pre-written these blog posts to appear in February, as I keep Holding On, reading God's Word, seeking His Presence, experiencing all Jesus is & leaning into His Holy Spirit to breathe on me each day afresh and thanking God for these moments & promises, because "If We Will...then He Will!" 

And YES, I'm still offline 

(scheduled & written in advance)


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