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Friday, January 5, 2018


[Before I continue on with "L" in my BELIEVE acronym, I have to let you know that "B" has more Basic Beliefs than those original 5 I listed, according to the book/devotional of Randy Frazee and also the Fundamental Beliefs of the church to which I belong since 1989, and perhaps yours as well. They were not meant to be all-inclusive, hence the reason I called them Basic Beliefs. I will at least add the rest according to the "BELIEVE" book back on that blog post, but the reason was because I read the YouVersion reading plan, which is only a sample and I went by that. Since then, I recently purchased one of the books (at a great deal that I couldn't pass up, since it is my One Word, but one of the others is also so I'm waiting for that one) which is how I discovered I was missing 5 more core Beliefs that were included. These Beliefs, included under Think, are only one third of this book. There still is a Act and Be part included in "BELIEVE" book] 


Now unto 

although there's only one 
I have chosen 3 words still
that are interrelated
in how
should Act because of what iBelieve




{and another one closely related}


At first, I wanted to use the Live, Laugh and Love that I've seen grouped together, but somehow "laugh" just didn't seem to fit with BELIEVE as much as the other ones (although I know God has a sense of humor and definitely know the blessings of laughter), it's not what I'm going for with God and BELIEVE ... so my second order was "Live, Love, Lead" (influenced by yet another book and YV reading plan) when I finally realized (especially when I discovered the additional "B" part above, for that blog post) that I am always "LEARNING" and wanting to LEARN all I can in God's Word and from others as relates to my faith and beliefs. I want to remain someone who "thirsts" after God and learning is essential, in my opinion, to this ... being open and LISTENING (which would have been another important "L" word, to God and also to others) most importantly to other Believers.

In the 4th reading of my new "winter" devotional entitled "A More Abundant Life" I read this:

"God doesn't call us to do Extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things with extraordinary LOVE."Jean Vanier
{this should have gone with "E" but it'll work here too}

So if I had to choose just one, I thought that "LIFE" or "LIVE" would have been the chosen word for "L". To "LIVE by faith, LIVE faith out loud. And never stop believing God." (Beth Moore) Loving God with all we are! Then I quickly was reminded in God's Word about LOVE, not just that God is Love, but what 1 Corinthians 13:7 tells me about Love and BELIEVE. 

"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."

However, it's a combination of all of the "L" words that came to mind because for me in 2018, to show what iBELIEVE, I need to LIVE my faith out loud and the best way is through LOVE like Jesus, not just His teachings that iBelieve rather how He lived as I should be living by what I read and apply from God's Word. Then I am confident that God would want me to LEAD others to Jesus, LEAD others to what I believe and LEAD others to the Truth. Not just change what others believe or don't believe, but LEAD through how I LIVE and LOVE (even when it's difficult or someone seemingly unlovable to our preferences, not in God's eyes, there is no one unlovable - NOT ONE). We have to Leave behind our way for His way completely and see others as HE sees them and loves them as He loves us. Yes, all my "L" words are interrelated in what iBelieve! Leaving comfort zones for God zone - which is LOVE LIVED out in our LIFE, LEARNING, LISTENING, LEADING ... LAUGHING; Believing all things are possible through Christ Jesus! this is what iBelieve!

how all my devotional readings
work together
is a continual process
to the
Only One
fully and deeply
so completely
in our

Yep, I gotta
what I

... on a faraway sidenote, because it does start with "L" - I have to mention it here, since I think, in part, this is what may have inclined my ear toward "BELIEVE" as my One Word (although there were many innuendos toward this)... is the word "LIE". Not because LIE is part of Believing, but because of the LIES we do BELIEVE or buy into as truth when they're not (and there have been a few books written about this). Eventually, I will have to make one or two of them part of what I read, because we have to know the LIES we've believed to speak TRUTH into our LIVES (and heal).

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  1. Amen to your marvelous "L" reflections! This statement should be the manifesto for every child of God:

    "Not just change what others believe or don't believe, but LEAD through how I LIVE and LOVE"

    We can talk until were blue in the face about God's mercy and the love of Christ, but if we don't show that love and live that love so it's apparent to others, we will turn them away from the truth and just be as a "noisy gong or a clanging cymbal"...I've made those noises plenty of times in my life when I would get on my soapbox with my agenda instead of waiting on the Lord and just loving on people and serving where needed...

    Thanks for more great reminders...I always need to learn more!


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