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Thursday, December 26, 2019



while finishing

... Knowing God is Holding Me (YouClose

Part 4: 
His Calling to be Transformed
Lysa TerKeurst

Devotions #96 - 100
{publishing now before I've finished 
so that is why it looks so incomplete 
since I'm reading these now from
Thurs., Dec. 26-Dec.30}


96. "The Scribbled Truth that Changed My Life" Acts 3:6

" I will never doubt the power of one woman reaching into the life of another woman with some written whispers of love."


97. "Getting Past My Past" 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

"God truly can take even our worst mistakes and somehow bring good from them."

I am sure that this one is the best one for me, or anyone trying to finish 2019 well

I'll be back to complete


98. "Pushing Past Awkward" *not linked* Galatians 1:10
{*couldn't find this one}

"Appointments and disappointments walk hand in hand."


99. "Life-Saving Truth" Psalm 119:92-93

"The minute we receive Jesus *yeah* to be Lord of our lives, our limited potential can turn into expotential growth."


100. "Called to Freedom" Phillipians 1:6

"Some prisons don't require bars to keep people locked inside. All it takes is their perception that they belong there."


I really do not have any of my own gems of wisdom about "getting past your past" because I would have less difficulties if someone was not throwing it in my face constantly (as a defense or an excuse or a vendetta) ... for I believe in Jesus Christ, I have gotten through and past my past because after it's confessed, God forgets as far as 'the east is from the west' and I've tried to do this as well with Him and the aMazing Grace He bestows on me.

I came across 10 steps (as if 'getting past the past' would ever be that easy) however these are very helpful & basic to begin:

  1. "Accept the past." ...
  2. "Feel your feelings" ...
  3. "Stop Story Telling"...
  4. "Let it go"...
  5. "Forgive" ...
 {oh, if you'd like more info and the rest, please continue with the source this comes from Grace F. blogger at Heartful Habits}

Now I'm sure that you (or I) could have come up with these helpful steps as ones we do 'to get past' however there are some things that are in our past (or most) that have happened so that God really would like to use lessons from our past as we own our history and the lessons learned or yet to learn; yet there are also events in our past that have impacted us that are out of our control and not anything chosen by us, it alters our lives and us (mostly our heart and mind but I'm finding out even our body). We wonder why did God allow this or how does this bring God any glory. We read and believe in God's Word that He works out all things for our good ... and sometimes, at the time, we certainly can't see any good in it or that could possibly come from it, then later in retrospect we notice the good ... the rest of that verse (Romans 8:28) sets up some conditions however, "for those who love" the Lord and "have been called according to His purpose", which is the part of this last section 4 in "EMBRACED ..." says "His Calling to be transformed". It is God's heart and call to all of us to come to Him. Of course, I researched this verse and perhaps you may have questions also about what it means ... among many sources, I have chosen this one as the most concise explanation. To be transformed ... changed. His calling ... I see this as God's constant tug on us to draw close, like calling on a phone or knocking on the door of our hearts. His heart desires us and opens the door whenever we come, of our own free will to acknowledge our need and dependency on Him. Actually it's an interdependency and the best relationship available to each of us. 

There's good and not so good and bad in our past, from evil to very poor choices or decisions with unhealthy outcomes and habits formed that need to be broken. Part of the reason with each passing of every year to a new year, we say 'goodbye to auld lang syne' (lol) and in the past or maybe some of you still do ... make resolutions, which are basically promises to make changes; to resolve a situation, or course of action, firmly deciding to find a solution ... it's really found in Jesus, through God's Word. We need not just do this on New Year's Eve or Day but truthfully each wrong choice, every day, any moment ... choose to EMBRACE a fresh start, leave the past behind and do better. That's our hope! That's our solution! That's the path Jesus wants for us in our journey forward; to hold on to the good, build on the good, get rid of the not-so-good, and eliminate the bad. Yes, we have some issues in our pasts that seem unmoveable and unchangeable and unnecessary and ones we had no choice in ... the scribbled Truth is available to make our lives change and the impossible obstacles possible as we cling to God and all Jesus makes possible!

"Dear Lord, only You can heal my deepest hurts and use the bad in my life for good. I need You more and more each day. Please continue to work in my life and use me as a light to help those You have entrusted to me." (and remove the ones that are no longer that, making this clear










to move forward





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